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  1. thanks
  2. Then tell me where you live and I will call in and put it on a house account for you at the local Capital Grille, Palm or Ruth's Chris!
  3. Is there supposed to be a new state poll out this week? Usually it comes out by Tuesday or so.
  4. If Gilman wins, I am driving to Baltimore and buying GA a drink.
  5. that's hilarious. on behalf of the rest of the board, thank you. i haven't laughed that hard here in a while.
  6. Time out. QO is a very good team. Is probably favored to meet Wise for the 4A 'ship again. They lost to Bullis, at one time ranked #10 WaPo I believe, in a shoot out. Not that I really like WaPo mind you. Not sure how you call them "mediocre". Because they came in 3rd in their league? It's a tough league as already discussed. Not MIAA-A/ WCAC, but on average far more difficult than MCPS. Both of those public / private games played out as expected. That doesn't take the luster off this public/ public neighborhood match up IMO. In fact, a little off track here, but I would say that the better publics (speaking montgomery & frederick co.) would be a good football fit in the IAC, which is easily the third best league in the region. It's really about a sustained effort or emphasis in the sport. And those schools get out what they put into it.
  7. That's actually an interesting stat with regard to the Elite 6 ranking if it were it's own conference. It's not really that useful because taking the creme of any conference (or combination) doesn't give you a valid reference set. And, they don't all necessarily play each other, if I am not mistaken. But it is interesting because the Elite 6 do get dismissed because of the ranking weight carry for the quantity of the Northwoods of the world in their respective divisions. A reasonably unbiased observer with football knowledge can stand on a sideline, watch a few games, and tell you if Team A could keep up with Team B if they played (absent bonehead coaching of course ). Heck, that's what half of these threads are about. Personally, from a larger perspective, I am just glad kids are still playing football no matter what their SOS / ranking is - so C conferences are fine with me. Just remember that you play in one before you start barking at the big dogs.
  8. Best league? Seriously man. They don't travel well OOC and beat everybody up internally NOT named SFA.
  9. Not sure a 6 loss team gets to say that.
  10. CalPreps has it SFA (-33)
  11. C'mon GA. Prep beat them 24-17 at home. That's the game I was watching... The one they did play. Not the one they should have played. Their best DB (and fasted KR kid on the team) didn't even play in the 2nd half. Every Gilman loss (except SFA) seems to be a game they "should have won". I think pretty much every team thinks they should have won a game that wasn't an absolute blowout. And they could have. But they don't. So they didn't. Saying "should have" doesn't change anything. Gilman went from horrible to average. They got better and I think healthier as the season went on. So did Prep - while losing two of their best LB in game 3. They just smashed Bullis (35-12) - a very good MD ranked team team with a ton of recruited talent - using two 170 lb DB's as the 3rd and 4th LB. Bullis is the SJC of the IAC. Prep was up 28-0 in late 3rd Q or first play of 4th Q. Their D has a three year history of keeping them in games regardless of who they play. They play great special teams and rely on a stud RB every year to ground down the clock with lineman that are nowhere near as imposing as the opposition. Not one time - but consistently. They are NOT a top team in the state to the level of a SFA or top 4 WCAC. And they are not the same Prep that played in the MIAA. But they got better and beat one of the better teams in the "next group" which includes the better privates and a handful of publics. And don't get me started on Ellis. He's not a QB. You are 100% correct - he is fast. That's it. He's a 160 lbs of "it's all about Ellis" and the next level. McDonogh is a good team. They'll always have a chance against everybody except SFA. But not world beaters and clearly trended downward as the season went on. You caught them at the right time for both of you. Your passion for all things Gilman is noted. I am certain that if you had $100M lying around, there would be a building called GA Hall on campus there. Please beat SFA - or at least keep it close.
  12. If they aren't streaming it anywhere, then it cannot be a money grab. Seems more like a Poggi grab to control the content and editorial. Very bold statement regardless. I saw most of their early games. It was a study in poor coaching and even worse execution. I think a few IAC teams would still beat them as would some of the power publics. Squeaked by Episcopal (the IAC version of Gilman in many ways) and got plain out beat by Prep. Unless the Gilman LB's somehow learned to move laterally and the DB's decided they wanted to play physical, they will continue to give up points no matter who they play. They gave up 28 points a game (332 total). They don't have the ability to control anybody. Fast guys and ball control teams had a field day because the offense was horrible and the defense was Swiss cheese. Two successful late season games against league teams that you "got by" doesn't provide the basis for that statement. Doesn't mean they didn't get better. But, truth be told, that wasn't a very high bar. And once they got into the mediocre league play (another topic), it was easier to get better. If they can stay within 21 of SFA, then you are right. If they stay within 28, I will be shocked.
  13. Not buying this at all GA. They went from being unable to simply snap the ball inept, to uninspired poor, to finally being able to compete with middle of the road under performing teams in the conference. They get credit for turning around something the was truly awful (as evidenced by being booed at home if I recall). They earned a second date with the high school version of Alabama. As you admit, they are likely to lose. In reality, they are more likely to get absolutely crushed. Turn around duly noted. But to jump from here to "best team in the state" is myopic. You fail to recognize that other teams got better too. Even the ones that handed it to Gilman early. Parsing DC from MD is kind of nonsensical if one plays DC teams and is otherwise in the DMV conversation. And Gilman is in the regional conversation, regardless of record. That being said, and the carnival barking amusement gained here aside, I am actually hoping that Gilman wins. Good luck. PS - completely stupid that they will not allow GreyhoundTV stream the game.