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  1. But let me also state that if you come out your senior year and tear it up, you will get found. Only challenge there is that, like lacrosse, certain positions at schools can fill up with the early offers and the guys who make verbal commitments. That's when it gets interesting and the early offers might evaporate to make room for the newest shiny object.
  2. A good player can get stuck behind a really good player who just doesn't come off the field. Not like you can play the #2 pocket QB at DB until the senior starter graduates. If you have one of those programs where the starters pretty much stay in regardless of the score, you can really have limited tape as the 2nd or 3rd guy. In that case, you have to camp and you have to have a respected coach who can make your case to some smaller school to take a shot on you. Obviously, that probably only happens where 1) there is tons of talent and 2) you have a coach with the connections. Now, if your team blows and you still aren't on the field as a junior with a coach who is a 1st year PE teacher, to your point you probably should focus on something other than a scholarship. How else does a junior with 1 catch for 11 yards go to UVA? Or even a first year rising junior LB who has never played a snap of HS ball and has no tape whatsoever, but goes to a camp and gets a Power 5 offer? That is the system working for a kid.
  3. Here's my take. If you are a junior, and scholarship worthy, the colleges already know you. Might not have offered you, but they know you. If you have NOT taken the SAT, they are probably NOT going to offer you until you do. Unless, your school grades are strong enough for them to gauge if you will qualify. If you go to a crappy high school school - expect the crappier colleges (lower academic) to gamble on you. If you really are a good player, but don't have any tape by the end of your junior year, that's a recruiting problem, that only camps and your your coach can solve. That doesn't mean it is over. It just means you were on the 3 or 4 Deep List. If you bail on that coach - good luck. Hope the new place can make that work for you. Now, if you happen to be an undersized kid who has done everything right, you need to be patient. Because by spring JR year, you can have great tape, but until you camp, size is what matters. The senior transfer stuff is crazy.
  4. Churchill led (or tied) the entire game, except for the last :03. They outplayed them given what they had in talent. Not sure they even went to the bench. And if they did - it wasn't for long. Good game plan to slow it down and pound away. Freshman faceoff was unreal. Goalie was great. Defense was strong. Not enough support on offense and several missed point blank opportunities off great feeds from X. Ultimately undone by turnovers. Nowhere near the game folks predicted.
  5. which GC coaches?
  6. Prevents a school from bringing in a coach they might want - and who wants to be there - until the right of first refusal for is extinguished within the building and then the system from what I understand. I am pretty sure that is what happened at Churchill to Willie the last time around.
  7. I am thinking that nobody else applied for the job to be honest. Doesn't live in the area any longer, so it isn't like he has "been around the program" recently. I guess the school system doesn't have one of those union oriented requirements to offer the job to a current faculty member first. Which is a good thing. Look what that does to MoCo. I also get the "keep it in the family" aspect of places like this. And the family is very deep in the area. But this is a little off the charts from a football perspective. That being said, if the former coach is still going to be in the building and around the program, this might only be a head coach in name kind of thing where he is getting tons of guidance from Lynott until he gets his feet under him. If they are going to do this, they better do it as a community. When the kid makes a mistake or they lose a game they should have won (because both are going to happen) they better have his back.
  8. The other QB is pretty good. Not as athletic. Good decision maker and good arm. A very good HS QB. Ellis, on the other hand is simply fast. His speed is far better than his vision and decision with the ball (meaning disproportionately fast). But the speed is so good it doesn't matter at this level because he can go lateral AND straight. As much as one might think he should touch the ball every play, there are 10 other guys on the field and using him strategically would benefit the team because it would allow them to use everything they have while keeping D's guessing. Plus, at 160 lbs, how durable is really going to be? Give him the ball 20 times a game from scrimmage and he is going to get busted up and then what will you have? Use him in space like Diggs or Jones. It's not that hard to figure out. Sounds like VT delivered the memo and Dad read it.
  9. great athlete. as i said before. will play in the slot in college. why waste his time at QB? VT will get guys who will keep him on the QB bench for years. smartest move the kid has made. way more options than being a 5'10 QB with wheels.
  10. True.
  11. I'd say that offensively they had the talent to throw a lot more than they did last year - but with a workhorse running back they pretty much stayed the course for which they are known. They have a rising sophomore RB that could be special for a few years. The OL is going to be young, pretty scrappy and well coached. They might actually have some relative size in the youth coming up. They have had less with which to work and been fine. A young TE and FB capable of handing out headaches. A very smart and athletic QB who currently plays lax at a very high level. If they throw, he will have options. They have speed and height at the wideout/ slot position. They will move the ball around more so than in previous years I think. The D will be solid again and led by the secondary keeping order while the LBs fill, slide and rack up tackles. They have a returning 1st team all conference FS / ATH who can simply do it all with some experienced LB and CB options. A couple of two sport guys are reportedly coming back after having taken a year off to provide some depth. It's Prep - they will be neither deep nor flashy. Like last year, they are going to be in position, hit you hard and often. They cannot afford injuries. When they dictate pace, they can play with almost anyone sans the national programs. That's my take +/-100 days out.
  12. Good observations. However, Prep's strength has been defense. Never huge - but athletic and very well coached. They have several guys to hold them down on the ground - and nobody has thrown downfield against them - or really even tried. So if Gilman doesn't have a QB or a given at HC, not sure what to think.
  13. 100% correct. Athlete. Yes. D1 QB. No. In high school, especially when you are thin, you put your best athlete at QB. He'll play in the slot in college.
  14. I completely understand it being your list - and you are correct I wasn't trying bust any chops. My comments were really a follow up to the games that Nomad picked out. I was agreeing that, to me, they probably weren't as "big" as the rest to a broad spectrum of people and just adding context why from my interest. I am curious about Gilman to see how they rebound. And since I have good intel on Prep's team - I am interested in that game. I expect others might not care any more than I care about City-Poly. The Gilman vs SFA game will be a grudge match that could be the most lopsided score we will see all season if SFA is what everyone says on paper. Not knocking Gilman. My reason for saying that is SFA might not hold back like in a typical mismatch given the blood. That being said, Georgetown Prep vs. Gonzaga is also part of the Great American Rivalry Series. But it is generally considered a structured mis-match. People come out for the environment knowing the likely outcome and to see how many punches the underdog can land. So yes - I am jacked about that game. But I don't think anybody from Franklin, Wise or Gorman cares whatsoever. And Loyola guys might only care because they are all Jesuit schools. St. Johns (DC) has a handful of national games that will be interesting. Perhaps not necessarily from a competitive standpoint - but to see how their controversial approach turns out for them getting wins. People will be all over these guys this year. The agenda is not "compete". The bar has been set at "win". McD vs. DM is interesting. Take what is going on at SFA and SJC out of the equation and those are the two supposed top programs in Balt. & DC. I don't think McD has the horses on the roster for that one - but I suspect it will be a 2 score game. I am curious to see how Ft. Hill does with Friendship. Although I don't think Friendship is what they used to be in the Rahim days. They will still have more speed than FH typically sees in the 1A. But I don't think either of those teams will prove to be world beaters - even if they play an entertaining 5X OT game. Same goes for Dunbar vs Alleghany. I think DM crushes Franklin. But I like Franklin for taking the game. Calvert Hall vs. Wise should be really interesting. Wise, like Douglas (PG) a couple years ago ran up gaudy stats playing a strength of schedule in the high single digits...but that is what teams with a couple of guys can do (while they have them) when they have no significant competition. CHC is a very solid program - but not elite y national standards. So they should handle Wise easily regardless as their main guy (Laws) is gone along with a few others.
  15. I think Bullis vs QO is a very interesting game from a MoCo standpoint. It's a good measuring stick for local purposes to compare team from different leagues in the DC area. I don't think they have ever played and are maybe a bike ride away from each other. It's a lower grade version of the Northwest vs. GC game. Except that game should be a blow out. City-Poly is probably more of a Bmore local game. From a pure football perspective it doesn't move the needle regionally as neither is really a top flight program any longer. They are competitive with each other and makes for a good match up. But it has local historical significance and gets the nod accordingly. Patterson vs. Dunbar - probably a higher grade version of City vs. Poly? Don't hold me to that. Calvert Hall vs. Loyola. Obviously the big annual game no matter the fact that CHC is a different animal than Loyola on paper. Both catholic schools with tons of overlap, history and "significance". Loyola will throw everything at them and give them a much better game than anyone expects. It's similar to Georgetown Prep vs Gonzaga. If the game isn't any good, there will be solo cups overflowing and a lot of networking in the parking lot. Good place to get a job or a date. I like the rest of the games noted.