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  1. Just wait til he looks across the field at SFA....ouch.
  2. The Post most certainly hands out participation ribbons to keep people happy. You have to play multiple games to get to any championship. Coverage starts before the championship. The fact is that nowadays, outside of scores being posted, a lot of the "coverage" actually happens on boards like this - by the informed for the informed. Prep will never play in a national championship. It's not what they want to do. So you can drop that. The constant verbal assault for suggestion of topics or alternate viewpointz - which is different than a little banter - is what screws it up for everybody. People get tired and leave. To your point, that is in fact what happened at DCSportsfan. Don't be one of those guys. Thank you.
  3. Oh. I think I get it. So you think a paper commonly referred to as the Baltimore Fishwrap by many old school Baltimoreans that proudly covers parochial events of all things 410 might have had reader interest in a DC area private school girls track team breaking a national record of some sort. I would suggest that for all of the reasons you like to knock DC guys for even being on THIS board, let alone bashing them for discussing how respective football teams (some of which are nationally ranked) would fare against each other, that a Potomac school girls track record is pretty much a non-event. It is quite interesting though. As you now appear flustered that they (DC private school girls track) are not covered by the Fishwrap "because they are a Maryland team breaking a national record". I guess DeMatha, Good Counsel, Gilman and St. Frances are NOT "Maryland teams" and the fact that they play games of both national significance on ESPN as well as local teams is irrelevant to local readers and fans. And we could digress down into the rabbit hole of the individual athletes on that private school Bullis track team who almost certainly are products of the very "mercenary" system of which you rail against. For the record, absent a limitation on resources and coverage area by the Sun, it actually is a significant event IMO. I am merely pointing out a little defect in your argument as it relates to the constant football topic and poster bashing.
  4. Oh. So then what you mean to say is that you don't understand how local media coverage works? Thanks for letting me know where Prep is located. I had no idea. Like Bullis, I knew it is not in SMALLtimore.
  5. Oh. So when you posed the question, you didn't realize Bullis was in Potomac?
  6. Perhaps because it is a private school located in your favorite county the Sun chose to ignore it?
  7. bingo. on the plane. thank you. out.
  8. I am headed out of town until next week - so I will not have to deal with it. But I suspect it will be epic and full of emoji's, bold colored text proclamations and an assortment of acronyms we will have to figure out. It's too bad because I do think he has some good knowledge in there. But his hate for all things private just blurs his vision and it all comes out like a cell phone video at the scene of a riot with people smashing cops cars and lighting things on fire just for the sake of disruption.
  9. DW. Please, take a breath. You keep going on about DeM crapping the bed and ABC and BMAC losing a lot of games. We get it. Somebody in the WCAC hurt you as a child. I am no promoter of DeM as you seem to imply in effort to advance some argument. You have a beef with who gets ranked where - and then say you don't believe in rankings. If they don't play - something for which none of us control - you have to come up with a proxy. You are a champion of the publics soley because they have a tournament and a method to crown the tallest midget. There are always some good public teams. For as many teams as they have, they are not all equal. Not even close. In fact, some are flat out terrible in comparison to other publics. And the best of the publics will in fact beat some of the average to above privates because they too have some extra things going on for themselves. But without consideration for systemic injustice, free meals, uniforms, zip codes, roman numerals, tuition (or lack thereof), etc. the question to which we seek a reasonable answer is which teams are the best this year. Because, largely the point of rankings is that not everybody can play head to head. So they serve as a consensus, part math and part subjective, as to what teams are the best at a point and time. The formula is not the same across polls. The consensus remains, without disrespect but with acknowledgement of their many advantages, that the best of the privates are at a different level. Hooray for you, DeM crapped the bed playing against other privates. It clearly makes you feel great. But that isn't the central purpose of rankings. Hell, Gilman went 0-for against the DC teams to start the season and still made it to the MIAA championship finishing with a losing record. I don't disagree, after 5 loses, you probably should stay on the porch when it comes to rankings - because for all your talent, you clearly don't play well as a team no matter how many stars of the underwear league play on your squad. Let it go man.
  10. You & Sho are missing the point. Its not about resources. And its not about college vs high school. Change my example to a 10-2 Alabama if you want. YFrom what I am reading, you (DW) seem to think that the record is the absolute determining factor in the strength of a team. It simply cannot be absolute when you are crossing leagues. and/or there is mo head to head match up. Thus my question, how do you rank a collection of undefeated teams that don't play each other? Just tell me how you do that.
  11. Not "my Dem".... so don't know why that's part of your response. So you don't judge teams based on the caliber of players on the full roster. But you do judge them based on the results of 7 v 7 competition where no lineman are playing? And you would rank them based on their record regardless of who they played? So if the Towson Tigers go 12-0, they should be ranked higher than Alabama when they go 6-6 because Alabama has "more resources"? You don't possibly believe that. The polls don't take resources into consideration. That's the not the point. You know that. They attempt to identify the best teams that season and how they would fare. No credit for cool uniforms, concession stand food, re-classed players, AP classes, SAT scores, W-2's, free and reduced meals, etc. Tell me this, how would you rank 20 teams that all finished 12-0?
  12. I think they did figure. It's more than records. Caliber of opponents and caliber of the subject team based on observation, coaching, players, etc. Lots of different chefs in the stew awarding points. Late wins versus early wins, etc. They probably look at scores of games - beyond the W or L. You can, and do, hate on the WCAC. That's your things. We get it. But the consensus - including MPSSA poll voters - seem to disagree. Perfect? Of course not. Pretty close? I would say so.
  14. If you look at the OFFERS and then flip to COMMITS, you see that of the 2017 class, the only rated guys were 3 of the 4 commits from Maryland. The rest were a collection of guys from other states. The rated guys were only 2 stars. And these are not exactly name brand local guys to be honest. Back to the OFFERS. Most of the guys they offered were 3 stars and from all over and they all committed to major BCS programs. In this case, they are taking the shots and trying to get highly rated kids. Making it look like you are in the hunt for a national prospect is a form of program awareness marketing. I am not sure that FCS and splitting scholarships is universal. Towson can, and does, split them. But they are one of the few that am aware of that do it. I don't think Patriots do it. Ivy's do not (because they are not athletic). So I honestly don't understand how that makes them (or FCS) second tier. Perhaps other common factors make them second tier in the eyes of the players (facilities or national recognition, for example). I don't think state school coaches bat an eye regarding gate revenue of a local kids family. That's the schools job to market to the community. Not sure we are debating the same matter. But I think they do get a share of local 2nd tier guys. They definitely don't get the best local guys - and we have a slew of them in the DMV. Not sure how that is their fault. It is what it is because the kids have options as the DMV is a hotbed that any recruiter worth his stopwatch knows where the players are. If a kid they passed on that they actually knew about goes on to greatness somewhere else, that wouldn't be the only time that has happened. But I don't think it is the institutional mindset. If you can play and they think you might be interested as a local player, they will talk to you. But if they have to convince you that Towson is as good a school as Villanova or Yale, or as good a program as Ohio State or Cal, then they know you are not a fit for them. I know that to be 100% true.
  15. So you are a kid who gets an offer from Towson and one from Notre Dame...which one are you going to take? My point is that local kids do not yet hold Towson in as a high a regard as others. They lose top local kids to programs with more allure. They can go to other markets and find a kid that thinks Towson is awesome - not second place. The DMV gets picked over by every major school. To suggest that Towson should just stick with second tier local kids sounds more like parochial charity. This is a business. They have a certain kid they are looking for as every program does. I have talked to a ton of recruiters over the past couple of years. They all tell me the same thing. Kids from certain schools and leagues are more coveted. A statistically average player from one school/ league will pan out better at the next level than a big stat kid playing against really low level competition. The high school "destination programs" also have stable coaching staffs where they can get a sound reference any kid year in and year out. If he is playing at a destination high school program, he is going to have the advantage because we are dealing with 17 & 18 year old kids - which means there is always the element of a crap-shoot present. It's not a lot different than what is going on with their mens lacrosse program. The high profile local kids on the roster all started out somewhere else first. They "came home" because they couldn't get on the field.