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  1. I have no idea what you are talking about.
  2. I am told that they won, beating a legitimate MaxPreps +/- #300 EHS team. No conversation here?
  3. "Have no idea what Prep looks like this year, saw their coaches at the GC game. Until Gilman puts in a new QB, can't predict they will win against a team I haven't seen. "
  4. Why am I reading that Dixon missed two season? Sounds like SFA got him DQ'd last year for working out there as he was considering transferring? What about the other year? BTW - he wasn't very tall in 7th/8th grade when he played for MoCo and he still ran "tall" then and he was not a bruiser by any stretch. Clearly a lot bigger now.
  5. I know Gilman has some players. I don't know the roster beyond about 5 guys. But they don't play as a unit right now and they don't tackle like they mean it. Once they got down two scores you could see it in the body language and the execution got even worse. They just aren't there mentally. So I am looking at the coaching. They have to see that. It was there at Riverdale. I don't think that punt was a designed fake. It was a high snap and the punter saw the opening and took it over getting a blocked kick. No doubt Gilman could not pass. But if you have a questionable QB picking the ball up off the mat to start every's not going to help matters. You are right, Willis did have a poor game compared to the expectations. I have not looked at the tape but that WR worked him. I think he is staring at the QB trying to jump long routes. And then he gets burned by average WR's. Just like at Riverdale. Except I think he fell down that time trying to recover. Not sold on Dixon yet. Seems like he runs too high. I think he got some late yards - maybe against the Gonzaga 2's? Again, haven't seen any tape. But the game was basically over before he registered. I guess that's because of the 5 turnovers. Let's see what he does next week. I would also suggest that if they had a scrimmage on the 18th, they would have been in pads early that week. You might be right about Gonzaga - they did start the last week of July/ first week of August. Not bashing Gilman. Just an observation. I see coaching issues, which might very well include the QB decision. But I have no idea what the alternative brings to the table.
  6. GA - I thought they were pretty bad in all phases. It's misleading because it could have been 60-7. Down 7-0 the early 2Q drive where they threw a slant in the red zone should have been an easy TD. Bounced off the WRs hands. The throw was there. At least that one wasn't Hill's fault. So many easy turnovers made it hard to watch. The shotgun snap was at Hill's feet half the time. The second quarter was just a blow out. Gonzaga's offense is anything but high powered right now. Outside of the two OL, there aren't any D1 guys on that unit. It's week 0 with a freshman QB. Just 10 months ago he as playing against 7th graders. He looked like Manning. He's very good. But he is not that good yet. Gilman's skill guys on D all tackled high. Corners play decent against run. No help from the LB's or the safety. They gave up some huge pass plays to a freshman QB (need to find the stats) just like they did against Riverdale. Booker didn't do a whole lot. They ran away from him for the most part - which everybody will do. They really didn't manage any pressure up front...and with their size that's just ahead scratcher LB's were just OK against the run between the hash marks but didn't really fill the holes. In general, they played soft - just like they did at Riverdale. They weren't ready. All I can think is that this is a coaching issue. As I said before, they will get better because they aren't even mastering the fundamentals as players right now and coaching scheme seems to have them out of position more often than not. But I will say that the cheeseburger from the concession stand was excellent.
  7. I have been to a game at that stadium. Have to say, it is in fact hot as hell. But it is desert hot, which is different than east coast as we know. You sweat without knowing it and some cramping is to be expected. The time difference and travel hassle can factor into performance if the staff has not set the logistics and pregame agenda properly. It should not be a surprise at this point. The visiting team "bleachers" has the sun directly in your face at kick off as it sets in the west behind the mountains and home seat section. Most of the second half will be played under the lights and it will cool off some. It really is a dramatic setting. They have a jumbo-tron and what looks to be a 30,000 sf glass fronted weight room overlooking the end zone. Just processing that at the high school level is a fan/ spectator distraction. It's a great experience.
  8. Serious question. How does Wise manage to get these uniforms while other schools in PG end up with something a little more mundane? Does everybody have an Adidas deal? Is this something the County handles - or do boosters have a role in it and are free to negotiate what they want? We often hear complaints about under-funding of athletics, facilities, etc. - particularly on PG. It seems that even within PG there are the "haves" and "have nots". Can someone explain how it works?
  9. Holy crap. We agreed on something. Cheers.
  10. It didn't go a whole lot past half time. I think they called it a wrap with a few minutes to go in the 3rd maybe? It was hot has hell. I needed to get out of there anyway.
  11. Sometimes it's hard to tell the actual score with no PA. But the board read 23-14 when I walked out. Gilman was the better team - I think most people who saw it would agree. I didn't mean to say he got "burned". He certainly fell. Was he fooled on a stop-n-go or did he trip over his own feet after the WR shifted his route when the QB was flushed? kind of the same thing to me. I was watching the QB and the sideline players blocked my vision to see what actually happened to his feet when i turned my head. Either way, the little guy was running free to the end zone with the rock. They are definitely bigger than I thought they would be. They played in position - except when they didn't on pass plays up the hashmarks where things seemed soft. So despite not being fast as you noted, it didn't hurt them too bad. They are better than I thought they would be. Riverdale is about what I would expect this time of year.
  12. Whats the story with the Gilman transfer who wasn't there?
  13. Surprising that they couldn't run on RB with much consistency. Their line was huge compared to RB's. But no push. QB was not accurate. The LB's were pretty stout with good size. DB's were mixed. Soft in the middle. Corners were pretty good against the run. But #4 got burned on what looked like a stop and go for about a 70 yard TD. But he also had a nice pick 6. RB's QB did a good job avoiding the rush and getting outside, but he wasn't getting much help from WR's. No time to set or really find a guy open. QB's were not getting hit - so hard to tell for sure. Booker was perhaps the biggest guy on the field. Not as tall as I thought he would be. RB was able to mostly run away from him. He seemed gassed very early. RB was in the game on the scoreboard. But you wouldn't have known it from the body language. It was hot. The heat really seemed to effect RB more. Didn't help that it appeared they didn't have a team manager working the water. The ref actually called them out on it. Never seen that before. Both teams will get better - and are better - than what they showed today. Gilman has more upside. But they do turn pedestrian fast after the first 6 or 7 guys as noted.
  14. The whole thing is a scam. The star rating is mostly BS. It has to do with the kids "handler" who has the connection with Rivals. They tell them what they want their rating, size, weight, etc. to be. They do this so the handler can work college recruiters on first looks and pump up their team and get write ups on the program. Its what they told the kid in 8th grade they would do for him. There are kids that are studs. And they would be with or without Rivals. There are kids they flat out lie about. It's not that they actually care or have an agenda other than access to players and programs granted by the handler. Rivals needs content to sell subscriptions and camp fees and the handler needs a kid promoted by a third party. They listed one kid who plays for a school we all know for two years before he ever put on the uniform. Seriously. The handler got him listed as a member of the team while excluding actual members of the team because he is basically managing a narrative. The kid is pumped to college recruiters as the next big thing, hits the local Rivals spring camp and is treated like royalty, then goes to a Power 5 camp and gets an offer just based on the optics and because he plays at "X school". He had ZERO tape and never played a down of football. Meanwhile, you have an actual football player on the same team who is listed in Rivals only because he registered for one of their combines who is listed wrong - perhaps old high school, position, weight, gender (joke), offers, whatever - and they will absolutely NOT make a correction unless the handler says it is ok. If you are not part of the handlers agenda, you are toast.
  15. Hearing about some transfers from MIAA & WCAC into a variety of IAC schools - with Bullis being the most active recipient. Any confirmation of headcount?