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  1. LOL Yeah you really need to calm down those pesky blacks. They might invade Dundalk!
  2. It's really easy. Just talk someone into giving you a ride to Hunt Valley. Get on the Light Rail and get off when you see the tall buildings.
  3. LOL When was the last time you were actually in Baltimore City?
  4. It's their money and they can do what ever they want with it.
  5. Doctors kill people too you know.............and Cars, they kill people too!!!
  6. You stole that quote from Annie the Trannie. Talk about mental disorders, that guy is the walking talking embodiment of metal disorders.
  7. Because they murdered him for their own pleasure playing a sadistical game. That's pretty bad.
  8. They wouldn't have agreed to the payment if there was evidence that he committed suicide. That's a ludicrous argument anyway. They are all law school grads and they have a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers. They're not dumb...
  9. They nickel and dime you to death too. Like if you are sick and you can't go to the restaurant/dining hall for dinner they charge for bringing a meal to your room.
  10. It all depends. Look at a country like Chile. It wouldn't be where it is today without one man rule.
  11. Yes . It's Law 101. http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/wrongful-death-claims-overview-30141-2.html
  12. The MAyor doesn't have anything to do with it except sign off on it with her fellow board members.
  13. That was an agreed upon sum. The lawyers for the family had to justify it and the city's attorneys had to agree upon it. They did't just throw a dart at a number on a dartboard and add 0000's to it. Now that it's been settled the City can move forward and not worry about a trial further down the road.
  14. It was actually a prudent move on her part. After they are convicted there's no telling what the family would have been awarded it could have been 3 times the amount.