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  1. What about the large amount of murders and deaths from so called 'legal guns'. And don't conveniently ignore the fact that most of the so called illegal guns were once 'legally purchased from gun shops, private owners, the internet, and gun shows! Fact is,... this is the breeding grown for the so called 'illegal guns' I think you're speaking of. Put a cap on the gun shops with some stiff regulation, outlaw the sales by private and individual owners, ban internet sales of deadly weapons, and just absolutely shut down the gun shows, and you'll find your so called 'illegal guns' will all but disappear. The only sources left would be theft, and the black and gray markets,... and most of these murderous clowns we read and hear about on the news can't afford it.
  2. No,... don't got it! Has it occurred to you man, that possibly it might because there are far less guns on the streets of China and in the hands of private Chinese citizens than there are here? Has that even occurred to you! Or do you want to continue to ride that horse about a more aggressive judicial and prison system? I'm going with common sense and go with less guns in the hands of people and on the streets of China! It's been established that most people who involved themselves in gun shootings, particularly mass shootings, don't consider incarceration or the judicial consequences! It's even been suggested that by the time a crazy person reaches a decision to commit many of these crimes, they're looking to die anyways. And don't care as long as it is after they get to successfully do their damage. A country over 4 times the population of the US has half the gun crimes as the US, and you think it's all because the prison system is tougher than ours. LOL! A reasonable person without an agenda to push would say that it's more likely because they have less guns on the streets and in the hands of individual citizens!
  3. Man did you twist this whole China thing to fit your narrative. You forgot to mention that gun shootings in China are about half of what they are here, AND that private individual ownership of guns is illegal. You also forgot to mention that illegal possession or sale of fire arms in China is punishable from anywhere between 3 years imprisonment and the death penalty. That's right,... you get caught trying to profit from the illegal sale of guns and you die! So no gun shows in China where Mr. Lee can just walk up and buy assault rifles and tens of thousands of rounds of ammo!
  4. Oh him,... you wrote Diddey at first. Sorry Duke,... if I were paying attention and a little quicker, I would have figured that out. I was thinking along a whole 'nother path buddy! LOL!
  5. I'll give a pass to perverted men using the men's room a lot quicker than I'd give a pass to a perverted woman under the cloak of disguise, tryin' to sneak a peek into the men's room. So I guess i'm saying I'd rather find Bruce in the men's room than to run up on Brucilla squatting over an urinal! Hahahaha! You know,... just in case all the stalls were out of order!
  6. You mean,... "Just because she outwardly looks like a male..." don't you?
  7. Neither Bo Diddey (whoever he is) or Thurgood Marshall were self-proclaimed enemies of the United States of America. I guess you wanna erect a monument to Hitler as well,... uh!
  8. TBH,... not sure. But I'm still of the school that if you're a woman, you belong in the women's room. If you're a guy, you belong in the men's room. No amount of hacking you body up with hatchets and knifes, or lathering it up with paint and rouge should change that.
  9. Hahaha! Despite their appearance,... I'm guessing each one of these are women.
  10. Oh yes I would,... a very discerning eye! I said my reaction would be the same as if I saw Bruce Jenner follow them in. Would you want a man to follow your wife and daughter into the ladies' room? I know I wouldn't,... but that's me. Some don't mind it.
  11. WTH! Hahaha! About the same reaction if I saw Bruce Jenner following my wife or daughter into the women's room!
  12. Maybe because these burly, bearded, flat-chested transmen are actually women,... without a y nowhere in sight. Maybe that's why.
  13. Hell,... you were shootin' at a large segment of Americans by putting them up in the first place. No one wants to see monuments erected to self-identified enemies of our nation. Why would you?
  14. No,... we're not. We're just trying to make you aware that you have your poles crossed. You're thinking the good guys were the bad guys and the bad guys were the good guys! We're trying to get you to understand that the Civil War wasn't a war of two nations. By definition,... a Civil War is a war fought between countrymen of one nation. A war between the US and Canada isn't a Civil War. A war between Canadians is a Civil War, as is a war between Americans is a Civil War. Why you keep up this other nonsense is beyond me. Hell,... if anything, your insistence that these criminals weren't US just confirms their treason and treachery! These were scoundrels of the highest order,... and you know it. Please stop with all the sophistry, denial and willingness to pimp yourself out as an apologist for these traitors.