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  1. Poverty!
  2. Be prepared for a shock shortly after this weekend people. For a variety of reasons, I've stayed away from this thread for the past week or so. One reason being I didn't trust myself with what some things I've learned. Really didn't want to contribute rumors and speculation. Did that early on in this thread when I knew Sean had passed, but the media was reporting he was still with us. Some of you guys chewed me out for that,... and rightly so! Didn't want to repeat that. However, I can say now that this is about to blow up folks.
  3. Most of what you say is non-sense and dangerous. I do however, agree with #3 and #4,... always have.
  4. How many of all you yakers will take a moment to pay your respect come Monday?
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Gather your families, friends and loved ones and enjoy!
  6. Hahahaha! There are some in here who really want to believe, and want everyone else to believe, that BLM are the root of all evil. LOL! They seem to be willing to abandon common sense to accomplish that as well. LOL! everything on BLMers!
  7. I know drugs aren't at the center of this.
  8. No credible description as of yet,... at least not made public. Suiter was scheduled to testify the following day,... the day after this incident.
  9. Bogart,... I'm just saying the likely hood of drugs in this loop is very very low.
  10. LOL! Nah,... I think you'd be surprised at how wrong you are. I know I for one am guilty of the exact opposite,... people ask me where I'm from and I'll respond at the top of my lungs with a resounding "Baltimore"! Even tho,... all the while, I'm a county resident.