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  1. Me too! Stop playing the damn song and play football.
  2. I read over 20 guests were asked and failed. Maybe that was a question the press core came up with prior to the event and was asked by more than one reporter.
  3. Yeah,... it sure did. Hardly the intended visual of a White House event to celebrate our Athletes and their Championship accomplishments! Shame the orange knucklehead that's now occupying our Oval Office is too immature to realize and recognize that,... instead, once again, it's all about him!
  4. Yeah,... you and your idiot bed-mate trump won't be laughing if 80% to 90% of the players and Coaches elect to ride out the NA in the locker room! The sidelines would be an empty as his inauguration, and that silly sham party he quickly put together when he found out Philly didn't want to be nowhere near his orangeness and pulloverness! Maybe he'll force the Marines and White House workers to stand on the sideline to fill up the visual emptiness resulting from the players enjoying their kneel in the locker room. LOL! But I doubt they'd be kneeling in the locker room,.... more like laughing at orange monkey's massive backfire move! LOL! Forced show of patriotism never works,... it's always, and always will be, fake and dangerous! Here's a novel idea,... why not run the country in such a way where all of us are proud of our country's behavior, to the point where any show of patriotism would be sincere and genuine?
  5. Trump hasn't won any thing except disdain from the City of Philadelphia, 95% of the NFL players, the NFL Players Association, and the NFL owners. Forced patriotism is an animal that will assuredly turn and bite you,... just remember that.
  6. Why don't we just go back to the way it was pre-2009 when it comes to our NFL games and events? Things would be so much better and that orange idiot in the oval office would have so much less to skew and pontificate about.
  7. Hahaha! exactly! You just nailed it!
  8. Well many of them were,... hell I'd say 99.9999% were! Didn't you read any history? This country was founded and grew, both economically and geographically, on the back of racism and the false premise of white supremacy. Where have you been Papi?
  9. Bingo!
  10. Good point,... I was thinking the same thing. What if only the Coaching Staff, Trainers, Ball Handlers, and the Waterboy were on the field? What a statement! Player unity would have a big role. Could you imagine a NE game where only Brady and a couple players whose names end in 'sky' show up on the field for the NA? Outstanding! But I'm guessing the red necks would get upset of even that. But I still disagree with you a little on the private business thing and the righteousness of the so-called compromise.
  11. Why not? Just because the NFL is a business? Your scope of Constitutional coverage is overly limited,... too limited.
  12. True,... but if your firing them can be associated with forcing them to show patriotism under the threat of losing their job you're in legal trouble. Especially since the SC said it was illegal to force patriotism on anyone. Why would you wanna force patriotism on anyone in the first place is beyond me.
  13. Then you'd be sued,... and rightly so.
  14. Being put in a closet and out of sight is being forced!