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  1. Yes they were! I also don't agree with the vandalism.
  2. Yep,... and we're all gonna end up getting burned one way or another.
  3. You mean like the vandals who dumped their own tea into Boston Harbor? Or the vandals who threw bricks thru the windows of the homes of terrified African American families? Or the vandals who defaced the walls of African American churches and Jewish synagogues with swastikas? Just which vandals are you saying are feeling empowered?
  4. Why are you so angry Guido? Would you be this angry if your feet were their shoes?
  5. Man,... I hope you're wrong.
  6. So where are the choice spots to view today? Thinking about taking the boys down to the Maryland Science center. Good idea? Any better venues in the Balto. area?
  7. Nah man,... the guy's name is Jim Jefferies, a comedian from down under. Cat's pretty quick and funny,... I put him up there with Bill Burr. Another favorite of mine. Take a listen to some of his other material next time you get a few extra tic-tocs!
  8. Manny,... I was just attempting to use laughter to tone things down a bit. No point was trying to be made beyond just a chuckle or two among us all. Think of it as a 7th inning stretch.
  9. Time for a little comedic break. A moment or two where we all could use a little laughter at the expense of this topic.
  10. I'd like to add to what Soulflower contributed,... but I'd like to give things a twist of comedy. Maybe that's what we need a little of right about now. Maybe it'll help us sort things out and square things with each other. Maybe,... just maybe. Watch it people, and rear back and have a chuckle!
  11. Nuff said! Outstanding post Soulflower,... just brilliant!
  12. No,... it's not happened there! At least not for any political reasons. Criminal motivation maybe,... not political. Not any longer. But how do you suppose there got to be white farmers in Zimbabwe in the first place? Incidentally,... Rhodesia has been renamed and is now Zimbabwe! After they took their country back (oh man, I just love saying that), they immediately put that Rhodesia BS in a circular file cabinet and set fire to it, then they set about the task of removing each and every iconic symbolism of Clown Rhodes that even smelled like it was celebrating and/or honoring that bastard's deadly and dastardly deeds!
  13. It has,... oh trust me, it has. Right across the bay in Wetipquin, Maryland. But I was responding to Duke's pathetic comment.
  14. Bye, bye,... don't let the front door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya! Hahaha!