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  1. I'm thinking he had already clocked some tic-tocs at that pub and was returning to retrieve something he forgot and left behind,... like a set of keys maybe! You gotta be good-n-loose to take a punch like that and continue on with just a dust off! God bless you Simon!
  2. Never said you did,... I was being a little facetious! A Single Payer system need not be state-ran by definition. A system entirely financed and/or funded thru taxes is NOT a Single Payer system,... at least not in the context I am suggesting. Think,... a system where we pay our premiums no different than how we pay them now,... either monthly at our kitchen or dinning room table or thru deductions set up by our Human Resources departments, that part wouldn't change. The only change is that we'd be paying our premiums to one entity,... not a group of competing entities all bent on earning more profits than the other entities they are competing with either to buy more yachts or to please more stock holders. I agree with you 100%,... another medicaid/care style system ain't the answer! And I wouldn't recommend stashing our premiums in some government controlled pool either. Hell,... they'd raid it the same way they're raiding Social Security now! There's a way,... we're just blinded to seeing it because everything we come up with there's an underlying push to protect and cuddle the Insurance Companies!
  3. That's not an absolute Semi! There are many options for collecting premiums and paying out those premium dollars for medical services rendered,... and each option qualifying as 'Single Payer'. The only thing that makes a system a single payer system, is that us citizens pay our premiums to a single entity as opposed to multiple entities,... that's it. Now the DNA of that entity can have it take on a multitude of shapes and characteristics. It can be a private profit making entity, a payroll deducting structure as you suggested, or a thousands different scenarios in between,... that would be up to us! The major and most immediate benefit we'd realize as premium payers would be our premium dollars only having the burden of feeding one profit center as opposed to 15 or so competing profit centers that represent the major health insurance corps in the U.S.! I read somewhere a while back that the health insurance industry is pretty much like the consumer electronics industry,.... where all the major brand names can be traced back to maybe 4 or 5 world-wide corporations,... like Panasonic, Phillips, Sony etc. Put simply,... our premiums will only have to pay for one yacht instead of 15 or so, one mansion as instead of 15 or so, one Maybach instead of 15 or so,.... and on and on and on! Instead, more of our dollars will go to keeping us and ours well. Again,... loose the whole propaganda thing where single payer absolutely and positively means communism and inferior services! It's all about how it's ran and managed.
  4. First,... I think you're confusing 'publicly funded' with 'Single Payer'! A Single Payer system will still be funded by premium paying citizens,... however, those premiums will be collected by a single entity as opposed to a league of Health Insurance Companies, each manned by greedy profit seeking Ferengi with no knowledge of how to treat a cold or apply a bandage. You've already described a publicly funded system, which I agree, would not work. The benefit of a Single Payer system would be more of everyone's premium dollar going to cure and/or treat an ailment, and less going to non-medical profits and bureaucratic costs! Which, if managed properly, should equate to reductions in premiums and enhancements in quality of health care.
  5. I said it before, and I'll say it again. No plan that is designed to protect profit making by those other than those who make us well, is going to work for the American citizen who needs medical services. NO matter which political party sponsors it. It will not work. No wait,... it'll work. Work for the Insurance companies,... but not for the citizenry. On the other hand, a properly designed Single Payer System will work. With less political pull-n-tug!
  6. Not a bad post Guido,.... actually a really nice post. Great tips!
  7. I swear,... you people continue to want to talk-n-dance around and not confront the elephant in the room. Exactly Ken,... a lot of people use those terms interchangeably. I know I didn't know the difference between the two, and only got schooled when my mother-in-law began needing higher levels of geriatric care. The Republican propaganda machine and the lobbying from the Corporatist is the main barrier between us as citizens and affordable and capable health care,... make no mistake. You're right Eastside,... much of our auto industry's problem was brought to a boil by the influx of Japanese automobiles. What's interesting is that Japan employed a universal health care system, relieving their industrial segments from paying for and adding that cost to their cost of doing business and products,... a clear advantage over us. You'd think we'd be as smart as the Japanese, the Germans, the Italians, and the Swedes,... who were all kicking our butts with imports during the 60s, 70s, 80s and much of the 90s. But no,... we still have this suicidal urge to hang on to a profit based health care system, that by definition, is designed to exclude some so that others are encouraged to resort to the extreme in order not to be left out. Profit based capitalistic systems don't work unless their is a poor and excluded class. That's fine for some things in life,... and in many cases, preferred! But not for healthcare!
  8. No effort that tries to both cuddle and ensure profits for the insurance companies and provide affordable, efficient, and excellent health care for every American citizen is going to work. The problem with our system is that it's profit expectation is at too high of a level. Think about it,... you have companies that are basically bookkeeping entities, expecting profit levels greater than doctors. All these companies do is to receive premiums and pay for services rendered in the event of illness,... that's basically it. And for that, their owners and managers are paid far more, in some case 10 times or more, than the doctors who actually make us well. Then there are the pharmaceuticals who feel their expectations of profits should be even higher than those of the insurance companies. With a system like that, what do you expect? Surely not affordable and capable health care without the high cost of feeding the big dogs. The funny and insane part is, the ones earning the highest profits know little to nothing about medicine and wellness,... just how to collect premiums and work as hard as they can to deny services.
  9. The only option that will work for everyone is a single payer option!
  10. Yeah,... he's a real knucklehead. Should have kept his thoughts to himself. Some people just don't think. No wait,... I gotta agree with FatBoy on this one. This is a special kind of stupid.
  11. What's the problem,... she pretty much nailed it! Don't know what all that cis crap is about tho!
  12. No No No,... I didn't mean it like that! This past mayoral election, there were at least two people prosecuted for pulling up lawn posters of one or more opposing candidates. There was even some home security video of at least one of the culprits caught in the act in the wee hours of the morning. Made the evening news! I forget what campaign they were tied to,... maybe the Dixon campaign if I'm not mistaken. What I do know is,... they had to appear in court to explain and defend their behavior. I only brought it up to show that we also frown upon what Warmbier was accused of doing. Some were suggesting that we don't get our panties all up in a bunch over political vandalism,... only rogue, evil, backward, socialist, dictator countries do. Wrong,... we do! We're just more restrained about it all. North Korea is any thing but restrained when it comes to political vandalism, protest or opposition of any kind. Otto should have known this,... but his American Arrogance got in the way of that research I imagine. Maybe if he had watch an episode or two of "Locked Up Abroad", he would have used some common sense!
  13. True! They knew he was terminal, and they didn't want him kicking the bucket in their yard. NK is garbage and a bunch of cowards!
  14. You know what,... when ever we have discussions about the confederacy, the battle flag, slavery and slave owners, monuments honoring the criminals, etc. you are always among the group that screams,... "You can't judge these traitors and criminals by today's standards". So I'm sure you'll understand the basic concept of what's going to be said next. You can't judge your behavior in another man's house, by what's acceptable behavior in your house! You may think putting a ice cold glass of water on the coffee table without a coaster as ok, while the rules in the house your visiting might require a swift punch in the face,... as ridiculous as that may seem! But that's his house. Our arrogance, and your's as well, is what probably got him arrested in the first place,... "taking their stupid f'ing banner". Stupid mistake? Really? I strongly disagree. His mistake wasn't stupid,... his preparation on how to conduct himself in a hostile country! No wait,.. his prime mistake was going to North Korea in the first place,... what da hell was he thinking. Make no mistake,... it was American Arrogance and stupidity that got him a trip to the coroner's stainless steel table. Feel free to place the blame on elsewhere,... I choose to put the blame where it belongs. Squarely on Warmbier's shoulders!