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  1. No one is asking you to surrender their memory,... just don't drag the rest of us into the party you wanna throw for them with you. There's nothing about your ancestors worthy of celebration as far as most of us are concerned. Hell,... I know quite a few who share roots to the evil and criminal deeds of your ancestor and show genuine shame. And your ancestor's Hitler-like behavior, likewise isn't worthy of memory beyond the point where we make sure we don't allow this kinda scum to fester and breathe air again. Just keep your celebrations and memories to yourselves and out of public view,... and the rest of us are good.
  2. First off,... when you say 'you people' who are you referring to. Secondly,... when you say 'all you want is surrender' isn't that's what every U.S. citizen wants of those wage war against us? Isn't that what we all want,... the surrender of our enemies first and foremost?
  3. Well if it's the 'banner of unity' why do you object to flying it, and instead wish to fly only that part of it that celebrates and reeks of white supremacy, treachery, treason, slavery and human bondage? Why not fly the flag that rejects all of that and celebrates unity? Just curious.
  4. You've lost me Smokey. I've reread your post more than twice and I must admit,... I'm still quite a bit lost as to what point you're trying to make. Can you clarify please? Thanks.
  5. Whatever happened to the History Teacher? That 440 Wedge was a frame twisting beast, and 390 was a pig. Ford even stopped talking about the 390 in favor of the 351 Cleveland. I remember my auto shop teacher, carrot top Mr. Blair,... the guy hated muscle cars in favor of sport cars. Loved his Porsche 912. He was way too cool for a teacher,... will never forget the impact he had on my life. Wonder what he's doing now,... whatever it is, I know he's doing it well. Nice post.
  6. And an actual reason to be armed.
  7. Why fly only one part? Seems as though you're doing the very thing you're so quick to accuse others of doing,... that is excising parts of our history you don't like! Fly the whole flag of your state
  8. OK,... if the play on words absolves you, fine! You can have that. You might have a point,... hell, let you tell it, Mexicans and Canadians are also Americans. I'll restate: "As far as what flag you fly at your home, I think every U.S. citizen might have a problem with it. You're flying the flag of an enemy state Smokey. A state that waged war on the people and Constitution of the U.S. government. Most of us U.S. citizens would expect you to fly the flag of the U.S.A.,... since you're a U.S. citizen. Maybe you're not a proud U.S. citizen for some reason,... I dunno!" Good?
  9. Yeah,... let's not change history, but let's do change wording. As far what you flag at your home, I think every American has a problem with it. You're flying flags of an enemy state Smokey. A state that waged war on America. Most of us would expect you to fly an American flag,... since you're an American citizen. Maybe you're not a proud American for some reason,... I dunno!
  10. I do,... picking this orange clown and his joke-jester family was a mistake! There'ya go,... my thoughts on this subject.
  11. Man that is about the most dysfunctional pile of humans I've ever seen pass themselves off as 'family'!
  12. Yeah Smokey,... enjoy your retirement. A bit of advice,... don't spend it working around the house,... ENJOY IT!
  13. What's a snowflake Smokey?
  14. Hey look Smokey,... I was just agreeing with jd. Maybe with a slight dose of sarcasm, but generally I could live on that page. I mean I'm not calling for outright confiscation, but if our legislators come up with something to slow or reduce the number of guns on our streets and hollers,... I can live with that. Remember, I'm of the school,... "the lower number of guns on the streets, the lower the instances of gun violence. I switched it because I was thinking we might wanna protect the most innocent among us first,... like our children gathered in schools and churches. Way more gun violence in our schools located in rural and suburban America than in inner city schools. Same with our churches,... seems like rural and suburban churches have been hit hard with gun violence here lately. Not so much breaking news on our TV about inner city churches getting hit by crazy people with guns! Oh don't get me wrong,... our cities have their share of problems,... mainly bad guys shooting bad guys. And way too often innocent children catching stray bullets while playing jacks on the front porches,, college students falling victim to gun violence while traveling to the corner store, the elderly falling victim to gun violence while walking their daily constitutional,... yeah the cities have their problems. But when we have students and educators, worshipers, shoppers and concert goers getting taken out by gun violence 10 to 50 at a whop,... I dunno man,... maybe we might wanna start there! What do you think?
  15. I'm with you on this one jd! And as soon as we finish cleaning up the inner cities, let's turn our attention to rural and suburban America and finish the job. No wait,... let's start with rural and urban America first, then finish the job in the inner cities! Yeah,... how do we get started jd?