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  1. Then why do you present yourself as a confederate fanboy? These are the people who actually fought and died to maintain and spread slavery across the new territories. Doesn't make any sense,... you hate slavery, but you celebrate and revere those who fought to enslave.
  2. Whoa! For a man who claims to be a both a teacher and student of history, you're thinking sure is skewed, void of any kind of objectivity, and you don't seem to be too concerned about truth and accuracy either! When you talk of Natural Rights, you mean the south's natural right to deny the same natural rights of others? Uhm, I'm not sure that counts as a Natural Right Smokey. So,... what about Ike, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Daddy Bush, Clinton, Baby Bush, Obama, and finally,... the embarrassing clown idiot we have now. Are they as guilty as Lincoln? I mean they've all had a hand in denying people from forming their choice of government. Especially when it comes to Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, Central America, the entire Middle Ease, but Palestine in particular, and the numerous number of other regime changes we've attempted since WW I. Oh wait, almost forgot about Hawaii,... well that was a little before their time I think.
  3. And you do understand that this self anointment of self de facto independence is self indulgent fantasy, having no legal standing as far as the U.S. Constitution, the Full U.S. House of Representatives, the POTUS and our loyal citizens,... right! You do understand that Lincoln had a duty and obligation to his office and chair to respond as he did. His oath to the our Constitution and the people of this nation, obligated him to act,... obligated to respond to any and every threat to this nation in kind with force if needed! I'd say intelligence of an armed enemy force assembling just miles sounth and within a days march west and north of this nation's capital, is enough to deploy U.S. troops with a mission to defend the capital and put down the threat. What in the world are you smoking Smokey 1?
  4. It makes all the difference in the world,... are you kidding me? It's the difference between criminal armed resurrection and legal peaceful recognition of a state's newly acquired independence. It's the difference between a country having to mobilize troops, and if necessary, go to war to uphold and defend it's Constitution against ALL enemies domestic and foreign. No they did not,... southern states DID NOT recognize or obey the authority of the U.S. Constitution and government. Their attack on an active U.S. military installation, Ft. Sumter, confirmed as much. Lincoln sent troops into Virginia to put down any threat to the U.S. Constitution. That was his mission! Even a good number of Virginians knew what they were doing was illegal, rebellious, and just plain wrong. We now have West Virginia.
  5. Lincoln was the President of the United States,... he can deploy/redeploy troops wherever he wants, whenever he wants, for whatever reasons, anywhere within the United States, at anytime he wants. Are you kidding me? But to answer your question, I imagine POTUS sent troops into Virginia to uphold his Presidential Oath to uphold and protect the U.S. Constitution. Given the acts of the criminals at Ft. Sumter, he probably thought it a good idea to be proactive. And guess what,... he was right. Legally and technically, those criminal states never left the U.S. in the eyes of the U.S. Constitution. These rebellious states tried twice to petition the U.S. Congress to legally leave the Union. They failed with both petitions! Instead of trying a 3rd attempt or at least a different approach, they decided to take up arms in an armed rebellion against the U.S. Government and Constitution. Lincoln put down the armed and criminal rebellion with superior force expediency, especially in threatening states bordering the U.S. Capital like Virginia and Maryland. But make no mistake,... no state ever legally left the Union. Not according to the U.S. Constitution and the House of Representatives seated at the time. Now after the stern rebuke by the U.S. Congress, these rebel states seeking secession, held meetings and voted among themselves, not in the full U.S. House of Representatives, to secede. Now this might have made them feel good, and convince gullible people like you that they did indeed secede,... but in reality those states never left the Union. Only the U.S. congress had the authority to free the rebel states from the Union,... the U.S. Congress decided not to. Now Lincoln made a lot of 'feel good' gestures designed to allow the south to save face and to help ease them back into the fold. But don't confuse 'easing back into the fold' with re-admitting back into the Union. They're two terribly different things,... legally according to the U.S. Constitution, they never left the Union. Smokey, for someone who's always sighting our Constitution as the gospel, especially when it comes to the 1st and the 2nd, it's kinda puzzling how you seem to wanna discount the gospel authority of our U.S. Constitution when it comes to failed confederate slave state! Almost like you wanna cherry pick!
  6. Still avoiding the question and the point,... but still trying to escape out of answering or facing up to the point by focusing on me and not topic! Don't Smokey,... that's what most losers do when they got nothing. They distract, deflect and generally engage in circular arguments and false equivalencies! Just like you're doing now!
  7. Oh,... you mean like the way some of our most uneducated and simpleminded fellow Americans let themselves make it so when Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest police brutality here in this country?
  8. No,... why do you support the confederate cause? Not asking about the right or need to display their symbolic icons in honor of their deeds.
  9. Through all of that,... you didn't answer the question. Why do you support the rebels and their racist platform?
  10. Right,... so why do you still support it? If it's not the battle flag,... then it's another flag of theirs that you've vowed to fly proudly on your 'private' property! Excuse me if I get their banners confused by name,... I'm sure you're familiar with them all.
  11. The traitorous southern rebels and their violent little social club of theirs! You know,... that social club of theirs that took up arms against the United States of America and it's people and Constitution. Hell,... you still fly their battle flag! A 150 years later!
  12. No,... it would be to remove from view, flagrant, 'in-your-face', we're still better than you, offensive, hateful, and possibly racist blight. Again,... it done quite frequently all across the nation. The 1st is tempered, in one way or another, all the time in the public interest. Here's the granddaddy stock tempering of them all,... you can't 'fire' in a crowded theater or church. That one, or something like it, is on the books in just about all 50! Try it Smokey,... we'll all pitch in to buy you a carton of cigarettes and a couple bars of soap. Just don't drop the soap.
  13. What rights? Sounds like the same song you people sang 150 years ago! Your right to hurt and degrade people. Sounds like you're learned nothing. Prominent View is not about the 1st,... it's about land use zoning and ordinance codes! Done all the time!
  14. Then we'll have to think about a 'prominent view' portion to be included into our Land Use Zoning Codes,... done all the time when it comes to offensive structures on private property but still a blight to the general public. No problem! Still don't understand why you would want to fight so hard to place in plain sight, that which you know is offensive and hurtful to your fellow Americans. Your motive is puzzling.
  15. You're wrong,... you are forcing! That's because you pass these statues and monuments in a stupor of ignorance,... much like the most of us did, especially our African American and Native American brothers have done for years. But guess what? We woke up! Never again will the majority of us pass by Lee, Beauregard, Jackson, and ole Nathan B. Forrest without feeling like we're part of the celebration,... just by mere proximity alone. The monuments are coming down at a quick and steady pace, names of public schools and institutions are changing at a slower but similar pace,... like in Jackson Florida not too long ago. And remember, exceptions have been made to just about every amendment we've written to add as a later footnote to the constitution.
  16. You mean a "good" why last week when he bought the gun. Today,... no so much! Loved your last sentence! When will these people wake up and realize that human life is more important than their 'kill' and 'cowboy' fantasies?
  17. Oh yeah you are,... with the naming of public parks, streets and avenues, public schools and other institutions, the flagrant, strategic and 'in your face' deployment of monuments, statues and plagues, and the waving of those silly little confederate inspired flags and banners by those intent on intimidating and degrading people,... oh yes you are! That kind of stuff is reserved for real Americans, patriotic Americans with no history of violating their oath to the U.S. Constitution,... much less engaging in armed resurrection against the U.S. Constitution. Most Americans would rather see a highway named after Dwight D. Eisenhower instead of Robert E. Lee,... given Ike fought to protect the U.S. Constitution while Lee fought to destroy it.
  18. Then why don't they do it at the cemetery and leave it there? The majority of Americans don't have the stomach for honoring these vile and evil 'ancestors' and their dastardly and traitorous deeds.
  19. So maybe we should stop focusing on AR-15 and other military assault style weapons and high capacity ammo delivery systems. Following your example and logic,... maybe we should focus on ALL weapons so that ANY potential killer will NEVER again have an advantage over unarmed victims. BTW,... everyone of you out there with a gun is a potential killer,... by definition, your hands on a gun defines you as such. That includes me,... I purchased my service weapon!
  20. Well history proves that quite well,... you guys aren't much for peaceful protest. Seems your kind is more into dressing up and painting yourselves to look like Native Americans and sneak and weasel yourself into a space where you can destroy. More into pulling triggers than protesting!
  21. I agree totally,... but not just the Arabs. I think we should stay out of the Middle East completely,... when it comes to their disagreements and political, geographical and religious squabbles. All of them,... not just the Arabs.
  22. Hahahaha! Correction noted! Thanks man! <feelin' a silly>. Actually it was debated whether napalm was a chemical based or incendiary based ordnance,... the debate mainly hinged on the delivery system!
  23. North & South Vietnamese and anyone there not looking like us. Straight from Wikipedia: "International law does not specifically prohibit the use of napalm or other incendiaries against military targets, but use against civilian populations was banned by the United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) in 1980." Bear in mind,... the use of tear gas by police departments is technically deploying a chemical ordinance on the public!
  24. LOL! Ok,... keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better about yourself! Fact is, there were multiple chemical based ordinances used in Vietnam, as there are several classifications of chemical based ordinances,... of which all of them aren't tagged illegal. BTW, napalm is a chemical based ordinance,... don't let the most popularized delivery system confuse you.