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  1. I agree Ken,... but what judges do is a little out of his control. I would like to add to your list however, a positive push in education and employment. While these things are also out of Commissioner DeSousa's control, they are still important components of any honest strategy to bringing down violent crimes in any city,... including Baltimore.
  2. Just finished watching it. Yeah,... I think this guy is going to do well.
  3. Totally not true. I do agree that Baltimore has become a nationwide embarrassment,... in some ways. But dis-function can ALWAYS be repaired and/or replaced in a bid for function. I think this is that bid. DeSousa is well grounded, well liked, and well respected by both department and community. If anyone has a real and honest chance of turning things around,... it's this young man.
  4. And may you continue to burn in hell for your traitorous and dastardly deeds. If we must celebrate,... I'd rather go with "Happy Birthday Edgar Allen Poe" or "Happy Birthday Shawn Mathis Wayans"!
  5. Thanks. But were paying any attention to the rant? Sometimes, a lot of truth and good advice is hidden in jokes and rants,... you just gotta be smart enough to spot them.
  6. No,... we just want you back on your meds!
  7. LOL! Or listened to him?
  8. Next time try a second effort at understand what you've just read. Then think before opening your pie hole,... think! Don't blame your lack of reading comprehension skills on those who had nothing to do with, or had any influence on, you during your formative years. Blame those who did,... like your parents!
  9. Knot head,... you asked, "Funny how all these MSM putz's weren't this aggressive to Obama?". My response was, "They were,... where were you?". Why were you blind to the media aggression aimed at President Obama then, but can spot challenging media scrutiny towards the brain damaged orange chimp currently squatting in the white house? Now I will agree that as President Obama moved thru his 2 terms, the media became less and less aggressive towards him as they began to see that they were dealing with a sane, honest, grounded, well educated, stable, forward thinking leader and individual. They see the exact opposite in the orange clown they've got to deal with now! You my friend, have a problem with reading comprehension! Like the pullover putz you breast feed from now, your mental agility and speed is about as swift as continental drift.
  10. Where is your link proving you're not in the Matrix?
  11. Chump change compared to what trump & family has skimmed, stole and laundered from and through the various foundations erected in their names and on their behalf. You've got to be kidding. Or desperate. One or the other,... maybe even both!
  12. Whoa! That does sound like a stopper. Probably wouldn't stop him from running. But as I learned from the Roy Moore drama down there in Alabama, getting elected at the state level is only step 1 of 2. After the election, you must be seated by the house,... which is what some were threatening to block had Moore won in Alabama. This Amendment sure gives teeth and fuel to any bid to block seating Bradley in the slim event he defeats Cardin. That's if I'm understanding the Amendment correctly.
  13. Depending on what committee he might serve on I would think!
  14. They were,... where were you?
  15. Hahaha! Yeah,... prolly ancestors and direct DNA contributors to Paris Dennard, Pastor Mark Burns, and Omarosa Manigault! I gotta tell you,... that Paris Dennard is the epitome of 'Self Hate'. While Omarosa is the epitome of stupid! LOL!
  16. Point blanc range!
  17. Yes you do. No you don't.
  18. Exactly Yoda,... he's been resistant to just about every attempt. I think his resistance is by design!
  19. Yes Soulflower,that exchange is a must-watch,... so is this exchange between Corey Booker and Nielson as well. Was so glad to hear him use one of MLK's most poignant quotes,... "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Words many in here really need to embrace!
  20. Of course not Smokey,... if any of those behaviors were exhibited today, they'd all be in jail,... most facing the death penalty and rightly so! The suggestion was made hoping that all you apologists and armchair racists would stop minimalizing and discounting the impact of racism. And in your case, the hope was that you'd finally realize the harm and impact waving your little trinkets and party favors around has on Americans who are just as American as you. Hoping that you'd trade in your blind bullheadedness for some objective and reasoned compassion and understanding for and towards your fellow countrymen. Hoping that you'd see the scenes where they switch from Hollywood takes to actual footage where the clear and true intentions of these trinkets and party favors are obvious!