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  1. Bal@GB Packers are missing their top two backs and I dont think qb Brett Hundley (who?) can handle the pressure. Besides getting West and Woodhead back will help. Ravens have won 75% of the games afrer a bye in recents years. They'll win this one too. Ravens 24 GB 13 Jax@Cle The only question is whether jags d can pitch a shutout against the god awfull browns. Jacksonille 28 Cleveland 7 Cin@Den This is tough. Both have sucked recently. Have watched last 4 bengals games and it's amazing how bad Dalton has been. Stats say Marvin Lewis’ teams haven’t had much success against Broncos and the play home. Denver 24 Cincinatti 21
  2. lol agreed
  3. Does that mean Hoyer wont go to Pats for sure? They do work in mysterious ways... Anyways, stripped down QB depth chart is a major risk. Who else is available?
  4. They'll bring back Hoyer? Wasnt he released by 49ers after getting Garoppolo. They will have to get someone who knows the system. Atm Brady is all alone at qb.
  5. If that was Brady, Goodell would've executed him on the spot and fined him the cost of the bullet. 105
  6. We got this. They are Sun Tzuing the Steelers. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. Attack him when he is unprepared
  7. I was at the game amidst some lame *** Jags fans. Dont even want to thing about it yet, not over it. Anyways, it was clear as day that whole team including coaching was on sleep mode big time. Mistake arriving on Thursday/Friday, I'll fly enough to know jetlag is killer. Jags know better, they arrived on monday. All I would say this is not on Flacco. Receivers got no separation at all . Most of the downs there was absolutely no one open. And O-line... blah I'll go have a nap ..
  8. I'll vote no. On Monday.
  9. I'm going to the game on Sunday. Around 700 000 people were trying to purchase tickets. Wembley seats 90 000. Good business model.
  10. They promoted Langford from the practice squad to replace Woodhead.
  11. Agreed. They will want someone with NFL experience, Mallett or someone else, if Flacco can't make it. Woodrum is 12-for-14 for 195 yards and if he keeps playing this good he might actually make the practice squad. Ravens probably keep two quarterbacks on the final roster and like you said I can't see undrafted rookie being one of them either.
  12. Both Adeboyejo and White looked pretty good to me. Adeboyejo had two catches but was in for more plays than White. White was solid especially run blocking and caught great 33 yrd TD from the only pass seemingly coming his way. He returned couple of kicks in the second half too, didn’t see anything special there. O-line looked really good! Jensen at Center really surprised (maybe due to low expectations Terrance West had few nifty runs and awesome jump in TD from the goal line Mallet was terrible IMO. I think he was 9 out of 18 for 50 some yards but he had all the time in the world but was over/underthrowing a lot. Seemed he was also pouting and blaming receivers, blockers, refs in more than few occasions. Or least it looked like that to me. Do not like the guy. In comparison the 3rd stringer Woodrum was 4 out 4, 1 TD. Of course against 3rd stringer defense though. Defense / special teams were pretty much outstanding. Interesting to hear your thought after seeing the game.
  13. No thanks http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2723065-uber-driver-says-michael-oher-bit-him-was-drunk-prior-to-arrest-in-911-call?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial
  14. They really need to get serious about the receiving corps soon. No matter how much upgraded defense is, you cannot win football games by a score of zero to negative-3.
  15. This mock has him coming to Ravens: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2696408-2017-nfl-mock-draft-matt-millers-post-combine-projections?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial