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  1. You may get away being dumb as a rock but not with inaccuracy. He was described as having accuracy issues in college and rumors out of camp so far...accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. No amount of running is going to save you in snow and sleet in December @ Pitt. He also said, asked about Flacco, that he doesn't yet know what he'll learn "from the 33-year-old veteran"...really...nothing from a 10 year NFL vet..okay Reminds me actually of Geno Smith when he said that he didn't need to study film of the opposing teams, only had to worry about what he was doing.
  2. Yup. "After agreeing three weeks ago to terms with the Colts to become their next coach, after hiring multiple members of his coaching staff, after arranging to fly Wednesday morning from Boston to Indianapolis on Jim Irsay’s jet to be introduced at an afternoon news conference, Josh McDaniels backed out." “That’s Kraft putting it to the Colts again. He will forever try and (expletive) that place ever since deflate gate," a source told Schefter." http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2758104-josh-mcdaniels-reportedly-wont-accept-colts-hc-job-will-stay-with-patriots?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial
  3. Sounds very plausible and corresponds with Malcolms own thoughts. Maybe it was was more of a matchup decision. Just a tad bit odd though, IMO. He did play almost every snap during the regular season.
  4. Aparently Butler was sick earlier in the week. Maybe that played a role. But looks like he disagrees. Here’s what Butler told ESPN after the game: “They gave up on me. F—. It is what it is.” “It was a coach’s decision. … I don’t know what it was. I guess I wasn’t playing good. They didn’t feel comfortable. I could have changed that game, though".
  5. You probablyright on Ertz. Had to look up that trick play though because It looked so obvious: Foles tric play. Or maybe on the guys is 'close' enough...who knows. Who cares:) Glad to see Pats eat it
  6. Enjoyable game! I dont know about some of the Eagles TD's though. On the Foles trick play TD Eagles should have been flagged for an illegal formation with only six men on the line. In Clement's back of the end zone TD he did not have full possession of the ball before going out of bounds. At least that has been the way catch rule has been interpreted in this season IMO. On Ertz dive TD. I guess he became the runner as he was falling into the ground... Seen similar plays called incomplete more often than not though
  7. I know what they say, there's always next season...but I can't shake Pitt and Cincy loss...not yet
  8. You think other owners would approve?
  9. Bal@GB Packers are missing their top two backs and I dont think qb Brett Hundley (who?) can handle the pressure. Besides getting West and Woodhead back will help. Ravens have won 75% of the games afrer a bye in recents years. They'll win this one too. Ravens 24 GB 13 Jax@Cle The only question is whether jags d can pitch a shutout against the god awfull browns. Jacksonille 28 Cleveland 7 Cin@Den This is tough. Both have sucked recently. Have watched last 4 bengals games and it's amazing how bad Dalton has been. Stats say Marvin Lewis’ teams haven’t had much success against Broncos and the play home. Denver 24 Cincinatti 21
  10. lol agreed
  11. Does that mean Hoyer wont go to Pats for sure? They do work in mysterious ways... Anyways, stripped down QB depth chart is a major risk. Who else is available?
  12. They'll bring back Hoyer? Wasnt he released by 49ers after getting Garoppolo. They will have to get someone who knows the system. Atm Brady is all alone at qb.
  13. If that was Brady, Goodell would've executed him on the spot and fined him the cost of the bullet. 105
  14. We got this. They are Sun Tzuing the Steelers. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. Attack him when he is unprepared
  15. I was at the game amidst some lame *** Jags fans. Dont even want to thing about it yet, not over it. Anyways, it was clear as day that whole team including coaching was on sleep mode big time. Mistake arriving on Thursday/Friday, I'll fly enough to know jetlag is killer. Jags know better, they arrived on monday. All I would say this is not on Flacco. Receivers got no separation at all . Most of the downs there was absolutely no one open. And O-line... blah I'll go have a nap ..