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  1. My biggest MOCO surprise has been Blake. They are 6-1 on the season and their only loss came to Damascus. My in the future looking biggest surprise will be the re-emergence of Seneca Valley. For those who are unfamiliar with their history, they have 12 titles in 12 attempts. SV has remained competitive over the past decade in a half but they haven't been the same program after the opening of Northwest and Clarksburg high schools which both pulled from the SV district. Well, they broke ground on the new SV which will be the largest school the state of Maryland with a capacity of about 2,500 students, double what they have now. Their boundaries will once again be very large and the school opens in 2020. Give them a few years to grow into all 4 grades of equal size and they will be the class of MOCO again IMO.
  2. Great write up. Just one correction, Brian Bresee is 260-270 pounds. He was weighed in officially at the Nike Opening at 260.
  3. keep disagreeing, we just scored!
  4. Flacco did 3 of the 4 things I now expect out of him. 1. Sail one over the head of a wide open receiver 2. Throw a 2 yard pass and 3. Eat the ball for a sack. The good news is he didn't do #4--Throw an interception. Yeah
  5. Trust me, I get that but having line problems is deadly for a one dimensional QB. Even when Flacco has had good blocking, he has always gotten a case of the yips when the pressure builds around him. I am just hoping our next franchise QB can do a better job of extending plays. With Flacco still in the fold, maybe it's time to draft his replacement, even if the replacement has to hold a clip board for the 1st year. Flacco has 2 more years on his contract, I just don't see him being worth another contract extension.
  6. I think it is time for the organization to draft our next QB in next years draft. If given time, Flacco can produce but in this age of disguised blitzes and defensive pressure, we need a guy who can extend plays to build around.
  7. Maybe next week the Ravens can make a stand on their goal line?
  8. Just for full disclosure, that is not my power ranking. I am just posting what others have voted on and Nomad is part of that committee. The honorable mentions are mine. My top six would have PB at 4 and move Sherwood and SV down to 5 and 6. See you guys again next week.
  9. I will always defer to Nomad, he has deeper connections to the MOCO programs.
  10. I don't post on this board often because I am a MOCO guy(Damascus) but I think I will start posting game scores every week moving forward. We currently have the MOCO programs ranked as follows: 1. Dmass 2. Quince Orchard 3. Northwest 4. Sherwood 5. Seneca Valley 6. Paint Branch My honorable mentions are: Blake, Wooton, Richard Montgomery and Blair Gaithersburg 2 Seneca Valley 42 Sherwood 7 Damascus 42 Walt Whitman 0 Einstein 7 Churchill 32 Wooton 39 Urbana 20 Clarksburg 13 Quince Orchard 34 Blair 7 Wheaton 54 Northwood 6 Kennedy 0 Poolsville 41 Watkins Mill 35 Magruder 7 Blake 15 Springbrook 9 Paint Branch 21 Richard Montgomery 9 Walter Johnson 13 Northwest 48 Rockville 17 Bethesda CC 28 Private Score Mount St Joe 26 Good Counsel 14
  11. PB has a very good defense, lead by Linebacker and Maryland commit Durell Nchami. Nchami is one of those guys who stayed public even though he would have been a stud at any of the privates. They also have size and strength on their defensive line. The question mark is their offense, don't be fooled by their 40 point performance against Northwood, Northwood wouldn't beat most good JV programs. If their offense can step up and score 20+ points against the big dawgs, they stand a chance to win with their defense. They remind me of the 2001 Ravens, defense wins games, you just hope their offense doesn't screw it up for them with turnovers and field position losses. That being said, I think they make the playoffs but they won't get far like the Ravens. It's dumb to compare them to the Ravens situation but it's the best way I know to explain how defensive oriented the are.
  12. Even though Sherwood got manhandled tonight, they will still probably win 8 or 9 games this year. Their challenges will come in week 4 against Richard Montgomery and week 8 against PB. Depending on how Howard does this year, it could lead to a first or 2nd game of the playoffs match-up. Damascus has a favorable schedule to go 10-0 during the regular season.
  13. Damascus 42 Sherwood 7.
  14. They call their field the hornets nest.
  15. If the Ravens for a backup QB distraction on the sidelines ................ Pass!