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  1. Money to kids to play sports at the privates can come in many forms. First, you have your families with lower incomes, these kids can get direct financial aid for academics and as a bonus, play football. The second way is the benefactor who steps in to pay the tuition for a kid to attend a private school to play sports. Good Counsel had the Bernie money benefactor. No only did Bernie Dancel donate enough money to have the football stadium named after him, he also personally financed the scholarships for many football players. Good Counsel was on top when they had his money driving the program, once that money dried up, Good Counsel cam back down to earth again in football. I personally know a kid who was offered a ride to the McDonogh School to wrestle, he also plays football. He didn't accept the offer but all he had to do was get good grades, play sports and meet with the benefactor once or twice each year to keep receiving the scholarship money. In each situation, scholarships are offered but not directly form the school.
  2. Not sure where you live but this camp is run out of the Landon by the Clarksburg Coach. It's a great camp for the summer because there are no worries about weight cutting, you will wrestle what ever weight you are. Also perfect for the summer because no worries if you go on vacation for a week, you just show up again when back in town. My son loved this camp when it was held at Clarksburg, even more cool was he got to wrestle against high school kids when he was in 7th and 8th grade. Maryland Summer Wrestling League and Clinic SeriesThis summer will be the 10th year of the Maryland Summer Wrestling League. We offer six weeks of folkstyle competition throughout the summer and a tournament to end the season. Wrestlers can receive anywhere from 15-20 (or more) matches throughout the summer.We also offer top notch clinics, run by local area college coaches and wrestlers each week. This opportunity is one of the best deals for wrestlers over the summer. It is cheaper than going away to wrestling camp, while providing just as many, if not more, matches and clinicians.The league will be held at The Landon School again this summer. We are hoping to bring in an even bigger mix of wrestlers.Registration will begin shortly. Register as soon as possible, so we can begin to determine the teams.See details below:MARYLAND SUMMER WRESTLING LEAGUEat the Landon SchoolSPONSORED BY: Olney Boys and Girls Club (OBGC)SCHEDULEThursdays, June 14th - July 19th, 2018 5:00-6:30 pm Clinics (1st night registration/weigh-in’s) 6:30 -9:00 pm League dual meets. (2 per team) Tournament– Saturday, July 21st. Tournament fee is included in the price of the league. The tournament will also be open to non-league wrestlers for $25.REGISTRATIONGo to http://www.obgc.com/Camps/index_E.html Incoming 6th (with experience) through 12th graders will register for the league. League price includes the clinic as well. ($190.00) All younger and first time wrestlers will sign up for the clinic portion only. ($100.00) SPECIFICS • Wrestlers will sign up individually and be placed on a team. • Teams will be coached by area high school wrestling coaches. • Folkstyle dual meets will follow clinics each week. • League weigh-in’s will be held the first night. Weigh-in’s for the tournament will be held on the final Thursday.Questions? Email:Robert_Pinsky@mcpsmd.orgMSartoph@aol.com
  3. It would be a star team with every wrestler living within 5 miles of Damascus facing a private school of All-Stars from all over the region. MSJ would win fairly easily but not every weight class.
  4. I am guessing you didn't see that one coming because maybe you haven't seen Ryan Lawrence in person? Ryan has 3 career losses: Sophomore year lost to Hamrick(N. Garratt) in a duel meet. Hamrick was a 1A/2A State Champion that year. Also, Ryan lost the state championship match to Kraisser, now a 3 time state champion. Crazy thing is, Ryan was winning this match till the final seconds and Kraisser made a move to end it with the victory. Kraisser is a STUD! Junior Year-I think he lost to a kid in VA during the Damascus Holiday Tournament. Ryan wins weight class at States. Senior Year- 48-0, including winning his weight class at The War on the Shore 3 straight years. State Champ, 2 years running.
  5. Couple of thoughts: Aaron Brooks, greatest MD wrestler since Kyle Snyder. Damascus had 5 wrestlers make the finals. 3A/4A 138, match of the tournament between Sanchez and Connolly. Connolly wins after losing to Sanchez a few weeks ago in the County Tournament. Win 6-4 in overtime. HWT-Jorden Pryor-What a physical specimen and he doesn't play football at Dunbar, Say What! This kid could go D1 as a senior on defense, line him up at DE and he would have his choice of scholarship offers. He will no doubt wrestle in college but those scholarships are not fully funded. He is the kind of athlete who could make it to the NFL, IMO.
  6. Great time to revisit this thread. Anyone watching the NFL Combine 40 times? Why again does it seem like every high school and dad with a stopwatch has a few kids running sub 4.4 times while the NFL Combine seems to have a scarcity of such athletes? Maybe all of the fast guys weren't invited to Indianapolis? On Monday we should see some sub 4.4 times as the DB's get their chance to run the 40. Sorry, couldn't help poking the hornets nest.
  7. Just to be clear, when I say more like MOCO, I am referring to PG no longer having open seat. I agree with you, it's like the Wild West and a kid has to work REALLY HARD to be ineligible for a year. It is very easy to transfer in MOCO and it will continue to be easy to transfer in PG, IMO.
  8. The new PG rule will be more in line with surrounding counties like MOCO. MOCO has a 1 year sit policy for athletic transfers but a parent can always apply for a COSA waiver which is usually approved 9 out of 10 times. It will still be possible for Wise to get transfers depending on how PG Schools regulate COSA requests. This big change I see is an end to open seat transfers. It really comes down to this, parents will find a way to get their kids into the best situation for their kid and Wise has a lot to offer.
  9. mini Ditka or Wise? Who wins?
  10. Aaron Brookes of N. Hagerstown is the next kid from MD who will likely move up into the top 5. 3X Fargo Champion
  11. So, back to the topic. What's up at McDonogh?
  12. Does anyone know what is going on at McDonogh with their wrestling program? A good number of their starters did not participate in their last match and they lost to Smyrna. I am hearing rumors but I am hoping someone can share facts. Here is their box score from Track Wrestling from their weekend match. Weight Summary SMY MCSC 285 PJ Mustipher (McDonogh School) over Brent Young (Smyrna H S) (Fall 1:24) 0 6 106 Cooper Flynn (McDonogh School) over Dylan Andruzzi (Smyrna H S) (Fall 1:24) 0 6 113 Joseph Natarcola (Smyrna H S) over Ihsan Atkinson (McDonogh School) (Fall 0:35) 6 0 120 Jaxson Al-Chokhachy (Smyrna H S) over Matt Lawrence (McDonogh School) (Dec 2-1) 3 0 126 Sean M. Scott (McDonogh School) over Drew Mayhall (Smyrna H S) (Fall 5:42) 0 6 132 Nicholas Natarcola (Smyrna H S) over Unknown (For.) 6 0 138 Gavin Sembly (Smyrna H S) over Unknown (For.) 6 0 145 Ryan Kelley (Smyrna H S) over Harrison Trahan (McDonogh School) (Fall 0:45) 6 0 152 Alex LaVeck (McDonogh School) over Mike Giampietro (Smyrna H S) (Fall 3:18) 0 6 160 Jack Davis (Smyrna H S) over Dominic Solis (McDonogh School) (UTB 2-2) 3 0 170 Garrett Kappes (McDonogh School) over Dakota Kerr (Smyrna H S) (Dec 6-3) 0 3 182 Jack Wimmer (McDonogh School) over Unknown (For.) 0 6 195 Mason Wilson (Smyrna H S) over Christian Brown (McDonogh School) (Dec 8-4) 3 0 220 Anthony Wuest (Smyrna H S) over Parker Robinson (McDonogh School) (Fall 3:33) 6 0 unsportsmanlike 0 -1.00 Team Score: 39 32
  13. Mamba, amazing amount of information you have access too. How do you get some of your statistics. I'm a Dmass homer but even I didn't know Jurgens had 12 pancakes in one game.
  14. Damascus, we roll 12 deep on offense!!