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  1. Guru, as a CHC alum I'd be interested to hear your take on 2018 team? Any insight?
  2. It was Keeney's plan to keep the majority of the fans in the parking lot for as much of the contest as possible. Interesting theory.......
  3. Funny thing is cost is a bit higher to stage the game at TU. Ravens game day staff cheaper and ready to go on a moments notice. TU has to outsource beyond their regular season and it "costs" more to both CHC and LB. Worth it though....
  4. EP you are exactly right! What a better facility, area, experience in general. Over 9K in attendance last week. CHC administration knows this is the preference for alumni.
  5. Cooper was open because they were concentrating on shutting down #10 early. Can't cover them both.
  7. Haters. 13 year old Freshman? What planet are you on.
  8. If you all are keeping it real than know that the athlete is 15. Get all your facts straight haters. Great kid, great player.
  9. Cardinals were very impressive in NC. Lambert is a quality opponent, GDS not so much. I'm told what jumps out at you about this team is CHC's depth. Attack loaded, 2 High quality MIAA ready midfields. More size and athleticism than they have had in a long while. Defense is suspect however. Hill Academy of course will be a war. Full disclosure I am a Cardinal Homer. Some of this enthusiasm is fueled by hope. My info does come from qualified observers though.....
  10. How could that program go farther back. He will bring energy and a group of well qualified assistants. Nowhere to go but up
  11. Good Kid. Wish him luck in Balto County. Better off at DB. Dad.......oh boy.
  12. Skeptical of that JV success. CHC had won several JV Championships in a row. It didn't and hasn't translated to varsity level..
  13. Jb, acknowledge the injury factor, no doubt. I was surprised to see a freshman at CB with CHC's known speed on outside (Cooper) and also the general lack of playmakers on O for LB. I think the problem right now is that football 8th graders are deciding at this moment, where to attend HS next year. With LB's record this year and the coaching situation in flux, it would be tough to pick the Dons. I'm not familiar enough with their football foundation/support network to know if they have anybody to pick up the ball on recruiting? Maybe they are doing none at all? That would seem short sighted.
  14. Guru you are correct on the RB's as I thought McLauglin was a SR. If he is back that is good. Fields is tough (hard worker, weight room stud) and K is a solid kid from a run blocker/screen perspective. Which leads me to wonder why CHC did not screen more? I know you need a bit of athleticism on the O Line to do it, it is something they have done well over the years. Don't think I saw 1 on Thursday.... Yes the transfer thing is big every year. No different this year.