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  1. Quick question for all of the talk on the Triple option with Loyola. Are they running the "true" triple option where the QB has to make 2 reads very quickly or are they really running the double with one QB read (think Nebraska for years). That makes all the difference, at the HS level. You can teach the double with one read over a summer (similar idea to the read option out of a spread or the double out of the veer) and can do that with a pretty athletic QB, but if he is really running the triple then please don't say it's the perfect offensive set. To run the triple you have to have a very athletic QB with the ability to make the reads, you need a stud for a FB (and hope he doesn't get hurt) and a top notch RB with hands. Most years you won't have all of those at this level, and a HS never puts in the hours that a major college program does. And don't compare any HS to the service academies. Your talking about extremely hard working, disciplined players who put in a lot of study hours (and by the way, very talented the last 15 years). If the Loyola's HC wanted to create something "different" than what everyone else is running, I agree with that logic (hard to defend what you don't see a lot of)...but the double option out of the veer (you can also run cross bucks from that) or even the double wing might be better than if they are running a true triple. PS - I haven't even talked about line and end play in the triple! PSS - I agree on Curely (should be running the football) but play calling goes a long way. I've watched Curley gain 5 yards on 1st down this year and then throw 2 incomplete passes and punt. Lots of coaches at the HS level are forgetting the basics. You call plays to set up other plays and "move the chains" (sustained drives win's games). Too many coaches have fallen into the spread mentality of lets just keep throwing and hit a big play here and there (hard to win the clock management side with that). Arm chair QBing at it's best - ha ha
  2. Have to call BS on this EI and I'm a McD supporter. Had one child go public, one to McD and one to a B MIAA school. McD has recruiter hard for the last five years, they play the pre-first game, openly hold back 8th graders, take junior and senior transfers now and use summer biology to keep athletes eligible. Im not saying this to beat them up, just saying - if you play the recruiting game, don't cry when someone does it better. What do you think Loyola and CHC have been saying about McD the last 3-4 years. Final note: don't ever call kids no class losers, it reflects poorly on you.. Now with that said, yes SF should play a national schedule but McD should not be the one calling them out.
  3. Fresh - CHC, Soph - Delaney, Junior - Delaney, Reclass Junior - Gilman (will sit out), Senior next year 2019 - Gilman (will play). Gilman recruited him due to showcases/summer league and growing to 6'5" (athletic and can shoot it). Good kid, good family (Dad was a very good D1 basketball player at Cal) just took the option open up recruiting process.
  4. Chase Drew is re-classing as I understand it. so i think that makes him ineligible this year. Not sure on that, but what I heard.
  5. I was at the game. Size, speed and talent was so different, that this game should have been canceled.Neither team got anything out of this. SF should be playing a national schedule and LB is a B conference team and a mid level B at best. LB looked like lTRC rec.
  6. Off topic - give it up to St Paul's for their 29-8 win over SVP!
  7. You just hit on one of the major issues with HS recruiting with the mediocre programs. Coaches locally are promising "time" and "I'll put your kid in college" in order to compete with the top programs. So you have kids that walk in and think they deserve to play right away without earning it. Coaches then crumble when the helicopter parent comes around complaining that "you didn't live up to your promises". I've seen recruit parents walk on the field at half time over this issue or we all know father's on staff's that have absolutely no background to justify being on the staff. Then the transfer season starts when everyone is unhappy. And if you grant that playing time without the player earning it, the other player's see right through that and you lose other kids in the program as they know it's not about "earning" time but about who was promised what. And it's just as bad with teacher's kids/donors, etc. What ever happened to - I just got you in a great HS, if you work hard and earn the play (and if you really have talent, you will play in college). if you don't earn it, you will be on the team and will get a great education and will also go to college as a student. Best players should play, period. No more, were playing him for the future or we have an "obligation" for whatever reason. This issue is killing a lot of the mediocre programs
  8. I've had children/athletes pass through McDonogh and while they don't seem to reclass in the HS, they are big on looking for the athletes that have repeated 7th or 8th grade...or the parent (all sports) that has taken this initiative with the player. The players have also been asked to repeat 9th grade (coming from public to private) and that is not an effort to catch up on academics as is discussed (as they almost never do it with non-athletes). Gilman also does this reclass thing and has one in basketball right now (pre-first, 8th grade hold backs, reclass - all the privates are engaged at some level). The problem with all of this (and it comes from the colleges down as they like to recruit the older player) is we now have an entire class of seniors that turn 19 in their senior year playing sports at the HS level just to get a leg up. I have a younger one that plays three sports with a B school (17 as a senior) and the fall sports team team has celebrated a number of "19" birthdays in early September. I once asked the admission head of a B school about their thoughts on all of this and he responded 'we all want to win". That tells you everything you need to know about why they do it. An interesting research project would be to really understand if these players (that have the extra year or more), do better in sports or academics once they reach the college level.
  9. Here the problem with that, SF and McDonogh will get the kids your are thinking about first (money and facilities). Then Loyola will compete with Gilman, MSJ and CHC for what's left. If they end up with recruits that really are B Conference recruits, they are in trouble and will lose some multi sport athletes because a recruit that is of similar talent is playing in front of them. The problem with the massive recruiting that has taken over HS ball is - if your not the very best at it, your last (your just one of the many).
  10. Next 2 cents - ha ha When recruiting, it has to be the big boys first. It's great to have a few play makers, but the line wins games. McD went to that five years years ago (line first and then biggest need) and they have been solid ever sense (I know they recruit of tone of kids so it's easy to say that). I watch a lot of the B conference teams and you know they recruited the RB and a few DB/WR's and because they can't block nothing really happens. As a line coach, the Loyola HC will know that and hopefully he can get a few horses up front. There is actually enough athletic talent at the school (I know many have left the program) to be competitive (outside of recruits) if they had the recruiting centered on the line.
  11. Just my two cents - why would Loyola commit fully to the triple option (had a short passing attack with Koras the last two years). No disrespect to DBlock34 and his comments, but they will not be firing on all cylinders by mid year. Ask any college coach how long it takes to fully develop the triple option (a year or more to run at game speed) )and what type of QB you need to run that (reads, quickness, ball fakes, pitch ability, toughness). It's one thing to run that that vs weaker teams, but the competition and speed of the game will only get worse for them in the A Conference (McD, SF, Spaulding will eat their lunch and you risk injury to the QB). So here is the thought, if you want to run something different than what every other coach in the A or B conference runs (which is the spread/read option) and I think that makes sense as Loyola doesn't recruit heavily why not run something a little easier on the QB but something that provides mis-direction and deception (think double wing), or even run a balanced attack using last year's offense and work in the triple option over time (could have gotten Will Koras to stay and used both QB's). I believe Towson on the public school side went to the double wing with a heavy set (2 TE's) and all of a sudden they have a RB with 3 - 150+ games. It's not the same (Towson's league vs the MIAA A conference) but it could work for them and you can run that formation with various talent levels at QB over the years. You need an outright stud to win with the triple option in the MIAA A conference and they won't have that every year. Doesn't sound like a long term plan to me. Again, just my 2 cents.
  12. Good win for Gilman and nice play on the pic (don't know the players name) and the TD catch by Piper, but Episcopal's coach lost the game. You're up 6-2 and on the Gilman 15 going in for the score &win with just a few min's left in the game and you throw from the pocket on a crossing route in HS? If you want to throw for the first down, roll the QB (very good athlete ) and hit the out or flag route. If you miss it falls incomplete. But the right play would have been to run and if you stall, Gilman has to go 85 yards on you and they have not moved the ball all game. Bad game management.
  13. Let me take that back. Gilman is absolutely terrible. Just gave up a QB fumble and blocked punt. If GP was any qood this would be a blow out.
  14. Georgetown Prep is absolutely terrible (and small) and it's tied 7-7 with Gilman. 4 fumbles and a terrible call (fake FQ)for Gilman. Just run the ball Gilman.
  15. any word on McD game