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  1. ha ha" no", SP would have won anyway. Gilman played poorly down the stretch (must have shot 25-30% from the floor). Most A teams should be able to beat B teams without being in a contested game. Gilman has lost to Gerstel and SP so they have issues.
  2. Didn't know they were without those players. SP had two out for Football as well but more roll players. Yes, Technical call on Willis is tough at that moment (not sure why a 6 foot Willis is guarding a 6'7" SP player (Troy) but on offense Gilman has to be able to score in the paint. Second possession of the game they get four offensive rebounds (on one possession) and could not make the put back shot. My general thought with this post is - a few years ago it felt like almost every A Conference team had one or more D1 players that really dominated HS games (especially the bigs) but that doesn't seem to be the case this year.
  3. Just took a look at the MIAA A Conference standings and noticed that 8 teams have .500 or losing overall records so far this year (about 10 games in for everyone). Only 5 teams have winning records. Some of the B Conference wins over the A Conference includes, Severn over CHC, SP over both McD and Gilman and Curley over Spalding (those are just the ones I have seen, there might be more). Just watched the SP vs Gilman game via streaming and SP won by almost 20, and both teams struggled (and SP had just lost 4 in a row). McD, Gilman, Spalding, Loyola, Glenelg, MC, AAC and CHC are just bad teams. 5 solid team records in in BL, SF, MSJ, JC and Pallotti. Thus the question is - is this the norm for the A Conference (a few good teams and a lot of bad teams) or has the A conference let too many B teams come up into A? Thoughts -
  4. You said "out schemed" the first time around and you were talking about Loyola (not all the other A teams you brought into it in the second statement). My point was, Loyola this year was a mid level B conference team at best and the coaches showed no ability to out scheme anyone. They might still beat Dunbar but that doesn't mean they automatically out-schemed anyone.
  5. Out Scheme? Loyola lost to BL and JC last year, and tried to run the triple option (while there were much better options for their talent) so where is the evidence of a brilliant game plan? I'm not saying they are bad coaches, but where is the evidence that they are any better than the Dunbar coaches? Dunbar has talent, but their coaches made adjustments in the FH game and shut down the running game. I've had kids play in the MIAA (A and B conference) and I have seen good coaching and poor coaching, and I think the public's have the same (some great coaches and some poor) ...but don't automatically say the coaching in the MIAA is better. What's better in the A conference (and only at the top schools) is the line play. Just my thoughts.
  6. SP is solid this year for a B Team. Front court goes 6'7", 6'3" and 6'3" and they all are wide. Front court returns both guards and bench returns 6th,7th and 8th man from B Conference Champions of last year. This team beat McD last year by 14 and should have easily beat Gilman last year (was up 14 with 6 min's to go and Gilman's guard got hot. Gilman won by 1). SP should easily win the B (conference is way down this year), and should play a few of the mid A's tough. Has a rematch with Gilman in a few weeks. Agree on McD, much smaller than usual and you have to ask why so many of the football players at the school aren't playing. I heard the PG recruit also hurt his knee in the fall and is out. But no size what so ever in the front court, and outside of Locke no real shooting. They need a PG that can penetrate and kick to get Locke shots, and one that can run an offense in sets. No way Locke should only have 9 points vs SP. They don't have the talent to just get out and run, so coach TJ is going to have to manage the game.
  7. Re classing this year, came from Dulaney
  8. Not sure you have followed my posts (never have been pro-gilman, and if anything have been pro-McD as I had a child play there). But it's HS football so if a coach did a good job (was his team better at the end of the year compared to the start), give him credit. Not anti-SF, just not a fan of Poggi's multi-state recruiting plan. I would rather he focus on the kids around St. Francis and Baltimore in general to build that program (I think there is great talent locally to build a regional or national program, and I don't think you need kids from 6 other states. It might take longer but it can be done). Your anger at the privates is misplaced in the above quote.
  9. Looks very impressive
  10. Spalding put up the 76 and yes, the defense was non-existent but I think your missing the point (and I'm not a Gilman supporter on the forum as I never liked the Poggi's model of buying winning teams when he was there), you have to give credit where it is due. At the start of the year Gilman was horrible, but they kept at it and the coaching staff found a system that worked with this group. I saw the CHC game yesterday and Gilman's staff was much more creative with play calling in order to get kids in positions where they could be successful. In a league where the coaches run the same systems (so tired of spread, read option) it was refreshing to see Gilman's offense. Gilman has 3-4 top players, but they won as a unit not with stars. Give them the credit. The championship will be about Poggi's ego (how many points he tries to score with that group), as that team is exceptionally skilled.. but I think Gilman already has their victory. PS - SF "toyed" and I mean toyed with McD. Will someone tell that staff to punt it out of pounds! 2nd quarter, with 3 min's to go, score 14-7 SF and McD tries to "pin" them down with a pooch punt...kid goes 90-95 yards and I think he was playing with people on the return. Would be fun to see them play IMG.
  11. The schools that go from K-12th grade all do the pre-first BS and yes, I know of many in both the A and B conference that hold back in 8th grade and even re-class in HS. I think it is getting out of hand with the number of 19 year old seniors in HS.
  12. I agree - winning is the goal. But giving up 50 to a very average team isn't what you want as a coach.
  13. Don't know what is worse Gilman giving up 69, or Spalding giving up 50 to Gilman
  14. Quick question for all of the talk on the Triple option with Loyola. Are they running the "true" triple option where the QB has to make 2 reads very quickly or are they really running the double with one QB read (think Nebraska for years). That makes all the difference, at the HS level. You can teach the double with one read over a summer (similar idea to the read option out of a spread or the double out of the veer) and can do that with a pretty athletic QB, but if he is really running the triple then please don't say it's the perfect offensive set. To run the triple you have to have a very athletic QB with the ability to make the reads, you need a stud for a FB (and hope he doesn't get hurt) and a top notch RB with hands. Most years you won't have all of those at this level, and a HS never puts in the hours that a major college program does. And don't compare any HS to the service academies. Your talking about extremely hard working, disciplined players who put in a lot of study hours (and by the way, very talented the last 15 years). If the Loyola's HC wanted to create something "different" than what everyone else is running, I agree with that logic (hard to defend what you don't see a lot of)...but the double option out of the veer (you can also run cross bucks from that) or even the double wing might be better than if they are running a true triple. PS - I haven't even talked about line and end play in the triple! PSS - I agree on Curely (should be running the football) but play calling goes a long way. I've watched Curley gain 5 yards on 1st down this year and then throw 2 incomplete passes and punt. Lots of coaches at the HS level are forgetting the basics. You call plays to set up other plays and "move the chains" (sustained drives win's games). Too many coaches have fallen into the spread mentality of lets just keep throwing and hit a big play here and there (hard to win the clock management side with that). Arm chair QBing at it's best - ha ha
  15. Have to call BS on this EI and I'm a McD supporter. Had one child go public, one to McD and one to a B MIAA school. McD has recruiter hard for the last five years, they play the pre-first game, openly hold back 8th graders, take junior and senior transfers now and use summer biology to keep athletes eligible. Im not saying this to beat them up, just saying - if you play the recruiting game, don't cry when someone does it better. What do you think Loyola and CHC have been saying about McD the last 3-4 years. Final note: don't ever call kids no class losers, it reflects poorly on you.. Now with that said, yes SF should play a national schedule but McD should not be the one calling them out.