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  1. Yes I seen the Gonzaga Qb a few weeks back. Doesn't resemble a freshmen at all. He has the size and arm, he'll be good for the next four years.
  2. GA I agree with you. I think McD dodged a bullet last night. Spalding was two different teams a few weeks ago before and after Umbarger's injury. He got hurt somewhere in the second quarter when they were up by 3tds and after that his mobility was gone and we were able to capitalize.
  3. GA Umbarger wears #11
  4. Good Counsel 58 Northwest 21
  5. GA Umbarger didn't play at all. I was told that he has a pretty bad sprain in his ankle and that he was week to week.
  6. Gooch I couldnt tell you either way. Not bragging but apparently Spalding sat 4 or 5 starters last week after our game.
  7. I know he was injured when he played us. He limped for 3 quarters. I'm sure it has something to do with that.
  8. GA If you followed these two in the youth game, Snell always was considered the better passer and Umberger was the runner. That isn't the case now. Snell should be able to rack up the yards behind this line tho and he also has Cam Hart to go up and get the ball.
  9. Aside from coaching one of the Gilman kids (Dixon), I have no interest in the program. I seen them play once this year and they were pretty bad.
  10. Surprisingly enough, the game was an exact opposite of how we all thought it would go down. Going into the game GC was insistent on keeping 7 and 8 in the box to stop Umbarger and Chestnut from there rushing attack. "How often do you see high schools run a five front anymore?" GC was able to totally neutralize Spaldings running game which is why I believe Spalding took to the air so often. Coming in the consensus was Snell was the passer and Umbarger was the runner but after Friday, the opposite occurred. Snell had some brilliant runs to help spark our comeback, and Umbarger was very sharp in the passing game. Snell was not very accurate throughout but Umbarger couldn't run on our front. Snell was 7-17 150yds passing Umbarger 22-35 300yds Snell rushed for 112 yds on 19 carries Umbarger 54 yds on 11 carries
  11. Definitely showed heart 37-21 GC
  12. Totally different game. Size takes over 31-21 Good Counsel
  13. New game Spalding 21-16 and GC driving
  14. 21-10 Fg at the end of the half.
  15. GC Td pass deep 21-7