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  1. It's that these black athletes married to or dating black women are more likely to have their opinions and actions be supported at home. You have empathy for something you experienced. Men want to protect their own and in these same background relationships these men have a higher probability that their loved ones are also affected by the issues he speaks about. You only care when it happens to you or yours.
  2. Lol. He is just a homer as he should be. Good job UMBC!
  3. BCL vs BCL at the Alhambra MSJ 71 SFA 58
  4. They say no one would have anything to talk about if you weren't doing something right. Good luck Big A. Keep working and improving and represent on the highest level. Proud of you man.
  5. Lol. You right. Deep insightful analysis right there.
  6. It was a good win for the unregarded MSJ players. NBA scouts and college coaches got to see them against 2 projected lottery picks. There's more to basketball then what this messsge boards says. Limited views make limited minded people. MSJ represented Baltimore MD well with what they built in-house coming in as freshman, no out of state transfers or international trsnsfers or local transfers. In fact it was great win for MSJ with a high level of difficulty for their current roster construction during this current season.
  7. Clearly all everything spoken about basketball is somebody's b.s. opinion. Difference is some get paid for their opinions and others be on message boards for free hoping they get heard. Those two top 10 players on that Ranney team, well those two are wanted by every college out there and projected to be NBA prospects. That's b.s. and all too. Lol.
  8. Ranney were in the top 25 with 2 top 10 players. Former Terp Tahj Holden is their coach.
  9. MSJ has 3 losses. A loss early to #3 JC, a lost to a top 25 nationally ranked team and a 5 point loss to the #1 SFA team (all 3 losses to nationslly ranked teams) and 15 wins (3 wins against two teams a fully loaded JC has lost to since that early loss) with a team with no depth and you say let's see how they do agsinst BL? I wouldn't count MSJ out. It's JC and SFA who will be battling for the MIAA and BCL championships. Those are the 2 teams everybody need to focus on.
  10. Quite sure that's not how Clatchey wants it. He always had a top guard. But you can't expect him to give the ball to the other guy while not giving the ball to his experience proven productive guy putting in work. This season Clatchey has a recruiting issue not a give the ball just because issue. If that guard play and other players steps up, they'll have a better chance. For all those two do, they just need 6 points more to steal it from the #1 team. Clearly they haven proven they still in the mix with no depth.
  11. Lol. Aint nobody giving either of them the ball and neither are the point guards. You got a 4 year varsity starter who is up for McDonald all American and Naismith POY consideration who is one the nation's top rank and ain't nobody giving him anything or making anything easy for him. He puts in work every game on both ends as he should. MSJ need those 2 to do what they do. Get out more to see more and you would know to say yeah they need others to step up and consistently help. This ain't no you get a participation trophy because Daddy thinks his son is the best. Clatchey having none of that even with no depth.
  12. Not bothered at all. But what I do know is ....... 1. Price is on the first team and 2. There's a 33% chance your POY is right and 66% chance your POY is wrong.
  13. I aint putting out no list. I don't have all the facts nor did I see every game. I'm at least smart enough to know Price should be on first team. I don't need to prove that I am a internet scout homer who don't watch games.
  14. I'm talking the one who put Price on 2nd team who said they don't even watch the games.
  15. Be objective by throwing your bias out door and give credit where credit it is due. Get your credibility weight up. Go watch the games!!! Problem is is once you take a stand based on supporting your homey, once it changes, you can't change your stand otherwise you look like you don't know what you talking about. 1st team is for winners and the top performers amongst them winners. Not losers and losers who got blown out by second team picks. 1st team is not for hype men or the homeboy hookups.