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  1. I don't know how years of corruption and neglect can reasonably used as a cover for a poor Federal Response -- and threats to pull relief workers.
  2. Well, I could point you toward the lack of Infrastructure spending here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/09/15/bridges-need-repair/2816881/
  3. We are talking about the Slavery of the Last 1000 years or so -- you know germane to the conversation. Slavery in that time has been overwhelmingly Light Skinned vs Dark. And actually, it was religious in nature and directed against dark-skinned. Columbus stopped converting the Indians on Hispaniola to Christianity when the Spanish Crown forbade enslavement of Christians.
  4. Modern Slavery was Light vs Dark The Crusaders vs the Moors etc. Then the Berbers vs the Darker Skinned Tribes from the Interior Then The Europeans vs any Africans and Native American Indians not powerful enough to protect themselves. And the British East India Company vs The Indians
  5. Didn't a bridge over the BW parkway fall on a few cars and kill a woman about a decade ago?
  6. Such an apologist -- and disingenuous I can see roads that are impassable in the video -- and the pictures There are buildings standing and passable roads in PR also
  7. No it illustrates that the response by the Federal Gov't in PR is feeble -- because of the differences And I personally know many Puerto Ricans that look like Black Americans, I also know Blonde Haired, blue eyed 'Ricans with light skin, and ones that look like they are Native American.
  8. I guess you forgot the only time a hurricane that strong hit the US https://www.google.com/search?q=devastation+after+Andrew&sa=X&biw=1920&bih=949&tbm=isch&source=iu&pf=m&ictx=1&fir=bkjAMk085DAGdM%3A%2CO5_eN7tXguLdHM%2C_&usg=__nnUa8bsXZqLHVr55wNrgvvR5Nf8%3D&ved=0ahUKEwitwPXo5u3WAhUHMSYKHWVWAUIQ9QEIUjAL#imgrc=_
  9. Maybe slightly, However -- as a very analogous event In 2011 Tornadoes destroyed the power grid that provided power to a large portion of North Alabama. -- about 300,000 people There was no power for days -- I personally had to drive over 150 miles round trip, just to get gasoline -- Most people left until power was restored, unless they had a neighbor with a generator that would share to keep the freezer cold. Cities set up drop locations for all the spoiled food There were no working traffic lights or street lights -- so driving at night was curtailed except for emergencies. There were so many out of state electrical workers to fix the damage -- the hotels were booked full from Nashville to Montgomery Puerto Rican Infrastructure was bad -- but the response has been CRAP
  10. Now that they have pinpointed the genes responsible, and the mutations, Using: CRISPR CAS9 and Base Editing You will be able to choose your skin color -- the genetic editing can edit living cells without damaging them -- The genes for eye color will be next -- want violet eyes without the hassle of contacts -- there's a shot for that .... soon The changes are permanent, and carry forward when the cells divide. This is different than germ line editing -- where the base pairs of the sperm and eggs would need to be modified to pass on any edited traits. We can do that now, however -- it is illegal most places.
  11. Most Likely Not. In the same way that eminent domain can be used to take property, the clause allows entry to "ADJACENT" properties. This means properties that share a property line with the WMATA right of way or property. It also gives due process " Enter upon the WMATA Rail System and, upon reasonable notice and a finding by the chief executive officer that a need exists, " SO they have to notify the property owner -- before they enter - REASONABLE NOTICE And it IS is in keeping with other precedent regarding entrance to private property regarding safety issues for PUBLIC Utilities. If BGE smells gas, or sees electrical danger they can forcefully enter a building or other premises without the consent of the owner. Text of the "pupose" of the MSC Compact The purpose of this MSC Compact is to create a state safety oversight authority for the WMATA Rail System, pursuant to the mandate of federal law, as a common agency of each Signatory, empowered in the manner hereinafter set forth to review, approve, oversee, and enforce the safety of the WMATA Rail System, including, without limitation, to: ``(a) Have exclusive safety oversight authority and responsibility over the WMATA Rail System pursuant to federal law, including, without limitation, the power to restrict, suspend, or prohibit rail service on all or part of the WMATA Rail System as set forth in this MSC Compact; ``(b) Develop and adopt a written state safety oversight program standard; ``(c) Review and approve the WMATA Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan; ``(d) Investigate hazards, incidents, and accidents on the WMATA Rail System; ``(e) Require, review, approve, oversee, and enforce Corrective Action Plans developed by WMATA; and ``(f) Meet other requirements of federal and State law relating to safety oversight of the WMATA Rail System. SO - The ONLY reasons they can even enter is to Investigate Hazards, accidents, and incidents, and to meet other requirements of federal and State Laws for WMATA safety oversight. -- and they have to give reasonable notice. Anything found outside the scope would be deemed tainted -- and there is no authority to seize anything. Since MARYLAND is a Signatory to the COMPACT -- If you feel it is too far reaching contact your MD State Senators and Representatives
  12. So you believe in his agenda -- Nationalistic Isolationism So you believe in his agenda -- Tax cuts for the rich So you believe in his agenda -- Health Insurance cuts for the poor So you believe in his agenda -- Antagonizing Nuclear Armed Nutjobs So you believe in his agenda -- Alienating every one of his advisers to the point they leave So you believe in his agenda -- Showing the WORLD the POTUS is a DOU---CHE BAG Gotcha
  13. Then categorically distance yourself UNEQUIVOCALLY from TRUMP and the DEPLORABLES eeasy peeasy lemon squeezey
  14. NO actually they make real men think about, relive, and ponder the lives they took with guns -- for the rest of their lives. Killing someone that is threatening you or you buddy, or your family, or your country -- is a duty -- but it isn't easy -- and it surely isn't very brave to drop someone from 500 meters. Knifing someone during an infiltration op is brave. Using only a spear to kill a full grown adult wild hog is brave (stupid too -- I wouldn't do it -- I'd nail him with my 700)