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  1. ...harder than Ray Bam Bam Rice hit Janay Palmer. Standing O count!
  2. What a sickening display last night. The man laid that girl out. He is a professional football player, knocking a young woman unconscious. His enablers keep saying "but we haven't seen the tape". He has owned up to hitting her hard. Violence against women is sickening. I am not saying he should be punished forever. But, a pre game standing ovation? Are you kidding me? As long as he can carry the rock.
  3. Folks, the war on women has been won in B-More What an absolutely disgusting display Battered women everywhere shuddering ANOTHER standing "O" for Ray Rice. I would say that this was a "black eye" for Baltimore sports fans, but perhaps that would be inappropriate given the circumstances. Deplorable...
  4. DC United is looking for a new home... December 18, 1983 Houston Oilers W 20–10 7–9 Memorial Stadium 20,418
  5. his problem is that he realizes that after 16 years, the Crows are old, old, old, and after years of being also rans to the Pats and the Steelers, are now on the edge of an epic collapse into total obscurity and little hope in sight, and maybe just maybe the nightmares with the yellow and green vans are starting to play in his head. We know what support this city gives a loser, and LA awaits Meanwhile, the Skins are poised to embark on a 6-10 year run behind several electric players and excellent coaching, and if it doesn't quite work, well the fans have proven they'll still be there. HEYRAVENSLETSGOTOLA
  6. you are a moron "boy"? that says a lot Stupid? Griffin graduated from high school a semester early, after serving as class president and ranking seventh in his class-- he earned his undergraduate degree in political science from Baylor in three years
  7. no argument Colts Go Away (leaving Crows)! A team win for sure and many game balls distributed RG played great until he couldn't and then Next Man Up! And the Browns are playing well-- heck, if the Steelers with Batch at QB can beat the mighty Brown Crows, then for sure the new Browns might beat the Skins, RG or no RG.
  8. 31-28. Griffin played great. Deal with it while chaos reigns in your house