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  1. SB if the private school tournament was run by you would you lump them all into into one classification?
  2. You and I both know they would!
  3. They will still make the WCAC playoffs though as the 4th best team!
  4. Im convinced you have no clue!
  5. First SFA doesnt carry the torch for MD football. They carry the touch for SFA football and its fans. The guys playing in college and on Sundays carry the torch for MD football. We have been down that road already though. It felt as if the USA Today rankings were more important than the #7 ranking by Calpreps. Thats all... If Calpreps has them 7th then there it is. One more question though. How many of the humans that rank the 13,000+ HS football teams actually go to the games? Or rank the top 100 you speak off, how many of those teams have they seen?
  6. Dayum SB shots fired hunh? Whats actual rankings? And who has given them the approval to be the actual ranking committee's?
  7. The kid took a kickoff back(called back) that was kicked away from him. Then took a 90 yard screen to the house with 24 seconds left b4 halftime. When the kid touches the rock people start to stand up because he can take it to the house at any given time from anywhere on the field.
  8. I like what SJC is doing. Also playing with a lot of confidence and discipline. I didnt see the DM game last night but what Ive watched from DM they are undisciplined and a well coached disciplined team can beat them.
  9. Oh my!
  10. Good game and always a great atmosphere! The kid Bryson Shaw has the goods. He is without a doubt one of the best guys in the area in any class.
  11. Really hard to watch the game when there is simple stuff like Loyola's oversized splits that SFA is taking advantage of.
  12. Right but if you want any chance of moving up you have to put up the numbers.
  13. Dave did one on DC football about a year or so ago that was really good...
  14. What was the injury!