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  1. One of the WCAC parents sent it to me talking about how old the kid looked. I mentioned all yall kids are old...! Then asked WTF difference does it make?
  2. I was sent a pic of the NC kid about a month or so ago...
  3. Congrats to Jones on winning this season to include the MD private tourney vs Rock Creek Christian with a Rock Creek Christian transfer. Good stuff Bullis coach was named coach of the year and hopefully yall show up to the Bullis invitational this season. Should be off the chain. Last season all the top dogs were there except DM. Ill be there standing down by the gate as you walk onto the track ask for me and introduce yourself so we can laugh at all of this or watch your mother****ing mouth! The 4x200 was lost by Bullis once they switched out their last leg in the championship final. Our entire area represented well at NB. I like the kid Nick Cross who has been running good all season. We were talking about him the other day. Was told his parents dont like football. They better learn to love it and love it very fast because his stock will continue to rise because of his speed. I didnt think Deno would stay much longer. Had that convo last season after they lost to BG. Why? Too much film on him and his tendencies.
  4. The kids said "NO" to playing the most talented team in the country by far. A team with well over 600 scholarship offers and Coach Brooks didnt change it when he could have. I see "business decision" The same reason why the WCAC didnt play FCA until transfer rule was implemented and the same reason Brooks didnt make it happen with Wise. "Business Decision" Wise Coach called DM out. Ballou lost to Avalon! Please stop it. Love my city but Ballou barely beat HD when HD had 25 kids suspended. See Ballou vs Douglas in 2014 44-0 Douglas...
  5. They asked the kids who they wanted to play and the kids voted for BG not IMG. Then they proceeded to get the deal done with BG. The coaches could have pushed for it but they didnt. Wise asked DM last season? 2017 champ! Which led to the big back and forth between both coaches on social media when Brooks *** was called out... Is BG coming back this year to hit DM? Maybe a MD public school guy can assist on this one because Im not sure who controls the MD public school gates. But HD controls their gate and concessions it doesnt have to go the city (based on what I know from my time at McKinley Tech) and it was a big issue for HD. Again HD vs Wise talked and tried to make it happen. Hearing Wise wanted Ballou this year. Not sure how it went.
  6. Scheduling was issue for HD vs Wise. Both wanted the game at home. I wont get into any details. FYI, Wise returned the calls to HD just to be clear. But since we talking "rumors" you wanna clear up why DM didnt take Wise up on the offer last season? And why DM chose Gorman over IMG? You dont need to answer the last question because I already know. They didnt want that IMG smoke...! And thats from a parent who son plays for DM.
  7. Business decision for any metro area private to hit Wise... Thats why it hasnt happened.
  8. Thats the reason why I said the public schools would get into the private schools **** if there was an public vs private all-star game. Also why I say that any private thats deciding if they want to play Wise better have there **** in order because that is a business decision that might end up costing the private in the end.
  9. Whats your point? Wouldnt that make him the same age any anybody else that has reclassed? All he has to do is commit and he is done. He doesnt have to touch the field as a senior. Congrats to the young fella for getting it done!
  10. Metchie can boogie!
  11. Moten has 18 power 5 offers.
  12. Am I missing something here? Where is Corum? Where is the kid Josh Moten?
  13. Yep and the publics will get in the privates ****...
  14. I wont drop the kids names so take from it what you want.