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  1. Hunh?
  2. One of the BTN analyst said if you just watch practice and didnt know who JT Barrett was Haskins was the best pure passer on Ohio States roster. Also heard that he graded out higher than all of them in their last scrimmage. Not surprising! Kid can flat out spin the rock.
  3. Praying for the youngsters
  4. Getting a catalog sent over from a major brand isnt hard to do. The question that came into play at a DC public, "do we order from the major brand at a nice discount or from local retailer where we could save even more money?" All the while knowing we still had to purchase other stuff. If you are a winning program with a really good-strong following, you can order and outfit the entire sports program in XYZ. Also can order fan/team gear at a huge discount. Turn around and charge kids for team practice packs and sell fan/team gear in the school store and online at regular price. You price it correctly and it sells you make good $$$$$... Not sure what theyre doing exacatly but I know thats how a lot of schools do it. What we couldnt do at the DC public, was not give the gear to the kids that couldnt afford it. Also we didnt have the fan base to support the purchase of a bunch of XYZ team gear to sell in the school store. So we went with the local retailer.
  5. Aye slim!!! That thang mean!
  6. Boston and freezing...? You do know that football is a cold weather sport and that they practice indoors when the weather is bad. Also if needed public transportation can be used to get you to and from classes if you dont have your own. I wouldnt let weather be the reason we wouldnt go to BC. Hell it gets cold here late in the season. Ive been to some bone chilling public school playoff games.
  7. What determines that as a senior in HS?
  8. Good stuff and I wish him luck! If Stanford, Duke or NW offers what you think he does?
  9. So is Harvard still a no brainer? Love Harvard and the Ivy's actually love every school that will give a kid the opportunity to continue his life long dreams. But its tough to turn down an academically great power 5 school and the chance to play for FREE!
  10. It started from Big Drop mentioning the kids Harvard interest. So I chimed in on the Great academic power 5 schools. Then you said that Harvard is a no brainer and the ACC was better academically. The links I posted say otherwise for the student athlete. Because we are talking about the DM QB.
  11. 247 says he has Cornell. Wonder what he's waiting on...? Northwestern and the B10 possibly
  12. There is a big difference in the student and the student athlete! Isnt this about the DM QB and his Harvard interest?
  13. Im a facts guy whose kid plays in the B10. But there are kids all over the country that Ive helped along the way whom I talk to all the time. Even Juco kids that needed a second chance that weve helped.
  14. APR monitors the student athletes and are they on point to graduate based on the athletic/academic requirements! We are talking about the student athlete correct? Also not my opinion its the facts based on the NCAA.
  15. We are talking about a student athlete that plays QB right? What happens if Northwestern offers him a full scholarship? Or Michigan? Wisconsin? All great schools. #1 conference is the B10 2016 APR scores and dont see a alot of ACC schools in the top twenty whereas their are 4 B10 schools based on this list. Parents notice it also! Academics in the B10 is a big reason why so many kids are committing to their schools. Look at the preseason national ranking and you will see 3-4 B10 teams in the top 10 in both major polls. Academic and athletics! Many kids are going pro in other areas other than sports! Dont get it twisted!