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  1. What you think the Crab Bowl should do to offset the overhead cost of the playing the game? They will probably take all suggestions...
  2. The power 5 schools are treating the kids really good! On campus/off campus, in-state/out-of-state it all matters. UMD is no different. Load the team up with a bunch of Antoine Brooks, Ty Johnson, Jermaine Carter etc. and get some consistency and an identity within the program. Hearing Durkin doesnt want a kid unless he can play for Michagin/Ohio st/Alabama etc. Look at Jermaine Carter recruiting profile. He had 4 offers and committed to UMD. Right now Durkin wouldnt offer him? Same with TY and Antoine! He is missing out on a lot of local public school dogs and getting his *** whooped in the B1G with a quarter of his roster filled with kids from two leagues. He has to get into the local public schools and grab their top guys.
  3. 10...? Save that class rankings mess for someone who isnt informed. Some of the best programs in the country are never inside the top 20-30 in recruit rankings. UMD needs to go after the best kid on every public school team in the area, period regardless of his star status, regardless of who has or hasnt offered the kid. But as we all know the coaches bonuses are tied to recruit rankings!
  4. Track and girls bball kicked off champ so Ive been all over the place. Lorton? Dayum! Lol... Tons of talent of both lists and no more than five kids with UMD offers? Wont be long before they are looking for a new coach, IMO!
  5. How many on both lists have UMD offers? How many committed to UMD? If one of the kids on both lists doesnt have a UMD offer Durkins head should roll! Point, blank, period! Espically the player(s) of the year.
  6. Does he have any offers? Looked up his profile and dont see any interest/offers listed. He is a bigten type just based on size running style. UMD, Minnesota, Iowa, Purdue, Indiana, Badgers too.
  7. Good film, 4 minutes is all he needs for HS film. Has UMD showed any interest in this kid?
  8. LMAO! Great game,crowd and coaching! **** I was sitting on the couch and could say that too!
  9. Means you shouldnt open your mouth about schools you have seen play.
  10. Score watching like I thought! Thanks for your input! LMAO!!!
  11. You need to get out more and watch some other games. Its clear youre a score watcher!
  12. But also why you shouldnt comment on public schools if you havent seen any play. Score watching doesnt count!
  13. Yeah youre right champ! lol...
  14. Ireton too...
  15. How would that be a true comparison? Do they play in the same league? Nope! lol Maryland 4A has 46 schools in it the WCAC has 6 and thats why I choose the top 6 out of the 4A