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  1. Favored only if SJC comes into that game with a losing record and banged up. Other than that no way DM is favored because SJC is loaded. Hearing their QB is the real deal too. Hard match ups are DM's CB vs SJC receivers they also have a 6'8" TE. Its gonna be tough because you cant match Marrco and Nick up with everybody. They have to pick your poison.
  2. This is yall 3rd OC in the last 4-5 years SB. Is the kid a PG county kid and now is he closer to home? First PG Bowie bus leaves at 6am and the last stop for the activity bus in the evenings is around 7:30pm.
  3. No problem with exposure up Bullis for any sport.
  4. How many transfers does DM have now?
  5. No they cant! Especially them chumps from the DC board!
  6. SFA

    Yep! The kids have nothing to do with it.
  7. Good stuff champ!
  8. SFA

    "Just let us play"
  9. Tough.. Was just reading Burrell's IG. Prayers
  10. Hopefully both kids can get right...
  11. SFA

    You cant compare SFA playing and indy schedule to IMG and their costs. IMG cost 70 racks to attend! 10 kids at IMG is dayum near double the money Biff has donated to SFA to get kids in(pay for) based on whats been said.
  12. SFA

    Yep! I agree 100%
  13. SFA

    Good stuff.
  14. SFA

  15. SFA

    IMG is cutting back anyway. Not playing sfa falls in line with what they have already planned.