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  1. Some of the best facilities Ive seen! Freakin off the hook!! We took a kid up to Western Reserve Academy on a visit so he could reclass as a junior and if he needed a post grad year it would be available to him
  2. Go and ball out. Or find a post grad program. Look into Mercersburg in PA or Western Reserve in Ohio. I believe they have post-grad programs.
  3. Dead on! And why I will always advise a family to go and play somewhere vs sitting
  4. There was one school locally that I knew who would take him but they have gotten away from the 5th year kids because it was hard to get games scheduled. Go ball out and look into the other divisions that play ball including NAIA.
  5. How many years has the kid played thus far? Thats the first question. I know kids that have done it but they missed a year playing HS ball. One kid I know took advantage of missing his Jr year on the court and reclassed at another school. He could only retake (1) class the rest of his classes were Sr classes. And in his Sr year he had a half-day schedule. And yes he is cleared thru NCAA.
  6. John Thompson use to say it all the time on his radio show.
  7. Girls 4x100 1st B-team came in 4th 100 meter Freshman Boys 3rd also plays wr/db Girls freshman long jump 2nd place Girls 100m 6th Girls long jump 10th Looks like one of the top boys on the team was injured yesterday because they didnt run in any relays on sunday.
  8. Stop assuming and ask slim!
  9. Thanks for the update...
  10. Go thru the post you soft sucka and see where I mentioned DM in this thread concerning coaches! Ill wait! Any coach that sells BS to get kids needs to be slapped because its about the coach and not about whats best for the kid. Public or private! Chump you brought up DM though! If I have something to say about DM I have no issue letting you suckas know exactly how I feel. Like I said before I dont give two cents about what someone does with their kids thats their decision. Reclass, home-school I dont care! But you on the other hand tried to deny the facts that the big bad DM has reclassed kids, when everybody on here know they do. Who gives a ****? Oh you do, because youre still having a conversation from several months ago with you insecure ***? My goodness you are a freakin mess. Again the question was asked if Bullis was an elite program (or whatever was mentioned) and I gave the facts about their program so those that dont know will have a better understanding,"including you" about what they do. As I would if somebody asked about HD Woodson or Cardozo. See again you are upset that some other school can have success outside of what you think counts. Without the "test yourselves against the best BS" you keep spilling. Why not just give programs credit outside of the WCAC especially the publics for doing a great job getting kids a free education and off the dayum streets. Sheesh! By the way I hope yall beat the breaks off of Gorman! See how easy it is?
  11. But thats probably why a lot of our top guys dont play in it. They would rather be at summer workouts where it all counts. Ohio can have it back IMO
  12. This game makes no sense to me.
  13. You hate it when another school has some success dont you? You stomp your feet everytime someone says something about any public or small private. 🀣🀣🀣 But the facts back up whats happening on Falls rd. Here's a few more for you. Congrats to the "National" champs Girls 4x200 team, boys and girls freshman 400 and good luck to the kids competing for the championships today in the 4x100, 100m and a few others. Again just so you know! I think the lax team was one of the top in the country too. Since you like National rankings so much! Yep and I do live thru my youngins, from the day they all were born! His first game vs LSU in Lambeau, overtime games in Camp Randall stadium vs Ohio st & Nebraska, B1G championship vs Penn st in Indianapolis to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. I had a freakin blast in those amazing venues! Camp Randall is bananas! Did you know Van Pelt voted Madison the #1 college town in America? Happy as all outdoors for all the locals that are in Madison. Burrell (MCD), Deal(DM), Nick(Suitland) and the kid you love to hate from Bullis! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ill keep you posted on how the Bullis track kids do today in championship meets, "where you actually compete for the championship", while watching my daughter compete locally as one of the top 2020 track girls in DC. Just figured YOU needed to know. 100%.. We clear now? Hope so! Hit you later
  14. β€œNothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Congrats to all the other programs not named DM that have produced pro athletes. The one or two of you that have! πŸ˜‰
  15. Most do a really good job. A lot of us equate HS wins vs whomever on a National level as the end all be all and its far from the truth. IAC football has kid at Mich, Oregon, Northwestern, Wake, Duke, Vtech, Penn st, UMD, Wisconsin, UNC, Cal, Ohio st, Umass, Richmond, James Madison, Towson, Army, Navy, UVA, Robert Morris, Hobart, Davidson and on and on and on. Those are the same schools the MIAA and the WCAC send kids too. Correct? Along with the ivy leagues on down. The league stays local for the most part outside of EHS hitting Woodberry Forest because they are their rival. Why because our area has great talent and size so it makes no sense to travel when you can get great bump in your own back yard.