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  1. Vince Foster would be alive today if he had been armed while walking through that park. Period.
  2. Put your retread half and half boy in a girl's restroom with my daughter and see what the fark happens.
  3. Yes, and you were, and still continue to be wrong.
  4. sensitive, aren't you? As is your buddy, AF...neither of you are listening to the same XM station.
  5. Well, there's an app for that. Thanks for the compliment.
  6. How so, and i'm not searching for one of your rhetorical summations. Saticon's post is in no way an explanation of your weak response.
  7. No I can't. nor have I attempted to do so. But can you dispute the latest WAPO poll as I asked you to? No, YOU can't. Discuss? or deflect?
  8. soup for one, divert and deflect, hater of all things normal...
  9. deny that there was an impeachment?
  10. So your belief, or lack of same, makes your fantasies real.
  11. I'm NO trump supporter, not by a long shot however the OP's source and link is nearly as reliable as The Onion.