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  1. It's not about me, it's about your inability to hit the quote button and follow basic forum etiquette, thanks.
  2. If you're going to quote me, have the respect to actually quote me instead of changing my words. Thanks.
  3. Feldman was one of those non-moves. The O's really needed another pitcher they could count on, and the O's let him go. I'm not criticizing the Arrieta trade - I think the trade made sense at the time, but I also think that the O's immovable position made the situation happen in the first place. Miller was a great pickup - then they let him go in the offseason. It was just before the great shift to paying relievers, but he was too expensive for the O's. DD makes a ton of good fringe acquisitions, and they pan out great. I just think that, again, his non-moves are what is going to define his time with the O's. I just hope that doesn't include a Manny defection.
  4. Imo, the reality of what Dan has done, and what will be his ultimate negative on his resume, was his inability to act to make the team better when he needed to. For all of the good moves he has made, he has also made a number of non-moves that have really hurt his stock. Instead of signing starting pitching when it was needed, he ignored good starters and went for bargain bin moves. Instead of signing players to fit the needs of the team, he has been overaggressive trying to nickle and dime his way to fill those needs, and it has probably cost the team at least one WS, because the core of this team is one of the best in baseball by far. He also let important players go. Lastly, he hasn't engaged at all in the international prospect market. My feeling though is that this has something more to do with Angelos than him. Also, the team posted an operating loss last year, one of only 6 teams in baseball. I'm sure this is going to cause them to have to tighten the purse strings a little more. I just hope it doesn't get in the way of any resignings.
  5. I would argue, in that case, that Dan and Buck shoulder the blame with Jake. Dan had the ridiculous notion that there is something wrong with the cutter. Buck supported him, as did the pitching coaches. Jake acted like a baby about it. Whereas Jake has blossomed, Wright has taken the same attitude and it has pushed him into the gutter. As far as the trade itself, based on Arrieta's performance it had to be done.
  6. Arrieta was a position they were forced into - although they should have let him use the cutter. Hader - not in the majors yet Davies - solid but unspectacular Rodriguez - "he's going to be amazing" with a 5.71 ERA last year, and declining performance the last 3 meanwhile Cruz - best year at the time in his career as an O Gallardo - bad pickup, but flipped for Seth Smith after only one season UJ - horrible move Trumbo - great pickup for nothing, led the majors in homers, signed on a discount Kim - .380 OBP last year, being paid virtually nothing Brach - great pickup, AS Britton to BP - great move, one of the best closers of this generation Miller - phenomenal pickup, just wasn't ahead of the curve on signing him Bundy - going to be a great draft pick Castillo - early on, but looking like a good bargain sign Flaherty - solid utility man, nothing to write home about Machado to 3b - great move Gausman draft pick - great returns so far Hart - good lefty Alvarez - solid pickup for DH even in a platoon, over 20 homers Jim Johnson - let go at the right time Mancini - one of his draft picks, looks like he's going to be pretty good Chen - great signing, let him go at the right time Gonzalez - great pickup, may have been let go too soon Norris - great pickup, pitched over his head Rickard - jury is still out McFarland - very good for the O's, then fell on his face and is gone Hammel - great pickup, couldn't stay healthy Lindstrom - great pickup Ayala - great pickup
  7. He's a four tool guy...but his 5th missing tool could be the killer for his bat. He needs more patience. Outside of that he is definitely a talent.
  8. I like the Nuno addition. He's not amazing but he throws 5 pitches, he's a lefty, and he has experience. This guy isn't going to win the division for them, but he should be able to help.
  9. To me, there's no question. Manny will be at SS. The question is, where does everyone else go? There is a chance, imo, they could potentially look at putting one of the Chris's over there, then put Trumbo or Mancini at 1st. Then they could keep people on the big club and get a real look at Mancini. Flaherty needs to stay on the bench.
  10. As a side note, I'm of the opinion Gentry is a good signing. He has had some injury problems recently, but there's no reason he can't get going for a season and try to approach his previous form, where he was a speed and OB guy with the ability to play multiple OF positions at a high level. I really like this signing and screams of the low risk/high reward variety.
  11. Of course, he's a "flop", he was heralded as the savior of the O's. However, he is a good catcher, and is above average overall despite his more recent performances. He will be missed, but it is time for someone else.
  12. No, you're just trying to deflect from the real problem here. Trump's advisors and National Security Advisor were in talks with the Russian government before they were elected, and there are allegations of misconduct and affiliations concerning conflict of interest. There are not and have never been to my knowledge any allegations concerning Russia of this type with any President over the past 60 years. There were no allegations of this concerning Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, et al. Stop being a party loyalist and be an American loyalist.
  13. Yeah, seems to me that he's going to lobby to stay with Norfolk to keep up his skills, then try for a ML deal next year, or play into one. Prorated major league minimum if he gets called up from the Indians....I don't see how that is even a thing, considering they were the ones to sign him to that contract. This is definitely a situation where the O's took advantage of a weakness in the market.
  14. Bingo.
  15. Meh, he's a good pickup, but he's hardly a solution in the short term - more like a depth guy. Maybe he develops into something else in the next few years (he's only 23), so that would be nice.