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  1. Yep. And Boogie is only a junior, but not bigger. Alco FB over 2000 yards this year. Both very good and hard to stop.
  2. The only guarantee I can make is you don't have to worry about Alco and that big fullback coming out of the West
  3. I did not make the Damascus game. The person I was hoping to go with got the flu and bailed. Good excuse for me to stay a homer.
  4. My original point was to actually welcome Dunbar back into 1A. No sarcasm intended as the truth be told for Dunbar, FH or any other 1A program...playing 2A Walkersville, Damascus, Douglass PG, Patuxent to get a trophy is a monster step up from the 1A scene. That's obvious. No one at the 1A level would get past Damascus this year. I would go so far to say that when Dunbar went 2A for that extended dry spell that FH reaped the rewards in a huge way when it came to trophies. Other than FH beating maybe Douglass Ducks in 2013 or their annual having to play Alco twice in a week or two span, their run of playoff opponents has been to put it mildly, on the very light side. Not so much this year with realignment. Lackey will be the toughest semifinalist FH has faced in this 5 year run, the rest were not. Since 2006 either FH or Dunbar has won the state championship other than once in 09 when Catoctin snuck one in. That is a pretty good indication that both FH and Dunbar are on another whole level compared to other 1A way if either were in another class as Dunbar has found out the last 4 years. As for the Alco transfers playing at FH...the answer is zero. The roster you see this year doesn't have any new juniors or seniors on it that were not on last year's roster. In Allegany County there is a transfer rule that has already been explained here. Unless a kid moves into that school district they have to sit a year athletically when transferring. Are their parents who try to find loop holes in that rule such as faking residency? Of course. But it's harder to achieve in a small town. I can site a few cases in other sports both girls and boys where kids were ruled to sit a year even after appeal hearings at the local BOE level. CONSOLIDATION It's coming. Should have happened now when the opportunity presented itself. Combining Alco and FH makes them a 3A school athletic speaking.
  5. Of course any vamp would know I bleed Cumberland Red where the roots set in. Got garnet & gold in that blood too. But just as happy watching a game in Happy Valley with the blue bloods. I don't cast my Heisman ballot without using the eye test. Don't care what the poll numbers say or rushing stats versus Rutgers. Saquon is the best I have seen since Reggie Bush. Good football is good football. And good tailgate BBQ is good tailgate BBQ. I mean...who really gives a rat's patootie about HS pigskin in WMD unless you live there or went there. But yeah I have my Ty Johnson schedule poster like the rest of em.
  6. Got tickets. Thanks for the heads up on parking. Might have to hit the Elementary School and walk. Google Earth View
  7. Never az-u-me. I don't wear a specific school monogram on my sweater helping schools find games...public, private, out of state, out of country... all good. Where u headed Friday night? I'm heading out of Red vs. Blue Country to see the heavyweight bout in D-town to see if they float like a butterfly or sting like a Hornet.
  8. The Canadian reference is comparable. To determine whether a player or team is eligible to play requires a systematic YES or NO from the people that determine such. Obviously in this Overlea case this systematic YES or NO was not followed. But I'm not sure what you are trying to ask with your "signoff" thing or "ineligible" thing. The Overlea player in question was obviously not. And I could have systematically found this out from anywhere in the world that had an internet / phone connection.
  9. The better question becomes, who forced Overlea to forfeit? That is the person that you get to "sign off". Even a coach who may know the rules (or thinks he knows the rules) never says OK without clearance or the proper "sign off". C'mon man, a kid wants to show up once the playoffs start and see the field? If I'm coach, there is NO CHANCE he plays without due diligence and thorough sign offs. If this were to happen at FH I know who to clear eligibility with at the County and state level. Once that person or board says OK or NOT OK and "signs off" the discussion is over and I get that reply in triplicate. Example: I tried to get 3 Canadian teams on the FH schedule this year. Each one was ruled ineligible by the MPSSAA.. I don't like it or agree with it but I'm not dumb enough to not clear it through the person at the MPSSAA that sanctions teams. Until he signs off, no deal. But once he signs off there can be no turning back or penalty. Yea, WMD too small for these things to happen. And there are no private schools to pull kids away either. Used to be at one time when Bishop Walsh was legit. But those days in Allegany County are long gone. NO MPSSAA SCHOOLS CAN PLAY ANY TEAM FROM CANADA Canadian teams playing American rules and full American schedules are growing fast. Whether it is Canada Prep, Royal Imperial CC, Football North Clarkston, Football North Mississauga, etc., the MPSSAA needs a better understanding of how these football organizations operate. In short, from here on out every single Canadian football program is ineligible to play any MPSSAA school because they all have the ability to use fifth year players, whether they use them or not. Even though on most every account all of their players meet the MSDE Standards of Competition age guidelines (can't turn 19 before August 31), it still doesn't matter if they were in high school for 5 years, which is stupid as Canadian grading systems don't work the same as here in the states. The teams I tried to get had no fifth year players, but the fact they could if they wanted made them ineligible. All Canadian teams (American rules or Canadian rules) can use fifth year seniors - so they are all ineligible. I clarified this with the MPSSAA. Of course if a team like Gilman beats one of these Canadian teams, then a MPSSAA school beats Gilman, they do get the bonus point. Go figure.
  10. Oops, double post.
  11. That's a good question. I'm not sure what the rule would be if a student moved here from say Texas and wanted to play immediately. It would be up to the County to make that decision and probably be on a case by case basis. We have had athletes do that before the season started, but I don't recall that every happening after the first game has been played. But for anyone living in Allegany County or this area the rules are very strict. In Allegany County if you live in that school district, you must play for that school district. If a student-athlete wants to transfer from say Allegany to Fort Hill, he/she must set up residence in that district or sit a year before playing sports. In Allegany County you would never see a kid play for Reginald Lewis one year and Dunbar the next without moving into that district. But this is a rural area with few schools and I can understand why city schools can't work that way.
  12. It's a simple as this...the Overlea head coach needs Baltimore County to sign off on this kid playing before he even gets a uniform. So when the question comes up, you have a document/email that has already been approved so what just happened doesn't happen. Horrible management and procedural guidance. Whoever deemed this kid ineligible and forced an Overlea forfeit is the same person/persons that needed to approve his eligibility in the first place.
  13. I'm a college football traveler from Hazelwood or Overlea whichever you prefer. Still own the house there with 3 tv sets in living room. You could have found me in Happy Valley, Almost Heaven Motown, Lot 1 College Park, Hokietown eating drumsticks or even Baton Rouge grilling boudin. Not much travel on Friday nights. But my trips to see HS ballers exceeds a two hour drive more than most. If you fancy that 68 Mountain drive again some day I will roll out the red carpet personal greeting. Just hit me up. As for the kids, well used to be in the metro, now it's in the mountains. But I try to help at all area schools, not just FH. Limited by distance to help others outside this rural fence. Then there is always a MATHS or CCA program here or there to help get started from afar. It's just so hard to help those types when the building is an old warehouse and coaches/admins must wear many hats. I tell kids near and far all the time to be thankful for your health and the things you have. Get college education paid for, the level is irrelevant. Study for that SAT exam and take it multiple times. These things are not easy to push. These things carry a lifetime past wearing a helmet. Must have found games to play for 20 schools last winter. I can honestly say from these many years of experience that times have changed. Coaches are rarely looking for better competition to enhance the journey. They are looking to make sure their kids get to participate while keeping their butt off the hot seat. Not all but most. And I'm not talking about WMD schools either. It's the same in every state. Yes folks in this two pony town measure titles. Those who claim to not be on that drive however still pull this card fast. Been that way since 1974. But since Bmore joined the title fray I see much the same there now for those capable of the task. The title journey is relevant on its own merit. With out it there may not be a Damascus/Walkersville game to see. Thanks for the banter.
  14. All I want to know is if the showdown at Greenway works out will Day make an appearance? Don't let a 26 degree forecast scare a vamp.