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  1. Wait, wait...stay with me here Day. It's a good discussion. Hopefully I have been respectful, let's not lose that. I actually hear Day talking. I'm probably more towards his way of thinking then he realizes. FH people do need to hear these things and I do preach them even to our own coaching staff daily. My mama didn't raise no blind fool. I'm always asking what others would do in this position. It's such a fine line to walk between making sure 7-3 doesn't leave you out of the playoffs behind teams that won't play you while wanting to take on anybody. The Melbourne CC game was proof in the pudding. Would love to see more of that every season home or away. Everybody would. How many of those type teams can you pick up without going into overload. I'm very frustrated. Only seeking other input that can't be laid out on a Western Maryland front. Too much bickering and smack talk to stay logical with certain folk there. Turns into a FH/Allegany urinating match. People that try to call FH out for playing what they see as all cupcakes is actually a way of them saying FH is legit, step up. I do get that. If you read what Day has said it's been very truthful on many levels. If we don't agree on all of it, well that's part of discovering things you may have never thought of before. I don't dismiss that process.
  2. It's a good discussion. Sometimes it's better for me to shut my yap (or fingers as the case may be) and just listen. So I respectfully ask...what would you consider a legit football schedule for FH? As in how many heavyweights vs. middle weights vs. 1A type opponents knowing our given playoff situation in the west where 7-3 can leave you out of the playoffs? And please know 7-3 teams will be left out of the playoffs this year in the west. Maybe an 8-2 team as well. Or maybe I have misread what you are saying in that the playoffs should be irrelevant and FH should just concern themselves with loading up the schedule as much as possible. It's good to ask at a place that doesn't get lost in smack talk between the Allegany and FH rivalry as it so happen up in the hills. If anyone else can chime in I'm all ear/eyes. It's an important question from a guy who actually puts the FH schedule together.
  3. Thanks. That is a great compliment to hold FH in a place no one else is required to follow But it seems people do measure state championships apparently. FH and Alco people probably more than most. This coming from the 2ND best team in Cumberland...historically speaking
  4. Middletown 6-1 and out of playoffs right now. Just so I'm getting it, FH beats this team from Florida and plays Friendship this week and Alco in 2 more weeks and they need to add more games like the team from Florida? How many more games if 7-3 takes leaves you out of the playoffs? Do you ask this of the 9 time state champ Poets. Or the 8 time state champ Campers, the historically best team in Cumberland? Because I don't see one simgle team of this calibre on those schedules. Or is this just a FH thing? Just curious.
  5. Oh man if it were just that easy. I don't deal the MPSSAA cards. Ask 6-1 Middletown or Douglass PG's reward for playing Wise. No need to get into this discussion much here as it should be repetitive for a reason. In this regional set up where no one in the region plays each other, two to three of these games are all you can afford to play. 7-3 teams won't make the playoffs in the West. If I have to explain why that is or if you don't agree with it, not a problem. Would be more than happy to play a 9 game City League schedule. I can assure you the people up here would call it a cupcake schedule even though I would not.
  6. Tonight - Best game I've seen in Cumberland since 1974. Wow. 8000 people in the stands. Down 14 to start the 4th quarter, FH wins on last second field goal 44-42.
  7. And the Campers have been playing football since 1926. Indeed, a very rich history in several sports. They will finally tear down the old girl next year as the new Allegany HS is opening in 2018 up on Haystack Mountain. The stories of the Alco gym hosting such events as the University of Maryland basketball will always permeate that hallowed ground. But I really see Alco and FH consolidating sooner than later. Cumberland High School is coming in our lifetime. The numbers and finances dictate such. It would be a Class 3A school athletically. And a three-deep football depth chart. Alco travels to Keyser (WV) Friday night. Usually a tight match up and another long tradition between those two. I got Alco by 3-4 scores. If you get up this way for Week 10 someday give a holler. Worth the trip.
  8. Help me out. Got any Bmore City schools open for 2018? Have cash, will travel. Cumberland rivalry a great thing. Ever been there week 10? Some of my best buds played on those late 80s Alco teams. They were no joke. State Titles: Alco 8 FH 6 Head to Head: FH 57-32-4
  9. Not gonna bite. Depends on who you ask. State titles or head to head? Same argument 82 years and counting. Big Blue a'int no joke. Eh? As I said September 1, if you don't stop the big man at FB Big Blue gonna roll you. I tried to put MSJ on the schedule.
  10. Poster correct. Only D1 offer at FH is Luke Hamilton DE/HB. Offers from Army and Navy and those are another type of offer complete with a military commit. Standard issue for Cumberland schools. A boat load of quality D2 and D3 kids that usually form a team capable of beating opponents with more stars by names. FH has a nice 6'7 OT in Gabe Logsdon that could play ball at the next level but no offers (hold on that might be Randy Edsall calling as I type this). FH strengths this year are a huge OL that can move, another grinding FB (2016 state title game MVP) and a defense that has quickness across the board. The philosophy of taking DBs and LBs and weight rooming them into defensive linemen has been very successful. The way offenses are set up these days with spread formations it's difficult to field overweight defensive linemen who can't move so quick and be successful on defense with it. Washboard stomach linemen only. Lots of pressure and sacks. Offensively FH is using the scrum formation these days.Two tight ends and two wing backs. Basically 11 men in the box. You can probably guess what they run out of that formation...I'm waiting on the flying wedge Teddy Roosevelt outlawed in 1905 to reappear. Defenses blitzing 11 guys that has no effect slowing it down. They have weakness for sure. Just won't type them here
  11. Melbourne Central Catholic has 6 players with D1 college offers. Here is their list if anyone is following the game. #1 - Darnel Victor (6'2, 210) - OLB - Fordham #2 - Lavonte Valentine (6'0, 200) - RB - SOUTH CAROLINA (Committed) #9 - Zamari Walton (6'3, 164) - CB - GEORGIA TECH (Committed) #11 - Lorenzo Hardy (6'3, 171) - WR - Southern Miss, Southern Illinois #54 - Eric Johanning (6'4, 240) - DE - Army West Point #58 - Dermont Morgan (6'5, 260) - DE - Southern Miss, Fordham, Western Illinois #13 - Joaquin Collazo (6'2, 175) - QB - Tusculum College (D2)
  12. CUMBERLAND TIMES-NEWS by Todd Helmick TEAM FROM FLORIDA TO PLAY AT FORT HILL SATURDAY NIGHT On Saturday night October 14 a team from the state of Florida will travel to Cumberland, MD to play a varsity football game against Fort Hill High School under the Greenway Avenue Stadium lights. The visiting team is Melbourne Central Catholic out of Melbourne, FL. Kickoff is set for 7:00 pm. In 82 years of Fort Hill football, the farthest a team has ever traveled to tackle the Sentinels was Bishop O'Reilly out of Kingston, PA in 1993 - a total of 238 miles away. Melbourne Central Catholic will make the 981 mile trek via air, also marking the first time a team has ever flown here to play Fort Hill. The four time consecutive Maryland state champion Sentinels are currently undefeated at 6-0. They are pursuing a state record fifth consecutive state championship, have lost one game in five years (60 out of their last 61 games) and hold a local area record of 31 straight victories. Doing things for the first time in school history also creates a large array of off-the-field considerations for the first time from financing to plane, bus and hotel plans to feeding an entire team for an entire weekend. Melbourne Central Catholic will fly into Washington, DC on Friday afternoon and bus to Cumberland for a two night hotel stay before flying back out of DC Sunday afternoon. In today's world of high school football these type of long distance match ups are no longer a rare occurrence per say, especially for private schools. But that is not the case for either of these opponents. Melbourne Central Catholic did make a 534 mile bus trip to start their season off against Georgia Buford, a Top 50 USA Today program who has won seven state championships in the last 11 years. Other than that, traveling outside the Sunshine State is not something Melbourne Central Catholic is accustomed to doing, but it's something they would like to become according to head coach Stacy Sizemore. Cumberland will be one of the first steps in achieving such a status. Turning the wheels to make a game such as this happen isn't easy, especially for Fort Hill - a small Maryland Class 1A public school. First, the coaching staff has to be convinced. Unfortunately for Fort Hill there were no other options available for this date. Several attempts were made to land a team from Canada and another with a West Virginia team over four hours away. Basically a slim to none list of choices which in turn made the decision to tussle with a Florida school a must just to get to a nine game schedule. Second, the people in charge of money have to be convinced. That task falls on Fort Hill principal Joe Carter. Not many in his educational position, if any at all, are faced with such a conundrum. In the end it became obvious that just to get the Fort Hill team a ninth football game - when they still needed 10 - was worth the risk/reward. In business the adage one has to spend money to make money is absolutely the truth. But rarely ever are educational administrators at any school required to be in the business of spending money to make money. Luckily for Fort Hill football they usually put fannies in the seats which equates to money at the gate. With as much said, for any Fort Hill graduate or fan living within a reasonable driving distance, it's vital they show up Saturday night and put those fannies into those seats. This is a major worry when taking on such a financial risk and support is crucial. Through the past decade or so student enrollments and population declines in Cumberland have hurt the numbers of those fannies in seats. This game requires special notice. It's never been done in 82 years. It's the wide open Florida speed versus the traditional Cumberland wing-T power football. The Melbourne Central Catholic Hustlers advanced to the semifinals in Florida Class 3A last season with an undefeated record before losing to Miami area powerhouse Chaminade-Madonna. They are led by 6'2" quarterback Joaquin Collazo, who as a junior last season threw for over 2,000 yards with 26 touchdown passes in a wide open spread passing attack. Six players on the 2017 roster have Division I college football offers. The Hustlers enter the game against Fort Hill with a 4-2 record and last week were listed as the 39th ranked team in the state of Florida. Of course when mentioning any team from Florida there is no escaping what recent Hurricane Irma meant for so many residents. For Melbourne Central Catholic two games were cancelled, power was out and the school was closed for over a week. One of their post-Irma opponents east of Tampa had their entire football field underwater for an extended time. Many schools in that part of the country are now playing games on Friday and again on the following Monday to make up for lost games, something this private school from Melbourne also had to undertake just last week. The thought of not traveling to Cumberland never crossed anyone's mind in Melbourne. In fact, playing the game was imperative with the cancellations already noted and non-refundable deposits already paid on details such as airfare. A MARYLAND CONNECTION The Melbourne Central Catholic athletic teams are called the Hustlers. The name came from one of the founding school priests who attended the University of Maryland when former head football coach Tom Nugent in 1962 referred to his offensive specialists as the 'Hustlers'. The University of Maryland Library explains how the name became permanent. LINK: Melbourne is located in Brevard County Florida on the Atlantic coast halfway between Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale and situated just a hair south of Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral. If you are looking for some entertainment this coming Saturday night, make the trip to Cumberland for some top notch high school football. Fans are encouraged to purchase presale tickets, which will be sold at Fort Hill High School on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm in the Athletic Director's office. Enter through the gymnasium doors. The cost is $5. Stadium Pizza is not included but will be piping hot and ready when these two high-octane powers clash for a once in three generation life time.
  13. I had the chance to see Tuscarora and Woodlawn this preseason. Tuscarora was a much better team last season it seems with way more speed and athletes. They can be solid this fall but just missing those top level players. After watching Woodlawn last month I thought to myself they would be in for a very long season. But I'm a big fan of Coach Townsend and I can see them getting better each week and each season if the kids buy into what he has to offer. Got to talk with him at length. That's an OK dude. And when a South Cumberland guy says you're an OK dude, it's the highest compliment (so is the expression up here in the hills). Since Dunbar left Greenway Ave Stadium in the opener with Allegany, I'm still a little confused. I honestly had not seen a defense come up here and perform that poorly in a very long time. Allegany was gashing them for 20-60 yard runs right up the gut on an every down basis. They also exposed the perimeter. The talk on the streets every year is that if you are going to play Dunbar it's best to catch them early in the season. Why do folks say this? I fail to believe their off-season program and their August practices are sub par. Now the Poets seem to be hitting strides and not sure what to make out of it all. Nor an I familiar with their competition. I liked their offense a great deal. Has the defense improved by leaps and bounds or is it that none of their opponents are power football based? Seems like 4 out of every 5 teams these days run some type of spread. It's still compacted box, double tight end wing-T fullback first quick hitting power football up here for the last 90 years. I truly don't know.
  14. When you run the 1 and 2 hole for consistent 20-44 yard gainers the entire night, either the Alco OL is that good or the Dunbar defense was that spotty. Probably a little of both. Was also surprised Alco got the edges against this defense so easily. There was nothing but green real estate on the jet/toss sweeps. Alco will be a tough out for any team this year. Dunbar offense looked good, just only had the ball for about 14 minutes out of 60. If anyone wants to watch the game via online Cumberland stream here is the broadcast from Commercial Video. They do a really good job. Commercial Video: Allegany vs. Dunbar
  15. I have not seen 40B post here. Must have missed the boat. Day, might UB40? I will try and dig through the forum. Less someone be kind enuff to point the way. Cross town Cumberland foe Fort Hill plays on Saturday. Greenway gonna be a nice crowd of Alco and FH folks holding hands. Well maybe not. Extra pizza shells had to be ordered from local bakery.