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  1. What changed was how teenage girls used contraceptives. The percentage of sexually active teens who used at least one type of birth control the last time they had sex rose from 78 percent in 2007 to 86 percent in 2012. More teens gravitated toward better types of birth control — like pills, IUDs, or implants — rather than relying on lower-quality birth control like condoms." You dont need abortions if you dont get pregnant.
  2. Somethings just go right over their heads.
  3. Oh boy. If they are this upset about the Clintons, imagine how they will be whining when Obama leaves office and makes millions.
  4. How can he be wrong when he gets his economic info from a software entrepreneur with a blog?
  5. Not until I talk to my heat & air guy. We need to keep our sources on even ground. If you like as a bonus I'll ask him about other things. What do you want to know?
  6. When my heating & air guy comes to fix our air conditioner tomorrow I'll ask him and get back with you.
  7. I saw a few of his other articles. I cannot believe there are people who even read his stuff as anything but comic relief.
  8. Look, if you want to follow wacko guru go ahead. Just dont get upset when no one else agrees with him or you. Since Bush, 1.55% is phenomenal.
  9. Like I said before, its not the numbers but what one thinks are the conclusions from those numbers. Mr. Woodhill has no background to analyze those numbers. He is a software person. But here he is making all kinds of conclusions about numbers both you or he do not understand. Like I said, people who dont know how economics works can beleive people like Woodhill because he is one of those guys who can put two words together even if it makes no sense at all.
  10. Really? #1 and #2 You must have lived somewhere besides the US. In my area, our gas prices were over $3 when Bush left office. And the housing market was not good at all for sellers. And #3 and #4 you could have said that for any year.
  11. What is rtkba or is it just a typo?
  12. I had that same thought when I was standing in line at the supermarket.
  13. Was it over par in the 8 years before Obama?
  14. But you admitted it did get better and are you saying that we are not supposed to have anything to compare it to?