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  1. Complete waste of time, money, energy. What Baltimore needs are "productive" members of society. Not the scum that plagues the streets.
  2. Right...because legalizing drugs is just what this city needs... More drug addicts who cant work because they'd rather get high. Or, maybe THIS is a suitable enough sight to deal with when you're just trying to pay for some groceries.
  3. For the most part...getting high, selling drugs, popping more kids out, and landing in jail...cycle, rinse, repeat!
  4. Well when I get the usual asinine questions, the usual standard responses will apply. You still don't get it (as expected).
  5. You would think that would be the case but look at SA election coming up. Two black candidates, however, my bet is that Baltimore will choose Marylin over Ivan. I hope I'm wrong.
  6. No, I'm saying that Baltimore City Gov't (on all levels) is primarily (if not all) democratic and are more prone to corruptive behavior. Democratic "leadership" has failed Baltimore for the last 50 years (I say longer). Don't you see any disparities?
  7. I'm fine, however, your illiteracy never ceases to amaze me! My point is that the populace in Baltimore would only vote for her because she is a black female (the words black and female are attributes). They don't care that she's inexperienced. Ivan Bates is an experienced trial attorney who has been on both sides of the fence and has successfully adjudicated cases. Get it now...or do I still need to dumb it down for you?
  8. What garbage are you spewing? Are you replying to my post or someone else's? Are you not paying attention (as usual) to what's being said? Are you asking if Ivan Bates is black? If you don't know that Ivan Bates is black then youre more obtuse than I thought. And youre going to ask about my logic? SMH
  9. The illustrated version....
  10. Oh trust me...the criminals in Baltimore know who Bates is. He has defended quite a few of them. What propelled Ivan Bates to fame, however, was his defense of Alicia White. Unfortunately, the majority of the provincial voting populace in Baltimore would rather vote for Mosby because she is black and a female. The fact that she is inexperienced and has never been in a position of leadership means nothing to the populace. Go figure....
  11. I refer more to the violent criminal element, not the "Robin Hood" style of criminals out there. Baltimore is plagued with violent degenerates who have no moral compass. The more people start to realize that these violent criminal turds are just that...then "societal stability" will start to take place.