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  1. Thanks for the update Saticon3
  2. By definition yes...however a drug dealer's life means nothing to me because he perpetuates a circle of violence. He, therefore, serves no purpose in life, ergo, his life goes down to the bottom of the totem pole. You can find it ridiculous all you want but if you had to choose between his life or Mckenzie's, I'd guarantee you'd pick her over him without any hesitation.
  3. Agreed...I mentioned Mckenzie Elliott as an example. I refer to the slime, the evil men who wish to do harm to the innocent people who go by their daily lives trying to live better lives.
  4. So true, I wish people would recognize it so that change can be made to fix the problems. Denial seems to run rampant in Democrat Paradise.
  5. I dont know why the Capt was subpoenaed to testify on behalf of his Detective's. I hope the Detectives who did the actual investigation testified. There was no need to put that Capt on the stand. What is he supposed to say? Oh, yeah my guys conducted an investigation into the Baltimore 6 and based on their reports this is what I'll say about that. I know this is only an administrative hearing but wow. It seems hearsay rules are out of the window.
  6. You're welcome, Guido. Hopefully, he can understand where I'm "coming from". Some folks just have a one-tracked mind and are not open to other plausible scenarios. They are unable to think outside of the box.
  7. If "you're" asking me directly whether I believe a cop's life is more important than anyone else's? Then my answer is yes. In my opinion, a cop's life is more important than a criminal's life. Like military personnel and as you've just witnessed with the senseless murder of Det. Suiter, cops (and military personnel) put their lives on the line for the average citizen such as you and me. That makes his and their sacrifice a lot greater than ours. Now, as Bmore Ken stated, his 14 y/o child doesn't even compare because that is his child. Im not talking about children or family. I'm talking about strangers who you do not know. The person who killed Det Suiter does not deserve to breathe the same air that I do. His life, to me, means nothing. Det. Suiter's life holds greater value because of who he was as a human being. Det Suiter contributed to society in a positive manner. He made the ultimate sacrifice doing something that 3/4 of the "people" wouldn't have the testicular fortitude to do. I read somewhere on this forum where you professed to be a law enforcement officer. If that's true then you already know what I'm talking about and can relate (or maybe you cant). Either way, I believe in the good people who contribute to society, not the evildoers who wish to tear apart the very fabric of society that makes us want to do better. For me, those people are at the bottom of the totem pole and serve no purpose in our society.
  8. And what was Bmore's question, since I only recall him answering my question?
  9. Thank you for your service! Your 14 year olds life is definitely more important because they are your child. That goes without saying. I'm referring to a stranger.
  10. Would you ask the same question about a person in the military?
  11. By definition, yes, but (IMO) turds who meet their demise by other turds are not true victims. Mackenzie Elliot was a true victim, Alex Wroblewski was a true victim, Sean Suitter was a true victim.
  12. It's not conduct unbecoming if there was no policy that was violated. At least, that's what's being illustrated.
  13. I dont know. I believe that they have no confidence in her since they saw her incompetence flourish first hand. If I was still a city resident (thank God I'm not), Ivan Bates would have my vote. He's a truly experienced trial attorney. Unlike the self-promulgated "queen B", he's actually been inside of several courtrooms.