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  1. When I was in the Crime Strategies Unit in NYC, we worked closely with Law Enforcement and other agencies to get mandatory sentences for handgun violations. In NYC, there is a maximum 5 year sentence for a Class D (simple possession) violation. NYC is way more tougher on crime than in Baltimore. When I did a ride along with the BPD, all I heard was how easy it was to commit a crime here because the criminal justice system is such a joke. Cops would arrest people for these handgun violations and the system would let them back out on the streets. In NYC, if you use a handgun in the commission of a crime and get convicted of it, believe me when I say, that person will see every bit of 8-10 years in a cell at a minimum. It was amazing for me to see how naive and provincial people are who are opposing this bill. They would rather protect the criminal than to protect a law abiding citizen. I don't understand the rationale behind their thought process.
  2. If he has a reciprocal carry permit, I would venture to say no, especially if he is law abiding. I believe the bill is for folks who illegally carry a firearm, who also get convicted of such crimes where the carrying or use of a firearm was illegal. You have to get convicted of a crime first in order to receive a sentence or mandatory jail term.
  3. My point exactly...monkey see monkey do!
  4. The same way they have been for the last 60+ years. It appears that the "No Experience Needed" requirement is being taken way too seriously.
  5. Ah so there are no native Baltimoreans that are police officers patrolling the streets who have also "lived the streets". Got it.
  6. Have to make a correction....according to Fox 45 news... The man was stabbed in the neck and not shot.
  7. Yet some on here have this specious belief that they have the answers to all.
  8. He's lucky to be alive.
  9. Does sound familiar doesn't it?
  10. A man who is shot and bleeding decides to stream his demise live. Cant make this stuff up. Click on his Facebook page and read the comments along with his prior posts.
  11. No, not at all. It's clearly evident.
  12. This argument should be strongly debated in Annapolis.
  13. Some folks on here are just lonely and want to be heard. Instead of engaging in open and mature dialogue, they want to come up with their own conclusions as to how they believe something should be. When they get called out on their allusions, they want to retreat and start name calling like they're back in elementary school. You're right though Guido2, I dont even know why I bother entertaining infantile and callow posters.
  14. Wow