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  1. I hope so!
  2. Ahhh but the difference is that you're using logic and common sense whereas the rest who cannot comprehend logic or utilize common sense see the opposite. I said it before...compliance is key. The term "you can attract more bees with honey" means nothing to cop haters and anarchists.
  3. So under your "premise" if a person committed suicide while in police custody, should the police be held responsible for that person's own demise?
  4. Some police departments are funded by corporations (i.e. private donations, grants, etc). 100% of tax money does NOT fund police departments.
  5. She's not even a litigator (IMO). She's an "ambulance chaser!" She's mastered the art of barratry.
  6. No, it's clear she's way out of her league. She is the laughing stock of the legal community. Whoever voted for her has gotten their "monies" worth. Enjoy!
  7. But 100% of your taxes is not paying the salary of cops. A very exiguous portion of it is. Small enough to be almost insubstantial. Therefore, the ideology that a person's taxes pays a cop's salary is farcical.
  8. Oh now you were referring to "my buddy". Got it.... I see....
  9. I'd be embarrassed. With so many failures under her belt, I can't imagine anyone taking her serious let alone respecting her on any level.
  10. A portion of your state and local taxes pay for the funding of a police department. Other portions of your state and local taxes pays for other city services such as your water/sewage, garbage pickup, schools, etc. But in actuality, the majority of the funding for a police department comes from federal funding. The portion of the taxes you pay is actually paying the interest on the loan the city received from the Federal Gov't to finance the City.
  11. Youre very welcome. I wish others were as mature to engage in civil discussion.
  12. I never said the Feds run state and local elections. Maybe if you learned how to comprehend what you're reading, you wouldn't have a problem understanding the law. This is clearly over your head as been previously proven. Stop twisting words around to hide your incapacity to read.
  13. The DOJ would disagree with you, clearly. The department has instituted new regulations and procedures that were not in effect at that time. It's gonna be tough trying to prove they were negligent of their duties when the Circuit Court of Baltimore and the Federal Gov't deemed that there was no evidence suggesting malicious behavior. Kinda need one for the other if you're going to "make it stick".