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  1. 1. Not significantly higher. Pretty much on par. 2. & 3. Smaller population in both cities. In fact, if you took both populations from New Orleans and St. Louis, they would slightly be higher than Baltimore's population combined. I posted the comparative data in addition to the already ever-popular Baltimore murder rate. Also, the data is representative of numbers collected in 2015.
  2. Baltimore VS. New Orleans Baltimore VS. St. Louis Is your second question a really serious one? Have you not been paying attention to what's been going on in good ol' Baltimore?
  3. Gee, is everyone really that surprised?
  4. Ironically, I was driving down Joppa Rd yesterday (07:20 am) and happened to get snagged in traffic. As I finally make it to an intersection, I see a construction crew shut down one lane of traffic by placing down cones. I then watched them bring out their tools and start to cut sections of concrete and asphalt during the height of rush hour traffic. Not a very smart idea.
  5. Understood, but projects should start at night (8pm) when congestion is minimal.
  6. LOL... Booze and Axes in Baltimore....LMAO yeah, that's sure to be a swell time!
  7. Well... highway construction / repair should be done at night, not at the dawn of rush hour traffic.
  8. No, I meant where in the county exactly. The fact that it was all female juror clearly explains why the decision went the way it did. In no way should the defense have allowed an all-female jury. If I were the defense counsel, in this case, I would appeal the decision based on a violation of the sixth amendment. The last time there was an all-female jury in a high profile case was the George Zimmerman trial. Look at the disparities between the two trials.
  9. My exact sentiments. Look at the message being sent. Don't be surprised if Baltimore County starts their reactive policing program. I would've expected that outcome from a Baltimore City jury. Curious as to where these jurors are from?
  10. Ah facts mixed with common sense.
  11. Clearly, he didn't use a baseball bat but the responses from the left equate the same end result. Other countries dont have this problem? Really? Have you been to the Horn of Africa, Mogadishu, the Middle East, Afghanistan? How about the Gaza strip? Even if you haven't been to these countries, Im sure you can do the research to see that the US is not that far behind. Right now you can go on youtube or even better, liveleak, and find videos depicting the most "moral" army in the world shooting and killing children in Gaza and the West Bank.
  12. Clearly not a 2A issue. If he went in and killed these 17 victims with a baseball bat, the liberal left would want to ban Louisville Sluggers (according to their fallacious logic).
  13. No, he lives in the comfort and safety of his White Marsh community.
  14. This what I'm reminded of every time I see that farcical excuse of an attorney.