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  1. Agreed, she started this mess by coddling a mob of dissidents. If I remember correctly, didn't these anarchists want the police to be reactive like the fire department? Now that the proverbial "fecal matter" has hit the fan, people want the police to come to the rescue.
  2. Police Officers do investigate crimes. They are the first responders to a crime. Detectives follow up on the preliminary investigation that the Officers have conducted.
  3. Coppin State, which is in Coppin Heights by the way, and the decline of the student body graduation rate is synonymous with "neighborhood development" or lack thereof.
  4. Coppin State sits in an area encompassing Coppin Heights. I would venture to say that Ode2joy's post has much to do with the topic.
  5. Good luck with getting any BLM member / supporter to condemn their own for any violence that was committed against their own brethren.
  6. He took a face from the ancient gallery and he walked on down the hall...yeah! Ride the snake!
  7. That can also mean that he's just never been caught up until now.
  8. Lol very good Guido2.
  9. Sounds about right...Oquan Tangin Wan
  10. Yup, quoted your own moronic statement for your reading pleasure.
  11. Nobody is disputing what cops should do or how high their standards should be. If you've paid any attention to my posts, you'd see that. The dispute is over the idiotic statement made by the person you're attempting to defend. And since you're going to coming to his defense, at least know what you're defending him for. Demo if you're going to call your little buddies to help you have a leg to stand on, at least have them read to catch up on the discussion.
  12. Blah blah blah....that's not what you implied. Change your name to DemoSpinner, cause you sure like spinning things round and round.
  13. Call it what you want, spin it however you want. Youre the only one addressing it. Why, cause I called you out on it. You failed miserably. Enjoy!
  14. Right....did you see all the hate spewing from those inanimate objects. I mean wow. Now let's see BLM and the Nazi movement hug each other...
  15. Yup already quoted your asinine statement. You can duck and dodge all you like, your inability to have any integrity has been highlighted. You are a complete failure of epic proportions.
  16. I don't think it is but it's still funny.
  17. I couldn't resist...
  18. Absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my lifetime.
  19. What makes you think they're not?
  20. What's ridiculous is that you made a stupid comment (whether you were drolling or being serious) and I called you out on it. Now you want to change your thought. I addressed your post and now you want to dance around the notion that you "never said it". Grow a pair already and move on.
  21. I dont see you commenting on the countless criminals who far more exceed the police you speak of when it comes to behaving in unethical fashions and creating unnecessary violence. Stop victimizing criminals. Anything else I can assist you with?
  22. While I don't condone domestic abuse of any kind, hiring a hitman to remedy your problem is not the best way to handle things. Sadly, she would have been better off killing him herself.