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  1. I was recently made aware that the BPD doesn't "promote" Officers to Detectives, which I believe is part of the reason why so many Detectives that work narcotics are so easily corruptible. In the NYPD, ordinarily, you'd have to take a test to become a Detective. In the BPD, lateral transfers are made to these Detective Units. There is no accountability for seniority or work ethic. They just transfer these young Officers to these units because there are supervisors who want young Officers to do what the supervisors want them to do without question. It explains why in some of these units, there really aren't many seasoned officers in the ranks. That's a recipe for disaster. Imagine a young rookie beat cop who only has a year on the job and then gets transferred to a division where typically a seasoned veteran cop should be. Taking a test to actually get promoted to a rank holds more esteem and significance in my opinion.
  2. Facts tend to make folks think irrationally sometimes.
  3. That's what Im having. I make it myself. It's really good.
  4. Yes indeed. Compared to "Charm City", Hampstead would be equivalent to Pleasantville.
  5. Wow, a whole page or two deleted. Seems like we have some pantywaists who cant deal with a good ole "hearty" debate.
  6. Pink that's exactly what Im doing. I also have some yummy coconut eggnog to go with the lazy day.
  7. You need to catch up. Seriously!!
  8. So many words? It appears youre using the same sentiment as those that are affected by my post. Typical response from someone who cant add to the debate but would rather criticize a fact theyre not clear about themselves. Now that's hilarious.
  9. Yeah, I've seen the "DIALOGUE" you speak of with the "many" posters on here. Superior? Please, if the tone of my posts gives you or anyone else an inferiority complex, that's an issue you're going to have to deal with on your own. I cant help you there. The only advice I can give you is "grow a pair". And since youre mentioning it, as only someone like you could, I wouldnt know if there are black folks on here that would agree with me or vice versa because I dont fantasize about race when I am conversing with someone on here. Only bigots do that. Something you and your small ilk do very well, by the way. I speak to you in ebonics because you have a hard time discerning the English language. So rather than waste my indulgences on having an intelligent and articulable conversation, I have to resort to conversing with you in a vernacular that suits you. If you think Im a waste of time, then do me a huge favor and put me on ignore. Trust me you'll be saving yourself a lot of grief and anguish.
  10. You know Struds, you're absolutely correct. Yes, Carpe Diem!!! Enjoy Struds!!
  11. Because your posts dictate that you lack the acuity to engage in meaningful debate. You can think I'm not smart, and that's ok, but you and I both know the truth. Ebonics seems to be the only vernacular you can understand. Trust me my friend, you take ignorance to soaring new levels.
  12. Why, you wouldn't be able to comprehend them anyway....yah mean?
  13. And your witless diatribes never "cease" to amaze me. Me "knowing" is of no importance to you. Those that can understand know my point reached them. Don't confuse arrogance with confidence. Feel me?
  14. No, my point got across just fine. As it was and is clearly evident, most of you are in denial and can't accept reality. There are those that allow their emotions to get in their way of rationale. They allow those emotions to twist words and create new interpretations of the facts to support their own delusional conclusions and then there are those that can use logic and reason to solve problems. What's poor are those with the inability to do the latter. They'd rather argue semantics.
  15. Another one that doesn't get it. Man ignorance must be blissful.
  16. Md taxpayers that reside in Balto City are called Baltimore City residents. Yes, all 31% of Baltimore City's population pay taxes.
  17. Music you say.....
  18. The why will ultimately take you to the where.
  19. Don't you mean MacGyver?
  20. Agreed, no matter what law enforcement does nowadays, their won't be neutrality. I would wager that if the FBI did take over the case and ruled out something other than the narratives that they're spewing, they would say that the FBI is corrupt and are just siding with the BPD because they're all law enforcement and look out for each other. Believe me, I've just about heard it all.