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  1. Oh so now you're saying "it probably empowered him"? So now you know how a gun is supposed to make someone feel? Humans are like small pets? Ericpd, you may want to up the dose on your meds and leave the guessing to fortune tellers. Since you have this extraordinary ability to see things, how about telling me what the next winning lottery numbers are going to be?
  2. Really, so now you know his motive behind his acts? Now you can predict what his thoughts were? Now you can foresee that the handgun he used "made" him kill his co-workers. WOW!!! And to answer your question, yes, a baseball bat can do quite a lot of damage and create a bloody mess.
  3. The FBI says that it is:
  4. Actually, the violence was caused by a man named Radee Prince. The gun was just a tool that he used to commit the violence.
  5. You'll notice, that's how most Baltimore "residents" are. "Monday morning quarterbacks" who have received rubber law degrees and can make Sherlock Holmes look like Daffy Duck.
  6. State Highway Administration Maryland & Baltimore bicycle laws... There are rules concerning the operation of bicycles on the road, however, enforcement of those rules seem to be missed.
  7. Good job. That perp won't be robbing businesses or anyone else for that matter anymore.
  8. ...
  9. Are you really that naive? Don't you realize that the city has paid out exaggerated amounts of money to people in order to not pay more in prolonged trials? Please tell me you're not that credulous.
  10. "Ken" believes everything he reads / sees in the media. Of the numbers that he posted, he at least had the common sense to use the word "alleged" in his hypothesis. He believes that "every" complaint against the police department is a valid one. Not realizing that there are people in this world that would love to profit from police departments using bogus complaints.
  11. The DOJ found no reason to charge Officers who were acquitted in the Freddy Gray incident speaks volumes of Mosby's ineptitude.
  12. What's transparent is your lack of understanding of how the criminal justice system works. What's amusing is how you believe you actually know what happened. Especially the comparison of the Emmett Till case. That's farcical. You were there huh? You know without a shadow of doubt huh....? You definitely win post of the week with that statement.
  13. Funny you say that. A colleague and I were discussing how bad Baltimore is getting, with regard to crime. My colleague mentioned how she never heard of a needle exchange program and was appalled that one even existed. I explained to her that there is a needle exchange program practically in every major urban city.
  14. Real Estate laws will prevent that from happening. You can not market or advertise a community exclusive to one race, gender, etc.
  15. I hope so!
  16. Ahhh but the difference is that you're using logic and common sense whereas the rest who cannot comprehend logic or utilize common sense see the opposite. I said it before...compliance is key. The term "you can attract more bees with honey" means nothing to cop haters and anarchists.
  17. So under your "premise" if a person committed suicide while in police custody, should the police be held responsible for that person's own demise?
  18. Some police departments are funded by corporations (i.e. private donations, grants, etc). 100% of tax money does NOT fund police departments.
  19. She's not even a litigator (IMO). She's an "ambulance chaser!" She's mastered the art of barratry.
  20. No, it's clear she's way out of her league. She is the laughing stock of the legal community. Whoever voted for her has gotten their "monies" worth. Enjoy!
  21. But 100% of your taxes is not paying the salary of cops. A very exiguous portion of it is. Small enough to be almost insubstantial. Therefore, the ideology that a person's taxes pays a cop's salary is farcical.