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  1. Theft of this extent requires that someone serve prison time. You don't play with or falsify documents for profitable gain. Greed is something isn't it?
  2. LMAO...I don't know about that.
  3. El-Flippo, my sentiments exactly. Good to see you posting again. It's been a while. Hope all is well with you.
  4. Is it me or does Catherine Pugh look intoxicated in this interview? #Nationalembarassment
  5. I read the Statement of Facts which usually is indicative of a plea deal. If his deal gives him 18 months, I would imagine he'll do at least 10-12 months before he's let out on good behavior. They'll probably add the remainder of his time to the back end of his parole/probation.
  6. I concur. A last name with a numerical identifier should suffice.
  7. I "keep it real" or as they say "100!"
  8. A Police Officer is an agent of the city, municipality, town, county, etc in which they were sworn to uphold the law. As such they are subjected to having their identity posted on documents such as traffic citations, affidavits, charging documents, etc. Just as those documents are public record, so are the names of the Officers. I don't see an issue with having the Officer's name on the site just as long as their personal addresses are not shown.
  9. Wow, so they (Baltimore) didn't have the money to fix the no heat problem in their schools just a couple of months ago, yet, she was able to come up with $100k to pay for this "venue". #Dempriorities #parforthecourse
  10. And BINGO was his name O!
  11. Very sad. I just saw him last week in Annapolis. We talked briefly and now he's no longer with us. Harford County has lost a good man.
  12. #Boom #ThankYou
  13. LMAO, tourist areas and well-attended bars usually have "no signs of danger". Walk and dine through some of the more uninhabitable places of the city and then let us know how you fair.
  14. Exactly, I've noticed that The Sun's "crime reporter" is only vocal when it comes to cops being in the news. There should be more of a focus on crime throughout the city. That "crime reporter" should be enlightening city residents with daily crime logs which highlight when and where murders, shootings, robberies, burglaries, and larceny from autos have taken place. That will at least inform residents or more importantly, visitors, to be further cautious when walking the streets.
  15. Agreed. Not a viable plan, unfortunately.
  16. Baltimore has been democratically controlled for 70 years. That's 70 years of patterned failure and dissipation.
  17. They're democratically controlled cities with Baltimore being the most dangerous city in America.
  18. You know, I was just looking at old photos of Baltimore on Facebook and am truly amazed. I love history and looking at Baltimore's history. However, I still feel that Baltimore is still not aesthetically pleasing. I was astonished to see how lively Baltimore was in comparison to "now". Truly sad to see Baltimore's decline. I really hope the city can be turned around to make Baltimore a more habitable place to live.
  19. 1. Not significantly higher. Pretty much on par. 2. & 3. Smaller population in both cities. In fact, if you took both populations from New Orleans and St. Louis, they would slightly be higher than Baltimore's population combined. I posted the comparative data in addition to the already ever-popular Baltimore murder rate. Also, the data is representative of numbers collected in 2015.
  20. Baltimore VS. New Orleans Baltimore VS. St. Louis Is your second question a really serious one? Have you not been paying attention to what's been going on in good ol' Baltimore?
  21. Gee, is everyone really that surprised?
  22. Ironically, I was driving down Joppa Rd yesterday (07:20 am) and happened to get snagged in traffic. As I finally make it to an intersection, I see a construction crew shut down one lane of traffic by placing down cones. I then watched them bring out their tools and start to cut sections of concrete and asphalt during the height of rush hour traffic. Not a very smart idea.
  23. Understood, but projects should start at night (8pm) when congestion is minimal.
  24. LOL... Booze and Axes in Baltimore....LMAO yeah, that's sure to be a swell time!