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  1. Does it really matter where racism comes? And how do you find humor in this? If I were a parent in any of those schools I would be very angry. Would you?
  2. This is certainly not earth-shattering news. The GOP just doesn't like deficits when the black man is in charge. When one of their own is in charge, the sky's the limit.
  3. Well, there's where we disagree. And we have gone into this before. IMO Duquette has done a good job with what he has had to work with. Please understand that no up-and-coming GM would work with this ownership unless the ownership changes its ways. And that is just not going to happen. The Orioles need more money and personnel to run its ship. Somehow Angelos doesn't seem to feel he needs to pay for the little things as long as he can put a half-decent team that will occasionally get to the playoffs. He doesn't really care about winning as much as profit ratios. Going back to Duquette, he has done what no other GM was able to do before him. He put teams on the field that won more games than they lost. Now that may not sound like much but the bar was that low before he came aboard. Rather than fire Duquette they should give him more. Two areas Duquette and any other GM that would come into the organization would be scouts (the Orioles reportedly are really thin in that department) and player development. But then again, Angelos and company have been reluctant to bring in people who would help any GM make more informed decisions. They like doing things on the cheap and hope that throwing more money at the ML level will satisfy fans and put more money in his pockets.
  4. It has been hard to get me on this fence because Showalter brought winning back to the Orioles after so many horrible seasons. But it is hard to deny the state of the current team and who/what are the culprits. It's one thing to be laid back, but another to be complacent. Many players are not hustling or seem to care. If Showalter cannot get this under wraps he needs to go. I also am not sure he'd be a good replacement for Duquette if Duquette leaves.
  5. This is definitely a good start. Good communication is always the key.
  6. Gausman pitched a gem. It's too bad the Orioles forgot their bats.
  7. Anyone who's been to the DR knows how much a risk you take in traffic there. I remember my first time there and described the scene as mosquitoes swarming all around. With that said, it's definitely sad for someone to lose his life at such a young age. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and loved ones.
  8. There's good reason he was that way. His players were pretty bad. I often wondered what he really would have been like if he actually had good players. They seemed to be "rebuilding" every year.
  9. You are right. This is huge.
  10. I am suspicious that his "migraine" wasn't really a concussion. I hope I am wrong.
  11. And so are wins. Enjoy the second half.
  12. The Ravens are up 21-7 at intermission. How can you get upset about that?
  13. It looks like they've adjusted quite well to the new QB.