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  1. People should sue Papa Johns for their crappy pizza.
  2. She did. Why does that irritate you?
  3. Does that make you a day twipper?
  4. What is the story? That a Senator said something about Clinton? Ha! I rest my case!
  5. You just do not understand. Clinton lost the election. She is a private citizen. Time to move on and not start threads posting everything Clinton.
  6. In all fairness, UJ is capable of performing much better. Sorry, I could not keep a straight face on that one.
  7. He actually pitched pretty well last night - had some nasty stuff. Let's hope it continues. As far as BO&B, he just must be bored.
  8. Wow. When you think he can go no lower...
  9. But somehow the person who posted the OP thought this was important.
  10. I agree. There are many people who use the Christian trademark but are in no way Christian.
  11. A Republican started this thread. Seems like you cannot get Hillary Clinton out of your mind.
  12. He must've been faking it as a RWNJ.
  13. As soon as Putin informs his men... Oops. we aren't talking about REAL scheduled "suicides", are we?
  14. I was not a big Hillary Clinton fan. Of course the debates would have further determined where I stood between the two had Kasich been nominated. Here in NC non-affliated voters can choose which party's primary to vote. This year I chose to vote in the Republican primary. And I definitely did vote for Kasich then as he was by-far the best GOP candidate. Of course when Trump got the GOP nomination, it was a no-brainer to vote for Clinton.