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  1. That reminds me of the time my mother slapped my mouth and grounded me for a week when I said that line to my sister (I used her name as a substitute for Jane). In all honesty I was very young and didn't know what I was saying. I just knew it was funny.
  2. RNC started paying Trump campaign's rent at Trump Tower after it stopped covering Trump's legal bills for Russia probe The Republican National Committee has for months been quietly paying expenses previously covered by the Trump campaign in an arrangement that experts say is bizarre, but legal. The payments include more than $37,000 a month in rent to President Donald Trump's company, and thousands more in salary to Vice President Mike Pence's nephew, John Pence. The payments started abruptly last September, when the RNC came under pressure to stop paying Trump's personal legal bills in the special counsel's Russia investigation. Soon after the Republican National Committee came under pressure for paying legal bills for President Donald Trump and his eldest son in the special counsel's Russia probe, it started covering expenses for the president's re-election campaign. The RNC is using campaign funds to pay Trump's company more than $37,000 a month in rent, and to pay thousands of dollars in monthly salary to Vice President Mike Pence's nephew, John Pence, party officials confirmed this week. The rent pays for office space in the Trump Tower in New York for the staff of Trump's re-election campaign. John Pence is the Trump campaign's deputy executive director. Campaign finance experts who spoke to CNBC said this type of spending by a party committee on behalf of a campaign is highly unusual but legal, and it appears the RNC disclosed it correctly. Why is the RNC paying Trump behind the scenes...highly unusual indeed.
  3. Having several aliases is not allowed either, but it is. And personally I don't have time to tattle on posters here. Do you?
  4. His so-called advisors with change their tune if and when the Trump Train wrecks. And he now has a head start over everyone else when that happens.
  5. Kasich has been critical of Trump from the beginning and I always believed that he saw an opportunity knowing what a train wreck Trump is.
  6. I don't think this is surprising news.
  7. But it really makes you angry when someone says something against Trump, doesn't it? What you call "freaking nuts" I call being patriotic. Trump is a corrupt man with no conscience and he's most-likely a traitor.
  8. I remember the first time I hunted. I was all ready to go. And I was a good shooter - practiced a lot and earned a certificate for being a good marksman. But the first time I saw my intended target - an eight point buck - I got excited and hit the tree next to it instead. And I sure wasn't worried about the deer shooting me. Anyone can practice as many times as they want, but the real thing can be a rude awakening.
  9. It doesn't matter how much they practice or how intense. They will not have continuous reality. Policemen have training but they go out on the streets and do the real thing as well. Anyone can shoot targets or go through make-believe scenarios. But when it's the real thing it's a different story. And the big key it's different with military or policemen who's job is designed for that type of training. Teachers are hired to teach and this training would be secondary to them. So it doesn't matter how intense training is. They just would be ill-equipped if someone came into the school. Teachers who would be trained would be teaching first and would not be on alert most of the time (And they shouldn't be. They are hired to teach). Unless they are practicing daily and have had real life crisis exposure know one will know if they are capable of dealing with a crisis like the one last week in Florida. What teacher would have the time to do both? It's just stupid to put all that on teachers on top of everything thing else they are responsible for. If you and others are really hellbent of getting guns in the school it needs to be law enforcement or people who have constant experience with real life crisis.
  10. Maybe you should take your own advise. i know of several times that you get "personal" with other posters. How is that different?
  11. What facts do you have on Clinton? There have been countless accusations by the Republicans; countless investigations led by Republicans. And what did the Republicans find? NOTHING! Oh, they tried. But the real reason they had the investigations was to put doubt out there about her. They knew from the start they had no evidence or anything. But who needs evidence when they can just put out accusations over and over and have their flock repeat lies?
  12. Having teachers on a waiting list doesn't mean that it isn't a stupid idea. Shooting a target at a firing range is a lot different than shooting live when adrenaline is heightened. Even those highly trained in combat will tell you that. This also is not why teachers are employed at the schools. They get target practice but will have no "real world" practice preceding an actual event. It's one thing to say one is prepared. It is another to actually be prepared.