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  1. I don't click on links when I don't know where it will take me.
  2. It doesn't show a true web page. Google is not a source.
  3. Why don't you ever use real links instead of the Google nonsense?
  4. That's about all I knew. When you mentioned it I thought I missed something.
  5. Even though I was here around that time my memory has failed me and I just don't remember that history.
  6. That's just unreal.
  7. I understand that. I was extremely careful with emails or anything I did with my corporate laptop. I value my privacy. But obviously the affair those two had got the best of them. As long as it didn't interfere with their work though I don't see it as getting them fired. I agree it doesn't make them look good. But IMO this whole thing is overkill.
  8. Of course it is. And I do agree that it was stupid and irresponsible. It was also intended to be private. It is also reasonable to question him. But fire him? IMO that's a huge stretch unless there are other supporting evidence that we do not know. I also believe firing him is what this administration does to those who are not completely loyal to Trump, even those who stood by him. It would be quite scary if the FBI and other agencies cannot act independently.
  9. Trump would rather sit next to Putin and Kim Jong Un.
  10. Comey was a Republican most of his life...for that I can add a link. He no longer is a Republican as of 2016 though. Do you know of any that were Democrats? And even though I knew the majority were Republicans I never had an issue with it. It wasn't until this administration when party affiliation mattered. FBI director says he's no longer a registered Republican Even though he has been a registered Republican for most of his adult life, FBI Director James Comey testified Thursday that he is no longer a registered member of the GOP. "Although our politics are different — I gather you're a Republican — that correct?" Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) asked Comey in prefacing his remarks. Comey responded, "I have been a registered Republican for most of my adult life, not registered any longer." The FBI director, who previously served as deputy attorney general in George W. Bush's administration before President Barack Obama appointed him to his current position, donated to the presidential campaigns of John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.
  11. Are you really going to be this obtuse?
  12. The Bible also has several verses about how to treat a stranger/foreigner. But somehow some only emphasize what fits their agenda and get upset at anyone who challenges them. The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt; I am the LORD your God. comes to mind. The Bible quotes Sessions used were the same ones used to justify slavery.
  13. Indeed. There are many who can quote scriptures verbatim, but don't know or don't care what they are truly saying.
  14. You grew up watching Star Trek as well I see.