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  1. I don't believe he is buying into it at all - he's just passing on a talking point as usual. It's because deep down the politicians he now supports are child predators. He's lashing out because he's battling with his own conscience.
  2. In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States. You mean this Fox News?
  3. Have you ever thought that the Trump, the KKK and other white supremacists use the race card? Or do you think you have to be black to use it?
  4. ^This^
  5. Yes. I've been accused of partisanship in my defense of Franken, but it is more about "What is sexual assault?" It is rather interesting that some people who are pointing fingers at Franken and calling for his resignation may have done much worse. We don't know because their actions were covered up and not revealed to the public. I think the Conyers thing needs to be investigated by someone outside of Congress.
  6. Why on earth would Franken, who posed with hundreds at the state fair of others, grab her inappropriately and not take the opportunity to do it to many others? Yes it is a silly game. And what's not so silly is that this makes a mockery of real sexual assault.
  7. Neither one of us were there. When I take a photo I can see more than what the actual photo reveals. Can you not? There were other people there as well as the husband. And you believe she later told the husband and he did nothing? If your wife made an accusation about something, would you do nothing? Well, you would if you suspect your wife is maybe making more of it than what it is.
  8. In all of this, hopefully politicians will have to have all their misdeeds exposed to the public. While many are harping on the Al Franken stuff - which I see as much to do about nothing - there are actual sexual assaults going on in secrecy.
  9. In this instance, it supposedly happened in front of her husband and thousands of onlookers. She said it happened in three seconds. Why didn't anybody else react to it? We have others in politics who actually did sexually attack their victims. This is a farce in relationship to those who actually have suffered.
  10. What did he do after she told him? And how could he not see it (and of course nobody else - in front of thousands of onlookers)? He was taking the picture!
  11. She must have a wimp for a husband to do nothing if his wife really was traumatized. If he saw it, then why did he do nothing? Yeah. This whole story is so believable. And everything written on Facebook is true.
  12. I don't buy this allegation. This was at the state fair in front of many people. Her husband took the picture and did nothing. Why didn't she tell her husband when it supposedly happened? Why didn't her husband give Franken a black eye if what he is accused of doing actually happened the way she said it did? Something really smell fishy in these allegations. IMO it's an effort to make Moore and Trump not look so bad...everybody does it, right?
  13. You are absolutely correct. This just muddies the waters and gives cover for real sexual predators. This last allegation supposedly lasted about 3 seconds. I imagine he was asked to take a picture with her and he quickly pulled her close to get in the shot. If she were violated so much, why didn't her husband do anything? Probably because there was nothing to it. Why, at a state fair in front of many were there no other witnesses? This public outrage will help get a pedophile elected. And that was the plan all along.