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  1. Not even close: Flacco's rating tonight vs. the Jets was 37.4 Roethlisberger's in the 2005 Super Bowl (a Steeler victory) was 22.6 In 1966, Norm Snead (Giants) won a game against the Redskins 12-9. His passer rating was 0.0 (as in zero). In fact, six other NFL QBs have also won a game with a zero rating. Flacco's 37.4 isn't anywhere close to a record.
  2. I just want to post on this thread at least once before I go . . .
  3. "No more yankie my wankie. The Donger need food!"
  4. Did I adequately answer your condescending question?
  5. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate her a 2, but that's only because I've never seen a 1 before.
  6. Richard Gere & Julia Roberts (in a couple of movies) William Hurt & Kathleen Turner were pretty steamy in Body Heat.
  7. "I want you to remember that no b@$tard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb b@$tard die for his country." (Patton, opening scene)
  8. Good one. That ranks right up there with, "Charlie don't surf." Awesome movie.
  9. I'm your huckleberry . . .
  10. "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti." (Hannibal Lechter, Silence of the Lambs) "I'll be back." (The cyborg, The Terminator) "Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his closet?" (John Bender, The Breakfast Club)
  11. "I don't think you understand - these people killed my dog." - Bobby Lee Swagger (Shooter)
  12. "Dying ain't much of a living, boy." - Josey Wales
  13. I doubt you really believe that. The parents' beliefs, choices, lifestyles - all of that has some sort of impact on a child. It isn't necessarily a negative thing, but it will have something to do with how the child turns out. That kid isn't going to be raised in a vacuum.
  14. My guess is that the kid is going to be raised by an au pair anyway. His parents are as old as most kids' grandparents, and when he graduates from high school, Elton John is going to be 80. That's not exactly ideal.
  15. By you, perhaps, but that's not the understanding of a lot of people.