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  1. Kapernick first took a knee in the 3rd August preseason game, 49ers August, 2016. Prior to the election. Both Trump and his predecessor commented on it at the time. Everyone politicized it, Dem or Rep. And they still do.
  2. Are you aware of the money that the Chinese, Saudis, Japanese, Germans and Swiss(to name only a few) have invested in this country, long, long long before Trump was only a Forbes 400 wannabe?
  3. These political threads are hilarious, if only for one reason. "He lied, she lied, they lied..." Get real. They all lie. Dem, Repub, Lib, Con. Get over it. Anyone that believes otherwise is living in a Disney Magic Kingdom. Being a moderate is apparently a crime these days. If you don't advocate supporting our (impefect) government, you advocate destroying it, depending on which way the wind blows. Apparently no compromise or middle ground exists. You do, however, have a multitude of media from which to choose your preferred/perceived/popular untruths. The media is the message. The truth is of no consequence. And you guys eat this chit up. True journalism ended with the loss of journalists such as Murrow, Cronkite, Brinkley. Unfortunately, Money overcame truth, ratings sell and pollsters dictate what we're told. No link needed. Just my opinion.
  4. No one is "forcing" anyone to "display patriotism." The American public will decide if this "taking a knee" thing is a good thing or bad. Not Trump, not our God-Awful Congress, not the Supreme Court. So far, this is in the court of public opinion and public opinion generally frowns on politicizing our sporting events. No matter how hard you try, you can't legislate an attitude. If the American public rejects the "taking a knee thing, " they will do so not by their votes, letters to Congress or to Trump. They'll do it with their wallets, as the NFL has learned.
  5. Hell, the kid confessed; did he not? And I'll bet that his accomplices are singing like canaries, trying to save their butts. If so, Marilyn Mosby couldn't lose this case, even if Harris had OJ's Dream Team behind him. Oh...wait...
  6. Perhaps I'm wrong, but the news coverage I've seems to be the usual defense "let's try the case on the air" rather than in the courtroom. The defense and the media seem to eat this stuff up. I'm assuming that this will give the defense the opportunity to raise the "we can't get a fair trial here" thing. The prosecution seems to be keeping their cards close to their vest, letting the defense hang themselves via the media.. Good deal. Given the accused's juvenile record, it's about time, but *******it, why did a perfectly good public servant have to die before this 16 year old POS and his buddies get their day in court? In earlier days, if we, as 16 year old's we would have rather gone to jail for life, as our parents would have killed us anyway. Thank God that the perps aren't on trial in Baltimore City. We may see some true justice on this one.
  7. Good question. Here are the rules: Minimum age is 16 years and 6 months You must successfully complete the requirements for a learner's permit with no convictions or probations before judgment for the required time period You must have completed the classroom and behind-the-wheel components of the Maryland driver's education program with an approved provider You must have completed all required practice driving under supervision and have a signed certificate, included in the Rookie Driver Practice Guide For more details, see the learner's permit page Does it matter at this point, Matt?
  8. One doesn't have to be an Annapolis, Colorado Springs or West Point grad to understand, RW. Trump bought his way out of serving, although I doubt if the military would have wanted him anyway, bone spurs or no. Barack Obama and his wive demonized service people, in keeping with the post- Vietnam era. Bill Clinton was a draft dodger as well. My uncle, a career Command Chief Master Sergeant of 35 years , who lived in Little Rock prior and during the Clinton years in Arkansas was delighted when Slick Willie was elected to the Presidency, as, in his words: We put up with him and his wife for years, now he's YOUR problem." Bob Dylan once sang: "you don't have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows." Bob Zimmerman forgot that the wind can blow in many directions.
  9. I guess that the term "global economy" doesn't ring a bell.
  10. Wow. Right wing. LOL. You have no clue, White Marsh.
  11. Do you have a problem with China's growth? Or are you a 20's era isolationist?
  12. Haven't rational people known of Mr. 2's beliefs all along? Yeah, and three rights make a left. In your case, very FAR left. Mr. 2's shade comes from under the rock of his odoriferous seclusion and the flavor of his white-guilt bigotry is that of his malignant bile. 'Nuff said.
  13. While deciding about going to school or working after high school, my draft number was 13. The first 50 were going straight to the Army, AIT and Vietnam. I had a choice, stay on the farm, (no way) or enlist. I joined the Navy and never looked back. I still went to Vietnam, however i never had to milk cows twice a day again.
  14. A long time friend of mine (from high school, looking at almost 50 years) is a retired Baltimore County Police Officer and is to this day an unpaid official with the County's FOP Lodge. I've been told that the family has requested to send any donations to the Baltimore County Police Relief Fund and the Humane Society of Harford County. (Mods; i'm not soliciting, just passing the word, I don't think that this would violate the TOS.) I don't have a link yet. Thanks.