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  1. Lyndon Baines Johnson, in his conduct of the Vietnam Conflict was also a sickening and horrifying person. Do you remember: "Hey Hey, LBJ? How many Kids did You kill today?" Trump is not a charismatic, likeable or even admirable person. I didn't vote for the jerk, however he's got the job, for the time being. But let's not forget, Trump hasn't killed 58,000 American soldiers, yet, When he does, give me a call. And don't EVEN think about posting some nonexistent racial disparity, 'because it didn't happen.
  2. Kaepernick is racist enough in his own right, stick to sports and leave politics out of it.
  3. Your knowledge of "modern" strategic, tactical and regional military tactics are, i must admit so superior that Napoleon, Grant, Lee and Sherman Would be proud, 200 years ago.
  4. "Winning" would have been what Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson wanted to be; "preventing the proliferation of Communism into Southeast Asia. That was the belief at the time. "Triumphant colonialists?" Wasn't it "Imperialist American dogs, "comrade?" And did i not mention that the vietnamese have fought for independence since maybe your 15th birthday? Give it a break "Mags" and read what I typed. First off, the military didn't make the decisions, they implemented the decisions of American foreign policy, as is the purpose of a military force. Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson made those decisions, Not Westmoreland, Wheeler or Abrams. If anything, the military realized the futility of a so-called "limited war;" America turned against the war because the voters had had enough of the carnage, not because they saw what the military didn't.. as it wasn't the military's fault. Period. LBJ did not run for reelection because America had enough of his poor decisions regarding the administration of his war, and fault cannot be placed elsewhere. Sometimes i think you want to gripe for the sake of gripping although there's another word i could use for your incessant misconceptions of facts that others lived through.
  5. I'm reading this, however in no way do i believe that any so-called "American; especially as "so-called former and/or ex LEO" is what he/she/it professes to be. Did Scott Peterson train you? It wouldn't surprise me in the least.
  6. I know, but at one time, weren't Dundalk and Sparrows Point literally Beth Steel towns?
  7. And at one time it was "The home of the Brave." No more. Now it' all bollixed up with "politically correct" nonsense, wimpy little liberals, afraid of their own history, albeit the good or bad parts, and just wait, in another 200 years, America's history books will declare that the English civilized America, my Cherokee ancestors were savages and needed to be annihilated or sent to Oklahoma, (most of them were, but that's ok) All blacks who moved North after the war, after the Depression were welcomed with open arms in the North, and there was NO bigotry. as there is no racism in the North anymore, As per the squid, it's all Southern based. No Japanese were interned during WWII under that despicable liberal FDR while practically no Germans were interned, And I didn't play with black kids when i was growing up in the 50's and 60's. I never served in Vietnam, it was all Black guys, as i was too busy in college and no whites ever served there. to make it short, history never happened. I guess we'll have to tear down the Vietnam memorial, because in 200 years that didn't happen either. Arseholes.
  8. Yeah right. You're forgetting both the land-based and air forces that, by the way, aren't just sitting on the ground, the Navy A/C aren't on the decks of their carriers and don't' forget about those sneaky little underwater things, (I think they call them submarines, kitty, and they aren't all nukes,) They're up there as we speak, the B-52's are still up there, and our satellites pretty much know where kimmy-poo is eating lunch as we speak. If any one of our country's allies, Japan, South Korea (including Seoul) get hit with anything, i'll give the DPRK government about 20 minutes, nothing more. Don't quit your day job.
  9. Can't disagree, the average Vietnamese citizen wanted his family, his water buffalo, his rice paddy to be safe and secure, and little else mattered. A few scattered tribes such as the Hmong and the Montagnards were fighting for independence in their own way, but figured that ths the NVA, the VC, the French and the Americans were just different sides of a four sided coin. The indigenous people of the region had been fighting against various foreign invaders, primarily the Chinese, since about 111 BC. And some of us wonder why we got our arses kicked over there. It took 58,193 Americans before 4 Presidents came up with a clue that we didn't belong there. I think that the saddest thing for me is that the military didn't lose the battles, the Supreme commander of the NVA, General Vo Nguyen Giap realised that if he sent the war home (to America) he would win the conflict, and he did. It was an absolutely perfect strategy of political and tactical asymmetrical warfare. They won the war in America, not in Vietnam. Giap was a genius.
  10. Sarcasm can be incredibly amusing.
  11. Who said that NK would have anything close to said hour?
  12. And in the spirit of many veterans "forgiveness", Jane Fonda's likeness is portrayed in many VFW's, American Legions and VVA chapters throughout the this very day. On the urinals in their men's rooms.
  13. Call it what you will, that "fleet" can, and will, if ordered, reduce North Korea's leadership to ashes in about the time it took the Enola Gay to turn Hiroshima into dust. Collateral damage is inevitable should that decision be made, however our allies must be defended. No nukes involved.
  14. Let's think about it. Radio Shack, "Monkey" Wards, Lehman Brothers, (wall street, BTW,) World Com, General Motors, Enron, Chrysler, PG & E, Texaco, (Insert any of 30 airlines here, including Delta once) and the list goes on and on. Wall Street made these businesses, Wall street didn't break them. It's not hard to figure why you're not teaching Economics or Business at Yale or Harvard.