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  1. It didn't help him much during the primaries, he never did get a leg up on his competition. *groan*
  2. A friend had a '63, purchased from a little old lady with hardly any miles(the car, not the little old lady). No Mopar fan am I, however those slant 6 engines in many cases were just too dumb to quit.
  3. I'll stick with Godzilla and Mothra for elder care. Horrible breath, but you don't have to worry about changing their batteries!
  4. It's worse that that. many US school kids couldn't find Iraq, Iran, Pakistan , the UK, much less South Dakota or East Virginia on a map, and to them WWII, Korea, Vietnam are places on a video game, and Mobil is a misspelling of a smart phone. (I've seen it, real life.)
  5. Possibly because 31,901 of those jobs require a high school degree, valid Social Security number, driver's license, crime free criminal record and an ensemble that requires a shirt, and pants with a belt that secures said pants at almost waist level as well as a basic command of the English language??
  6. Ah yes, Dr. Lucas: The Prince of Darkness. Ask me about my '66 Spitfire, and the Stromberg carbs, lol. I loved C/D's writeups on the new Alfa Romeo's. Wonderful cars, including their comment that they've never tested one without the illumination of a "check engine" light sometime during the test. "Intelligence, Independence, Irreverence" Fantastic motto. Sorry, back to rant.
  7. What's the problem? Sending countries into socialistic/communistic orbits is what you are all about, is it not?
  8. Good luck finding a Gen-Xer or Millennial to do that kind of work, even in desperation. Hell, the ones i see won't even mow their OWN lawns!
  9. The only thing that anyone is running out of is your whine.
  10. Nor do I. I do recall a union organizer, Caesar Chavez, who in what, the (late 60's? 70's) organized the United Farm workers and was instrumental in providing safe(er) workplaces and housing for thousands of interant workers, some of the laws made life better for workers as far as the crab-pickers and vegetable harvesters and cannery workers on our own Eastern Shore and Delaware..
  11. Wow, good to see another C/D reader here. Off topic, of course. I've subscribed to the mag since the late 70's and many of our automotive purchases were based on positive C/D reviews, including a '84 GTI and a handful of Hondas/ Toyotas/Nissans and a truck or two. Sorry to interrupt this intriguing and worthwhile thread with my off-topic comments, therefore, EG; we return us both to our regularly scheduled... rants.