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  1. Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility?
  2. You have cat to be kitten me?
  3. Interesting article, give that the Sun's slant on the article seems to question why Officer Rice is not convicted and strung up from the nearest tree. So much for neutrality in journalism.
  4. Up to 10 years, apparently.
  5. Pigeonholing kids in the public educational system has existed for decades, and i'll freely admit that it affected my public school education achievement, particularly through the primary years. For many of us college was where we truly learned to think and learn. We all survived it though, and most of us managed to achieve a modicum of success without being remanded to the custody or the State of Federal government(s). .
  6. I'm really scratching my head over that one. I'm thinking that maybe you, EK and a few others are the ones in need of professional help, not Guido.
  7. In my years here I've found that you usually get what you give. Perhaps EK might look to himself for the solution to his alleged issues.
  8. The rainbow is kinda cool, too.
  9. You brought it up. Another deflection.
  10. Then why promote the lore?
  11. The "wild west" as never as wild as your fantasies would lead you to believe.
  12. Depending on the topic, banner changes his "religious beliefs" as quickly as a chameleon changes his colors. Whatever suits him.
  13. John Bobbitt's doctors figured it out. it's a good thing that Lorena was charged only with a misdeweiner.
  14. It's close to being the largest Japanese-badged facility in the US, save for the Nissan assembly plant in Smyrna TN. The Honda facility in Marysville OH is in the running as well.