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  1. There are merit badges for rifle and shotgun shooting.
  2. You need to take a break. White guilt and paranoid conspiracy delusions are causing you undue stress. See your doctor if said symptoms last for over four hours.
  3. I'm sure that many are too busy, however on occasion I'd rather go to an establishment and see the real thing before I buy. That little picture on the interweb just doesn't get it sometimes.
  4. Not only UPS, but the USPS and Fed Ex. They could band together and call it the FED UP amendment.
  5. Day-um, didn't they do that in the 50's? Then implode the structures in the 90's? Love it, workerbee, how history repeats itself!
  6. *grins* Given that, we can all be assured of bogart's vote for the incumbent in the next gubernatorial election can we not? (This oughta be good)
  7. I suppose you think youare correct, however the 9/11 attacks were the last serious examples of Article. 5. If you want to consider the poisoning incident as an Article 5 attack, then why not the sarin attacks in Japan, the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the anthrax attacks as well as the bombings of embassies of various countries around the world? Get real.
  8. I dunno. Ask Montgomery Wards, Sears, J.C. Penney, K-Mart and the plethora of brick and mortar stores that are doing so very well by your premise.
  9. If not now, certainly later.
  10. There may be a future in investing in the conversion of big-box stores to indoor skating rinks, go-cart tracks and/or mega athletic centers.
  11. The market favors what the consumers demand. The company filed for Chapter 11 last year.