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  1. Inexpensive?
  2. Maybe when one is 19, 21 seems like an eternity.
  3. Guess they were too busy trying to get Hillary elected.
  4. Why not post the names of said reps, and the political contributions made to them by the NRA as well as other lobbying groups? It's not hard to research, how about supplying the names alone, the rest is public record. Betcha you won't do it.
  5. Much ado about televising a lynch mob, nothing more.
  6. Supposedly they are to appear shortly. Quite admirable, showing up for what is a liberal CNN kangaroo court.
  7. And CNN went to break....of course.
  8. BULLoney. You asked to have the thread deleted AFTER your well-deserved thrashing by the many DECENT people of all stripes who post here. Stop lying.
  9. If law enforcement would have done their job(s) this would have been avoidable. Period.
  10. But but but...SOMEONE always gets left out!
  11. Where are the "usual culprits???
  12. Of course, it's the Officer's fault. The system didn't have one little thing to do with it. The fish rots from the head down.
  13. You may have a point there. I'm not defending the perp in the least, the "caregivers" may have been shifting the kid around from house to house, collecting their "foster care" checks; not really giving a damn about the kid; sending him down the road, "kicking the can" so to speak when they couldn't handle him any more.. No excuse in any way for what happened.
  14. Well, what the heck. The guy could be considered to have been ahead of his time.
  15. How anyone has ever survived darts, horseshoes, quoits, billiards/pool, shuffleboard, beer pong (all involving potentially deadly objects) over the many years that said games have existed must be a miracle, yes, Cowboyz? Oh well. Some folks are more useless than the "g" in lasagna.
  16. This guy probably deserves his pension more that some. (almost 60 years?)
  17. How about a somebody police officer? (Sorry, i couldn't resist)
  18. The "domestic terrorist" statement may be a bit free and loose, save for his victims, who no doubt, were domestic and felt terrorized by the perp's many actions over the many years. No difference, though, a fine and dedicated LEO has been lost. Rest in peace, Officer Ramzziddin.
  19. The media places far too much emphasis on shooting/homicides at 5:00; 6:00 and 11:00. . After all; "If it bleeds, it leads." The fact that Baltimore is the most dangerous city in the country reflects not only the homicide rate, but also other violent crimes; Manslaughter; Assault/aggravated assault , robbery, rape and so on; all crimes of violence, and no doubt that many "lesser" crimes go unreported. "The media is the message." (Marshall McLuhan)
  20. Didn't Hitler call it the "T-4" program?
  21. Be careful, folks, this is The Sun. Somewhere, the gun-grabbers are no doubt taking notes, compiling lists, preparing for the confiscation.
  22. You belonged to the "dart league" and they weren't your friends? Wow. Kinda like some of the insurance ads of late.; "
  23. There's no accounting for your choice of "friends" i suppose.
  24. I was a member of a dart league for many years Can't recall anyone ever getting stuck from a dart.