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  1. Supreme Court decision regarding juveniles be damned, Harris hit the gas...killed a cop, It's a shame that we can no longer send Harris to the gas - chamber.
  2. Oh geeze, cry me a river over hst2's SELECTIVE honor.
  3. Timonium is to horse racing what a carnival go-cart track is to Formula ONE.
  4. A friend of mine, one that I've known since High School is a retired Baltimore County LEO and is quite active as one of the higher-ups in the BC FOP union. I'll be happy to let you know when a legitimate crowdfunding site is established. That being said, beware of impostor sites that are already sprouting.
  5. Some believe so. Recalls? Downgrades This guy seems to know his stuff. This isn't good. I admire Musk, however the reality is about to overcome the fantasy.
  6. Brings to mind a movie quote by Gavin, Danny Divito's lawyer character in the film War of the Roses: What do you call lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? An excellent start. l used to resent jokes like that. Now l see them as simple truths.
  7. and: Oh puhlease.
  8. Murphy's Law: Always keep in mind that your weapon was made by the lowest bidder
  9. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Those boys must be livin' in high cotton!
  10. Poor Hillary Stephanie.
  11. Since girls have been allowed to join the Boy Scouts there is a new requirement for the Scouts 24th World Jamboree. Linky thingy
  12. That's gonna put a serious dent in his credit rating for the next 80 years.
  13. It would be difficult to justify the money for an upgrade at Pimlico, given the MJC applied to Maryland Racing Commission this year for 159 days of racing at Laurel Park, but only 12 at Pimlico, which was granted. Given that the Stronach Group has already invested over 30 million in Laurel Park with more to come, the handwriting appears to be on the wall.
  14. It's doubtful that they were picking cotton in New Jersey.
  15. Good post.
  16. Unfortunately, sometimes the parent(s) are the last to know. I've heard that from a number of LEOs through the years. Sad.
  17. Apparently, his business is taking quite a beating on Yelp.
  18. No problem!
  19. Really? In pensions? Funny, how some seem to disagree I guess it's possible that the unicorns have delivered deliverance in such a short time. Yes, it's an editorial, however it's an editorial that states facts. RAWSTORY?
  20. The duties of the Vice President: The Vice President is the President of the Senate and can preside over it. He casts a vote in the Senate when there is a tie. He assumes the powers of the President upon the death, resignation or incapacitation of the President. Kinda easy work, if you can get it.
  21. Usually the pensioners, by way of reduced health care benefits and COLA adjustments. .