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  1. Some of you got an early Christmas present...
  2. Nope but I bet the players "Respect" Lombardi, Saban and Bill B. Your also comparing players 18 and over. We talking players 18 and younger...well maybe 19 and under at Loyola..j/s. I'm an outsider looking in an only going off what I have been told. I witnessed a case of child abuse last weekend when he Don's came to Severn, MD. They ought to be thankful Spalding took the foot off the gas...they may not be so lucky when they play SFA. Time will tell...
  3. Let's not kid ourselves...that Curley team you reference was a team full of studs! They were the B-Conference bully and it showed. Some talent left and John Carroll smoked them in the championship the following year - then there is last season. They lost to Severn School, St. Mary's teams w/less talent. Then you didn't speak on what happened at JC when he was the head coach. No one is saying they are not a solid staff. Talk on what was posted - they say the kids have a problem relating to the OC - same thing I was told when he was at AC. Kids will not play for Coaches they do not like. Now we can skate around any issue - but three places same report. One can make an argument...things have gone downhill since his arrival..your own post documents that. I agree they have no business in the A-Conf. If it hadn't been for a pick-6 they would be winless vs B-Conference teams.
  4. Yes - my source explained that while at Curley, Murphy was the HC, but the Line Coach (Loyola's OC) ran the offense. In fact they ran Flexbone..in the final game of the season in 2016. The offense staff at Loyola consist of the Curley's OLine coach from 2016, A backfield coach supposed QB coach and the former Oline coach from previous season at Curley. Interesting selection of coaches but somehow some way they need to find a way to get the kids to buy into what is being taught. It didn't work at his previous two stops JC and AC, and doesn't look like its working at Loyola. Oh well - we shall see if things improve this week. Just going to be a long season for the Don's...this will be a much needed down year for them...lol!
  5. This story @ Loyola is starting to have a familiar ring to it. I did a little fact checking and the OC had communication issues w/players when he was the HC at John Carroll, the OLine coach @ AC (Or Head Coach - depending upon who you talk to) and now seems like something is brewing w/the Don's. He might be a great guy, but if you can get you players to buy what your selling - how great of a coach can you really be? These set of coaches have the greatest intentions as do all, but your track record is your track record. Spalding could have put 80 plus on Loyola. The Freshman QB is going to be special...will like to see how they evolve there pass game around him. I will be shocked after watching Loyola/AS if Loyola wins an A conference game this season - let's call it like it is...there a bad football team, maybe one of the worse in a long time.
  6. Agree - now I don't know the in's and out's but are you saying the HC was hired back in Jan? They have a lot of experience on that staff..the former Curley coaches...isn't one the former HC from John Carroll? I don't think most school will have the money to compete w/SFA. However, they should be able to compete with the likes of Spalding...but I think they are going to get a running clock on them. Until things change the B Conference is where they are headed. The first 3 games is a sign the Don's are in some serious trouble - they won't beat CH, McD, AS or SFA. They got a shot to squeak out a win against Gilman.
  7. After reading all of this - it seems like a few are afraid to state the obvious. Loyola is just plain bad. They got extremely lucky to get out of Curley with the win. I see nothing but a$$ whooping for Loyola. How many points do you think Spalding will put up coming off the GC loss? How many wins will Loyola end up with this season? I read on here give the new staff some time, while your giving them time the schools around them are loading up and getting better. Tough times are ahead for the Don's.