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  1. Whatever you do, don't tell him Trump ran for President in 2000.
  2. We know there's a sect of the country that has wanted it since the last one ended.
  3. This. If we're going to be serious about the 2nd Amendment being there to protect our other rights and taking out the government when they aren't protecting them, then now is the time to put that into action.
  4. Ask and ye shall receive It's official, the new map is the one that will be used in the midterms.
  5. Sessions lied under oath and obstructed justice by firing McCabe after he had recused himself.... lock him up.
  6. Yeah it's a really dumb bill. Rauner won't sign it though.
  7. Why was my posted deleted in this thread Matt? All I said was "Sounds like Hillary dumped Joba". Where's the TOS violation?
  8. Rauner won't sign it, but if you're gonna do this, you need to make it a buy-back, or compensate.
  9. Awesome. This will be bad for Trump, no question. Never thought I would see the day where there was a fight between the President of the United States and a porn star and I’d be rooting for the porn star.
  10. Until they pass some legislation protecting Mueller it’s all show.
  11. Typically Dems that lose their seats are the ones that sell out to Wall St. and big banks.
  12. The draining of the swamp comes this November
  13. Boy that tweet did not age well.
  14. It tells me Trump supporters are dumb retards.