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  1. The only one having a meltdown is you judging by this incoherent mess of a post. Hogan’s re-election is a 50-50 proposition at this point IMO so, no bet.
  2. LOL Kim Kardashian? Kanye West? Trumptards are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  3. I expect Hogan to get a lot of crossover votes, but he needs crossover votes and weak D turnout in strongholds. Similar to the Doug Jones situation in Alabama. He needed crossover voters and GOPers to stay home in order to eek out a win and that is exactly what happened. Let me show you what I mean: in PG’s county, Hogan lost it 184,950 to 32,619 four years ago. That’s a blowout but that was a low turnout for the Dems there, Clinton got well over 300k votes from the county. Hogan was able to overcome the PG’s county blowout in the rest of the state. The election was still close though, it was under 5 points. If Dems have an increased turnout, and Baker (or whoever) banks a 200k vote lead out of PG’s county, then Hogan could be in some trouble. I know you’re trying to argue that turnout could be down because of uncompetitive house races, but that’s usually not how it works. If turnout is up in the rest of the country it’s going to be up in MD as well, these things don’t happen in isolation. People will come out in droves to vote against Trump and the GOP. Hogan’s approvals are high so he can still win, not saying he can’t. But he will need a lot of support out of Baltimore County.
  4. LOL, no, I am just analyzing the race at this point, no skin off my back either way. Although I almost hope Hogan loses just because of josensback’s post above.
  5. Our VA primary is June 12 and I haven’t seen anything primary related other than flyers in the mail. Been kind of weird.
  6. One thing I notice about the polls is that Hogan wasn’t at 50% in any of them. He can still get to that mark but this won’t be a gimme election. Dem turnout, which will be much higher than in 2014, will make things a little more difficult for him.
  7. Scott Pruit ring a bell? How about Tom Price? And then of course there's Trump himself, under investigation for election conspiracy and obstruction of justice. How many indictments in the Obama administration again?
  8. Netanyahu is under investigation for corruption.
  9. I haven't seen anything to definitely say that his work ethic is a problem, I just think he stinks.
  10. More of your rambling, incoherent nonsense, but I get what you're trying to say. Once Trump is shown to have committed crimes, by Mueller, support for his impeachment will reach well over 50%.