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  1. Yes he is really is that stupid.
  2. I thought you posted once that you were black or at least not white. Apparently I dreamt that up.
  3. I thought you were black.
  4. Um, that The Nazis are the violent ones in Charlottesville?
  5. This is easy enough
  6. If you can find a video conclusively showing an antifa member or a counter protester striking first in the Charlottesville skirmish, be my guest. They don't exist. There is just after-the-fact spin from rightists trying to deflect blame from the Nazis.
  7. The problem is no one tries to equate the KKK and Neo Nazis to the entire white race (or at least very few) or Christianity, while the right tried to use an Islamic terrorist attack to smear all Muslims.
  8. You realize Twitter has conservatives and liberals on it, right?
  9. LOL, I missed that doozy the first time around.
  10. ?? Are you serious? You're a joke.
  11. It was Twitter, not a news report, fool. There were people on the ground taking videos, and they posted them to twitter.
  12. Nope, not making this up. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/former-trump-campaign-spokesperson-slavery-part-american-good-history
  13. The counter protesters, including antifa, didn't do a damn thing at the Charlottesville rally except defend themselves. All the videos I've seen, on Twitter mostly, showed the Nazis started EVERYTHING. They beat black people with sticks and torches, they punched counterprotesters. They showed up with assault weapons designed to intimidate and shoot people if necessary (luckily no one was shot). One ran over people with a car.
  14. As I've said before I don't expect the Dems to take the House or the Senate. The Senate map is terrible and the GOP has a virtual monopoly on gerrymandering (yeah I know, Maryland), plus they'll suppress votes and will probably have an unlimited amount of Koch money to push their propaganda.
  15. You just have to be parody. Either that or a bot the admin uses when things get slow on his message board. Crystal Night? Bwahahahahaha