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  1. Ted, I have heard your hating *** have ridiculed MY son for too long and never said anything because it was about football and I could care less what you said about football because his playing ability speaks for itself. That’s why he is now enrolled at VT. He earned it. It was never given. I don’t know what your issue is with us or him, nor do care, but I’m not gonna let you speak on a public message board about something you know NOTHING about, especially his grades. DeJuan never had a failing grade at Bishop O’Connell nor McDonogh. Actually, he never had one since entering kindergarten. I am an educator myself and definitely would never let my son go out like that. You or anyone else that didn’t go to DJO don’t know the issues that went on with any of those “black” kids that went to DJO because nothing was ever said publically about it. McDonogh’s vigorous academic curriculum is the MAIN reason he chose that school. He could of went to St. Francis, too but chose not to. He had offers at DJO, so as much as y’all would like to say he transfered only for football reasons is BS. You really mad because you wanted him to fail so bad, but that will NEVER happen as long as he has breath in his body. You really have no clue of who or what my family is about, so keep that Ellis name off your finger tips because I gaureentee you that you will never have the balls to say all you say about these kids face to face to them or their parents. See, I don’t hide behind a fake screen name and never will. That to me is cowardish. Now let me sit back and enjoy my son’s graduation from MCDONOGH SCHOOL and his college send-off to VT, while I don’t have to pay one cent. ✌🏽 Oh, and you or whoever can ridicule me about commenting on a public message board. Shoot your shot. TONYA ELLIS