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  1. he didn't even finish the season at Pallotti. He left halfway thru the season when he was told he was no longer going to be getting snaps at QB and was moved to slot WR.
  2. Vance's last game was St. Paul's game. He was promised he would be the starter (allegedly) and when he got there couldn't beat out the senior who was a 3 year starter. They alternated the 2 QB's for the 1st 3 games and it was a disaster. Vance is not a QB and was a turnover machine. He saw 1 series against St. Mary's, threw a horrible pick and was moved to slot WR. He played a lot of slot WR vs. St. Paul's but decided to transfer to Avalon.
  3. just like araiderfan said, the rumors were out there for months that he was leaving. Despite the bad season, he had 2 playoff appearances and a championship is his 3 seasons so you wouldn't think the school asked him to leave.
  4. the talent was definitely there as shown by their 2 wins against the teams that played in the conference championship. 5 of their 8 losses were by 1 score or less so flip a couple of those games and it's a different record. definitely would have had a better record if all the coaches were on the same page. You could see watching them that there were issues.
  6. BTC was $95 this year. Kids received personalized game jersey, winter hat, UA long sleeved compression shirt, and drawstring back pack. From watching practices and the game, the coaches were 1st class and appeared to care about the kids. The East-West game was a blowout but the North-South game was very competitive
  7. you are correct DW in that Pallotti shot themselves in the foot. The 1st play of the game, Corum broke one for about 80 yards and it was called back for holding, then on the 2nd or 3rd drive he broke one again down inside the 10. Then the OC called 4 more running plays. Where was the play action pass or bootleg to the TE? The TE has 3 TD receptions in 3 games so he can catch. The defense didn't play well in the 1st 2 games but I'll chalk that up for Ian not being there to call plays and make adjustments. They were much better vs. ABC and honestly should have won the game. I will concur that there were a few times both QB's ran when not finding someone open but not many more. The long TD pass you referenced was when the score was 27-0 late in the 4th so that is what it is. Roosevelt was better prepared but it's not hard to be well versed in what Pallotti will do when you know that the team is going to run, run, and run some more. They allowed the starting QB to throw in the beginning of the game and he was 7-12 for 75 yards (taken from another post last week) and the OC still rotated him out to put the backup in. Roosevelt was the better team and maybe last year's Pallotti team would have fared better. They deserved to win.
  8. you see that too with the QB? LOL. It figured that someone promised him something otherwise why put him in there when the other kid is a 3 year starter. It appears that the OC has never been a fan of his QB and for 2 years in a row brought in kids to take his job. Imagine what he could develop into if they actually spent some time and resources coaching him up instead of looking to replace him. Hell, he wasn't even mentioned in the pre-season write-up, they referenced the JV QB who's playing receiver this year. It's been hard to watch as the OC is forcing the run, switching the QB's with no rhyme or reason, and watching turnovers and penalties.
  9. i don't think they should even consider moving to "A" conference. The male student body isn't large enough to support football at that level. I was told that as well as travel to other schools was a consideration is not accepting the offer to move into the "B" division of the WCAC. The losses to Ryken and Roosevelt should have opened some eyes about the level of competition for schools with deeper rosters and more resources. Ian and his staff have the depth at the skill positions but the depth just isn't there on the lines. Patterson was special last season and having both him and Corum allowed the team to be run heavy and use the play action off that. This year teams will key on stopping Corum and the OC hasn't adjusted yet. It's gotten better every week (against Ryken the OC called 6 pass plays). Conference play starts this week so they will get a chance to see where they stack up.
  10. Pallotti is very young this season after losing 16 seniors last season. There are about 25-30 sophomores and freshman on the roster. Of the 22 that start there are 4 seniors and maybe 3-4 juniors. The OL is starting 2 freshman. Turnovers have been an issue as they have 10 in 3 games. Penalties have cost them as well. Coach Thomas was also suspended for 1st 2 games of the season which didn't help the defense. On offense, the play calling has been run heavy and in the first 3 games, the OC put in the backup QB to get snaps and he's committed a turnover in each game. He also scrambled backwards 20 yards into his end zone against Roosevelt for a safety. They had several opportunities to win the ABC game but fumbled three times close to the ABC 30, one being run back for a TD. They also failed to extend a drive from inside the ABC 10 on 3rd and 1 and 4th and 2. Barring changes this just maybe a rebuilding year for them.
  11. I watched the Wise-Paint Branch scrimmage yesterday. Wise is BIG and fast and did I mention BIG. Paint Branch had maybe 5 1st downs the entire scrimmage while Wise scored at least 5-6 times.
  12. went over to watch the games last night. St. Frances is huge at the skill positions. Not sure who they played but the looked like they scored pretty easily. Also got to watch Pallotti vs. City and Dunbar. Anybody else make it over there?
  13. I just heard that Pallotti went to St. John's and beat them by 16.
  14. Dblock..what you said makes a lot of sense about trying to balance the team. Just never in favor of that like the requirement that the MLB all-star game has to have someone from every team. Pick the best players and that's your all-star team. araiderfan..You are absolutely correct that the strength of the team was the running game and he is just asked to "manage" the game. As far as picks, about half weren't his fault. I was at several of their games this season and watched passes bounce off receivers hands/chest and into the DB hands.
  15. So neither of their coaches nominated their QB? Wow. They were both better than Severn's QB.