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  1. FINAL GILMAN - 12 LOYOLA - 35 Great game. Gilman coaching wasn’t terrible as it was in previous weeks. Loyola just outplayed them on the line and had a better secondary. Really saw potential in their center. Gilman’s defensive end, #55 (who I found out is Stretch) played fantastic. Didn’t see #70 I had previously talked about, maybe he got moved up.
  2. Gilman will win. Period.
  3. Ignorance at its best!
  4. I worded that incorrectly. "..until the last few years of Poggi's reign at G..."
  5. Don't necessarily know the authenticity of this statement. I didn't follow Gilman football as heavily as I do now until the end of Poggi's reign at G, but it doesn't sound completely correct.
  6. Didn’t know Doc committed to dartmouth. Do you think he’ll play QB there while being tremendously undersized?
  7. I think that the Cougars could give Wise a run for their money. Assuming it’s a repeat championship from last year, I think the score may be different in QO’s favor. I really like their recent QB play, looking like an all star linemen group as well. Could pose trouble for Wise. Opinions?
  8. Are either concussed? I thought you were leaving this forum DW...
  9. I can promise they will deliver. I have never seen such dominate players on the JV. Holley needs to get his act together! They need depth!
  10. He was down for a solid 10 minutes before getting up. Looked like another head injury.
  11. With Darrien Lawson down, I will honestly be annoyed if Holley doesn't call up #70 or #55 to start at the end position next week.
  12. I’m telling you man, the two JV players I keep talking about should be VARSITY STARTERS. they are MUCH NEEDED DEPTH on a struggling Gilman roster.
  13. Another injury for the Hounds, Darrien Lawson. Time for Poggi to stop, he proved his point. Time to move on.
  14. Gilman playing their younger players now. Hopefully I will see my guy #70 or #55 from the JV squad. It would be good for them to come in and showcase their unrecognized talent.
  15. Gilman's Willis has a "sprained neck" according to the sophomore commentating the game for Gilman. Carted off the field and taken by ambulance. RIP to his season.