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  1. This whole issue has started because of an eviction! This is a Family issue and shouldn’t be aired on a football fourm! If there is going to be a Penalty I’m sure the State and School system will address it!
  2. Looks like another year of blow outs in 3A North!
  3. That's crazy! Thanks for the clarification
  4. Franklin and Milford are the Class of 3A North! After them it's anyone's spot!
  5. I agree with you! But is it Towson's fault or the BC Department of Athletics
  6. Doesn't really matter 3A is going threw Linganore! They will Steam ROLL anyone in 3A North!
  7. I would agree that there schedule is weak and ran into a buzz saw in Perry Hall! He is a young Coach and has them going in the right direction! I think the problem at Towson is they don't have the players to run the spread or any passing offense ! Just my take
  8. Do you still have any of those t-shirts with his picture on them! Your a Good Father for posting this Garbage!
  9. Went over to St Paul's to check it out! Westminster was the best team out there. Will give people problems this year. Towson is muched improved and the new staff have them going in the right direction! St Pauls is working the kinks out with a new staff should compete in the Miaa B!