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  1. Right. As opposed to the usual members of this board, who bravely criticize others while cowering behind anonymity. (By the way: plural of "daddy" is "daddies," and you mean "stick," not "stuck.")
  2. Chesapeake is not a "perennial also-ran." Chesapeake has made the playoffs nine times, including four times in five years from 2007-2011. I would think a "long-time follower of Baltimore County football" would know this. As a Class 1A school, of course Chesapeake isn't going to be able to consistently knock heads with the Class 3A/4A powers in the county. But for a small school stuck down on a peninsula in Essex that draws all of its players from the surrounding community, it does all right. Two years ago, the Bayhawks were terrible and there was a bad attitude among the varsity players, so the school intentionally kept many good players down on the junior varsity so they wouldn't be affected by that attitude. That's the core of this year's team. Chesapeake has a solid defense, but the offense depends too much on breaking long runs. Then again, Shina Aguda, who has rushed for well over 1,000 yards, seems to make a habit of breaking a couple of long runs each game. Against Randallstown this past weekend, Chesapeake trailed 12-8 late in the fourth quarter. Aguda broke a 85-yard run for a touchdown, but it was called back for a holding penalty. Three plays later, he broke a 63-yard run for the winning score. It's unfortunate for the Bayhawks that Dunbar and Lewis are waiting in the playoffs, but I think/hope they can give both schools a game. Heck, a week after Lewis beat New Town 8-6, Chesapeake beat New Town 34-20.
  3. Towson 21, Sparrows Point 9.
  4. Towson runs play from Patapsco 5-yard line with four seconds left, scores to make final score 32-13.
  5. Simmons intercepts badly overthrown pass (Patapsco quarterback missed game with injury, sets up Towson at Patriot 16. Towson scores, leads 26-13 with 4 to go.
  6. Simmons intercepts badly overthrown pass (Patapsco quarterback missed game with injury, sets up Towson at Patriot 16. Towson scores, leads 26-13 with 4 to go.
  7. 16-yard run by Simmons gives Towson 18-13 lead. Extra point pending, injured player being attended to by paramedics on field. Simmons has 150 yards (unofficially) with 10:23 remaining. He mainly just takes a direct snap and runs straight ahead or off-tackle. Few times he's gone outside, he's been tackled for a loss.
  8. Jose Pedilla 36-yard run gives Patapsco 13-12 lead, five minutes left in third. Pedilla had 43-yard score in first half.
  9. At halftime: Towson 12, Patapsco 7.
  10. At halftime: Towson 12, Patapsco 7. sorry; wrong thread.
  11. Ball was snapped over the punter's head. He picked it up, was tackled, fumbled, and Dundalk scooped it up and took it into the end zone for a touchdown. As the touchdown was being scored, the punter and the player who tackled him started scuffling on the ground. I didn't see who started it (was watching the ball being picked up and run into the end zone). Other players on the field then got involved in the fight. The benches didn't quite clear; Dundalk had enough coaches and school officials on the sidelines to grab most of their players who tried to enter the field, and other Owl players also restrained those who tried to leave the sidelines. Patapsco players were told if they didn't return to the sidelines, the school would end the season. The brawl, such as it was, didn't last more than a minute or two. School officials will review the game film next week to determine who gets disciplined. I wouldn't say it was an ugly game throughout (except maybe in the sense neither offense was able to do much. One of Dundalk's other touchdowns also came on a fumble return); there was a brief scuffle at the end of the first half after a Patapsco ballplayer was tackled on a play that carried out of bounds onto the Dundalk sideline, and a Patapsco player was called for roughness. That influenced the official's decision to call the game.
  12. Sparrows Point 24, Catonsville 8. For Baltimore County, something of an upset.
  13. Don't know where VSN gets its stats, but I went by the Perry Hall scorebook and my own notes. Saw him make a three-point play and sink a three-pointer before he was ejected. Perry Hall beat Dundalk 63-57 without Hardnett and despite looking like they weren't taking the game too seriously. Owls led 28-18 late in the first half, Perry Hall scored 10 unanswered to tie it at 28 at halftime.
  14. 6-poster Errrrrr ... okay? I don't get it. Is this supposed to be an insult? An observation? A statement of the obvious? Regardless, it seems irrelevant. Who even bothers to check? In Other Current Threads. Like the Franklin vs. DeMatha thread? Yeah, because that one hasn't gone off the rails, rolled over several times, and took out both the railroad station and a neighboring town. What other logon you exhausted ... Whooosh!!! That's a big swing and miss, Blade. And vampires are supposed to have such awesome reflexes. It may boggle your mind, but there are people who read these forums for entertainment purposes and then one day decide to open an account and start posting. But now that I know the content and your agenda ... Curses! You've exposed my diabolical agenda to ... let people know Dundalk will be playing at Calvert Hall in its 2017 opener. And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddlin' vampires! Man, you need to lower your DefCon status a couple of notches. If you would look over my posts (can't be too hard, there's only six --ooops, seven of them), you would see a common theme: I posted about a basketball tournament at Dundalk High, and the Dundalk High football team. Maybe I'm from .... Dundalk? And a fan of public school athletics? Not a big fan of the private schools, but I'm not going to get bent out of shape because my alma mater is playing Calvert Hall. If the Owls win, they get bragging rights. If Dundalk loses, well, it wasn't supposed to win, anyway. Losing to McDonogh the past two years hasn't kept Franklin out of the playoffs.
  15. Higgs had two points before fouling out. Hardnett had six points, four fouls and a technical.