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  1. That’s awful, best of luck to the family and the kid.
  2. First off, I didn’t START this rumor I asked if anyone had any info on it. Second, it is going around all over BaltCo. What I’ve heard is that the RB #6 was an illegal player, reason unknown, and that he has been removed from the team and the county uppers have all info and are deciding what (if any) consequences will be handed down. To be clear, all of this is what I’ve HEARD, cannot confirm any of it to be true or accurate.
  3. Possibly used illegal player/players
  4. Who’s got the skinny on the Towson rumors?
  5. I feel like we're getting lost in translation here lol. Doesn't matter really, since it's not going to happen!
  6. No there actuallly would then be 5 weeks of playoffs. They would start on what would be week 10 of regular season. The catch is that all teams would play a 9 game regular season, and then teams not qualifying for playoffs would be allowed to schedule a week 10 game against another non-qualifier. This format was discussed 2 years ago, but never really got any support.
  7. Meant to quote last post about blowouts in 3A North
  8. Yes because no one can compete with Franklin. It would be nice if the state would give the 8-team playoff format a try. I know a lot of people don't share that opinion, but imo it seems like a good idea.
  9. Like I already said, and have been saying for months it's BaltCo fault. They really screwed up with this 3 division set up. 3 divisions to me makes sense, since there are so many teams in BaltCo, but the way they set it up makes zero sense. I personally said those exact words to one of the 3 people that made them. Yes that's right I said 3 people...23 head coaches in the county and 3 people alone made the divisions and the schedule.
  10. While that may be true, you are wrong it does matter. It matters because they likely will get a playoff spot over a more deserving team, and the BaltCo powers-that-be are responsible for that.
  11. Been saying this since the schedule came out in December. And should Towson run the proverbial table, and steal the 4seed in the 3A North (over what will likely be 2 or 3 more deserving, 7-3 6-4 ish type teams that played a real schedule) I can say with great confidence they won't lose to Franklin will be much much worse than that.
  12. I honestly hope y'all do make the playoffs and have to see some real competition. Y'all get waxed by PH, then give up 36 points to Dulaney and you're talking about wanting to see Milford or Franklin in the playoffs? You must not know this county very well. I also want y'all to get in so I can give a big fat "TOLD YA SO!" to the idiots that created the BaltCo divisions.