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  1. HC is stepping down to take over as AD next year. They are not yet taking applications for a new HC. My guess is that he is still performing HC off season duties until new HC is named.
  2. That’s the same thing I was thinking, coming off that good season it seemed odd. But focusing just on 1 sport I can totally understand.
  3. Heard Chesapeake BC is open, can anyone confirm?
  4. Well congrats you’ve met him! We got drilled by Randallstown in the first round, I forget the score. But I remember the game, and I remember tackling Angelo Todd over and over again, and I remember being in awe at the sight of 6’8” Terren Crawford so yea making the state playoffs is a lifetime memory for me.
  5. Agreed not a huge problem, as in every region except 1A South all qualifiers were at least 6 wins. Now the fact that a 4-5 and a 3-6 team got in due to that extremely small 1A South region I do believe is a problem, but I don’t pretend to know the solution. I would be a proponent for both models. With the 9 week schedule/additional playoff week, any team that doesn’t qualify can then schedule a week 10 game with another non-qualifier. Everybody gets 10 games, and some kids that would otherwise never get to experience a playoff game then get that experience. Someone was said to me yea well all those 1vs8 games would be blowouts so what’s the point. The point is blowout or not the kids get the playoff experience. And hey you never know (UMBC!) Adding a 5A would also accomplish what I think is the most important thing more kids the experience and lifetime memory of a playoff spot
  6. I would say it’s a sensible option. If it were to happen, do we then get rid of “Regions” and just take the top 16 overall for playoffs?
  7. Took the words right out of my mouth. The first time the kid practiced for Dunbar in August, he was then ineligible to play in BaltCo this season. Regardless of why or how he may have transferred
  8. Where’s the Overlea RFL score?
  9. Uh oh the grammar police are on to me!
  10. Ok coach, much respect due. Congrats for being one of the few teams to even make the playoffs. I guess maybe there’s some inside joke we don’t know about. Im just a guy sitting home looking at scores. Glad to see a fellow Bmore team play a tough game.
  11. Hold up mamba said 69-0 now you’re saying 8-2. That’s a big difference???
  12. You heard it here first folks
  13. Perry Hall can put up serious points, but I know nothing about Paint Branch so I can’t make a prediction there. Milford handles CMW Edgewood gives Franklin all they can handle, possibly even beats them. Just my humble opinions.....
  14. They def do, I felt that way since week 9 when it looked like they were headed for a match up.
  15. Chesapeake not beating Dunbar, won’t even be close. Edgewood I think does have a realistic shot to beat Franklin.