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  1. If it was going to be Hall, then why open up the job? Bet they go outside
  2. Couple of quick assessments from the game, I have seen Loyola 3 or 4 times this year and this was my first time seeing CHC...1st, how is CHC not better then what they were? Had great size and talent, but no true identity on offense. Again not sure if they do this all year, but go with a scheme and master it, one series they go spread, T formation, dbl tights single back with shifts, wing t looks...and all packages had different guys...I did not get it, go with your guys and let them settle in...were good enough defensively to stay in a base 4-4 defense but could have produced better w creativity, def had the talent to do so...CHC should have played STF, and with that talent they should be in the mix every year. Loyola looked like a B conference team or a 2a/3a football team. Played tough in the 2nd qtr and start of the 3rd, before talent and depth took over. Gonna need an experienced DC if they want to compete down the road, obviously some better talent. All of which should be taken care of in recruiting and in offseason weight room. Def a 2-3 year project for the coaches. I like the freshmen that played yesterday, had a good JV team and bring back some good kids.
  3. Control the clock...dnt know if they have the talent yet to beat CHC, but imo playing a tight game and having a chance to win at the end is what they need. If they pull off the upset, great, if not they need to give CHC all they got. With it being year one with a new staff, I dnt believe this is a make or break game for the program.
  4. You have a coaching staff who is trying to rebuild a team that has not had a winning season in years, and just graduated a ton of players from the previous season. Maybe it is the current players who cannot relate to the new coaching staff? All this talk about football suppose to be fun and its not just about winning and losing is an excuse. Almost everyday at the beginning of the season, posters came on here and complained about LB coaches and the changes. Maybe the kids need to get a reality check and earn the right for football to be fun. They play against tough competition, buy in and see results or don't buy in and be ok with building friendships. I am sure its not fun for the coaches to deal with the adversity they have faced all season, but it happens and they have kept coaching and you see the progress in the last two games they played. Rome wasn't built in a day, and I bet a few years down the road if they stick w the plan, those changes will pay off.
  5. Looks like it worked out for the best, changes have been made and are continuing to be made...cant change the past move forward
  6. HDG will not lose to Bo Manor...HDG will win by 3 TD's...
  7. Shame MSJ didn't get a chance the way some of these teams ended their season...Turkey Bowl looks like it might be interesting...
  8. Good matchup on the Eastern Shore...Kent Island @ North Caroline...Both teams are strong and KI was NC's closest match up this season (NC won by 3 TD's). Look for Kent Island to play them much tougher this time around (Beat QA 48-0 last Friday). Caroline, has 2 D1 players on their roster, and a good supporting cast of players who have a ton of confidence right now. I think Caroline wins, 24-10, with NC's David Bailey getting more carries and reps on defense now that it's playoff time. Bailey is a beast at 6'2 235lbs running back!
  9. at this point in the season, who isn't playing with injuries? I am sure both teams had guys out...either way great game!
  10. Loyola is doing a good job moving the ball today, and mixing the runs up
  11. Gillman needs a QB...difference in the game right now
  12. Got to see the game, and was impressed with what curley had talent wise and shocked they were sitting at 0-3 (should win this week). Seems like they get pass happy in he wrong situations and do well when they run the ball. New coaches and new system shouldn't matter need to be able to run the ball regardless to win games.
  13. LB hasn't been successful since Abbot, and they had football kids. Thats great kids play multi-sports, but if i'm trying to build something, I want kids around for summer workouts, 7v7, ect. I want kids to earn their spots and get in football shape. Doesn't mean they can't go play golf or lax on the weekends, gotta buy in to the program. Sounds like people are making excuses for why these kids can't buy in to what they trying to build. It's obvious they are not dropping down to the B, and sounds like they got some size according to earlier posts. Just gotta trust the process and be patient.
  14. If he has a d1 scholarship in golf then go play golf, can't blame a coach who is trying to establish a system to get the kid to buy into what they are doing...Loyola graduated a ton of players from last years team and you cannot expect a team to compete right away when they haven't won a conference game in several years. Rebuilding takes take and recruiting, if the kids arn't buying into the program and the coaches aren't getting support then they are in trouble for a long time.
  15. 2 years of experience vs the potential to be successful...i think they'll take the opportunity to build upon a successful offense that translate to wins, rather than make one kid happy...maybe that kid will commit to the changes and prepare himself physically and mentally, maybe not...only time will tell