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  1. Just seems to me that with everyone complaining about STF getting transfers and poaching players, that the entire league should be consistent...Regardless if the players are in league or not, they complained about STF receiving transfers and on this page we just mentioned MSJ getting 4 kids, 3 from a MIAA school.
  2. Still a transfer from another school! Isn’t that a reason everyone is mentioning? Didn’t he do jv track instead of varsity to avoid transfer policy? but had he best jump?
  3. I heard that 3 kids are transferring from Curley to mt st joe, along w some Loyola guys...all played varsity...wonder how the miaa will handle that? 🤔 Also funny how other schools point fingers but...
  4. So the former DC was the issue but in 2014 they averaged 8.3 pa and were undefeated and 16.6 in 2015? and there wasn't much drop off in 2017? I think you need to move on!
  5. Sandora was the DC last year, sounds like you just dont like the guy!
  6. Why?
  7. I have not heard of any transfers, and saw on social media players posting about next season already. Curley is a good school and has a strong tradition in football and in other sports. Most student-athletes that go to B Conf schools chose to go there as a combination of sports/academics and traditionally do not have a ton of transfers. I would bet that a "bunch" of players i more like 1 or 2
  8. the departure of a coach had no influence?
  9. I believe the HC at Loy, just made matters worse for himself. By letting parents and other people influence your decisions on "your" program, will continue to make it worse as time goes on. I get that some people see changes as not the "loyola" way, but nothing will change unless someone puts the foot down. IMO, if they do not want to buy in then the program (kids, parents), than it is better off without the headache. It will take time to get your guys in, but school should have supported the theory.
  10. I have to believe that the incidents are separate. I do not care how bad you dislike someone, an incident report like this is damaging to the point where that career is over. I find it hard to believe that a school, would create or stretch an incident to ruin a persons life just to get rid of them as a football coach. Why would a private school, whom rely's on athletics to bring in a portion of students to the school want this bad publicity?
  11. Sounds like the story has been twisted...
  12. They guy had JC in B conf championship and lost to a more talented St Pauls team in OT, and was instrumental in Curley's 2015 Championship team...guy can coach...sounds like Loyola people want to break the mold but also don't want to at the same time!
  13. Because he holds kids accountable and too tough...
  14. I just know the BTC all star game is always attended by college coaches and is a well run organization that puts the kids first...cannot not say the same for the the crab bowl...I know some areas that were charged $50 to try out, including underclassman...Why did they even leave McDaniels campus? I have been to both and there is a big difference in how things are done...
  15. BTC does it right, kids get a ton of free stuff and gate money helps fund Big 33...crab bowl imo is a money maker, charge kids for try outs and tell them they have to attend work outs to make team and I know there have been players selected that did not go to the try outs. They also invite younger kids but charge them as well. Now I know this is the first year they did a JR showcase...not sure how it was run this past year