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  1. Got to see the game, and was impressed with what curley had talent wise and shocked they were sitting at 0-3 (should win this week). Seems like they get pass happy in he wrong situations and do well when they run the ball. New coaches and new system shouldn't matter need to be able to run the ball regardless to win games.
  2. LB hasn't been successful since Abbot, and they had football kids. Thats great kids play multi-sports, but if i'm trying to build something, I want kids around for summer workouts, 7v7, ect. I want kids to earn their spots and get in football shape. Doesn't mean they can't go play golf or lax on the weekends, gotta buy in to the program. Sounds like people are making excuses for why these kids can't buy in to what they trying to build. It's obvious they are not dropping down to the B, and sounds like they got some size according to earlier posts. Just gotta trust the process and be patient.
  3. If he has a d1 scholarship in golf then go play golf, can't blame a coach who is trying to establish a system to get the kid to buy into what they are doing...Loyola graduated a ton of players from last years team and you cannot expect a team to compete right away when they haven't won a conference game in several years. Rebuilding takes take and recruiting, if the kids arn't buying into the program and the coaches aren't getting support then they are in trouble for a long time.
  4. 2 years of experience vs the potential to be successful...i think they'll take the opportunity to build upon a successful offense that translate to wins, rather than make one kid happy...maybe that kid will commit to the changes and prepare himself physically and mentally, maybe not...only time will tell
  5. The southeast is the best area of football in the country, must be doing something. Just think Maryland publics should be able to do more during the spring/summer
  6. I would bet those same kids are doing other sports as well during the same time...at that age kids should be playing 3 sports in 3 seasons. However would like to see Maryland allow spring practice or give more hours during the summer to help prepare players for the heat and for college. A lot of kids who go to the next level (more on the lower levels) have no idea what they are getting themselves into because we restrict rules in our state. Makes it tough to compete with other states.
  7. Relax Coach...I don't think anybody is bashing Coach Sandora, they are just expressing there surprise to hire outside, some a disappointment. I personally think it will be a tough transition at first, but will take time...Gonna be tough to run a spread offense without spread players, and curley normally (we'll see what happens) does not take transfers and if they do not a ton. Big determining factor will be how to handle coaching duties and recruiting, who will be coordinating? IMO, watching every team run a spread in the B is gonna be like watching 7v7...
  8. Pretty sure he split games at first and then started the last few...regardless, he knows what to expect now, has experience and finished strong last season. Pretty sure he made the BTC All Star Team recently for next season...They played a crazy schedule last season, hell be fine this season.
  9. JC should be much better this season, they return a decent amount and have decent size...plus Ismail has a full year of MIAA football now under his belt, they will be much improved.
  10. http://www.mdprepfootball.com/?p=2912 according to mdpreps site...they were terrible in the 80's...occasional winning season here and there throughout their history, but nothing close to what was created by murphy...
  11. The mid 80's isn't 20 years of a consistent contender...not many coaches have been able to put together that success. Many B conference teams are up and down...Curley and BL have been the two consistent programs over the years. Two programs that build from the bottom up, maybe gets the occasional transfer, but really rely on bringing in kids as freshmen and developing them into good football players. I am just saying that with the success they have had, why would you not want to try and at least continue that, rather than clean slate and start over fresh? Gotta be tough on the kids and alumni there. Not taking anything away from Sandora, he has been successful as well, but I am sure there will be some challenges.
  12. Unbelievable...Curley was arguably the most consistent team in the b conf the past 20 years bc of murphey. 5 conference championships, tons of kids going to play college ball from that program, there wasn't curley football before him and to be treated like that?! I would think the admin would want to keep some familiarity with the success...shame
  13. what is the word with all state?
  14. Wonder how the athletes at curley will transition to a spread? Need a true qb for the spread in that league...curley doesn't normally take transfers like the other miaa schools.
  15. Sounds like Dundlak HC took it