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  1. All 3 were fired as well. 2 of them looked too fat to be police to begin with.
  2. This is a tragic case. The apparently did nothing wrong to begin with. What is this world coming to? Courtesy Atlanta Journal Constitution
  3. It depends on the circumstances. White supremacy is front and center at the moment. It would also be newsworthy if they were attacked because they are Caucasian. That isn’t the reason they were assaulted.
  4. What in the world are you talking about?
  5. How do you know Charlie Rose is a Democrat?
  6. The Sun has to be careful about liability when posters are labeling people sexual predators.
  7. I thought all this was out of character for Senator Franken.
  8. I don’t view police officers in that fashion, no pun intended.
  9. Does this story have national implications? If it does, I want to know what they are.
  10. Cars and trucks aren’t designed to kill people. Guns are.
  11. I agree with your first statement. The second statement is false. The death penalty is not a deterrent.
  12. What Franken did was unacceptable, but this was more satire than a sexual assault. Very bad taste? Oh yeah. A crime? Not even close.
  13. This is local news story from several states away. It’s a local crime with local implications. In other words why are you littering the board with this crap?