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  1. I can only imagine how LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 soldiers feel having to listen to him at their graduation.They ought to sue for hostile work environment.
  2. I guarantee the military cannot stand Trump. Why the Navy commanders invited him to speak is beyond me. I guess Trump could have approached them and declared himself the commencement speaker.
  3. Taking a knee is just as patriotic as standing for the anthem. Both are expressions of a free society.
  4. Yah! This is a good day for Ireland.
  5. This is so stupid. Why even play the National Anthem? What does that have to do with football anyway?
  6. That’s different.
  7. I found John’s too!
  8. Louis’ email address is in the link. Maybe we ought to reach out.
  9. Sure! Why not?
  10. I was behind Kamenetz. I am now leaning towards Rushern Baker.
  11. Chris Davis is just struggling.
  12. Come again? That’s why the citizens of Ferguson were demanding justice.
  13. What makes you think she will walk? Special prosecutors are independent.
  14. The men and women who own NFL teams have bought into the cockeyed notion that protest and dissent of the kind practiced by Kaepernick and Reid make these players unpatriotic, even in a country where honorable and peaceful dissent is as patriotic as the flag that they are told they are disrespecting. But this isn’t about politics or beliefs or dissent, peaceful or otherwise. It’s about money. And fear.