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  1. I wouldn’t but police might if necessary.
  2. This is an example of another mentally ill man with unchecked access to guns.
  3. I agree with confiscation with proper compensation.
  4. She is an admirable woman, but she needs to step aside.
  5. That guy is a certified bigot.
  6. Who do you think you are with your false allegations? Where’s the moderators?
  7. How dare you call me a racial troll? That’s offensive. Please check yourself.
  8. Bmore, this is one of many articles accessible online. I think I read that he no longer plans to kneel during the Anthem. He is making concessions. The teams aren’t even will to meet him 10% of the way. It’s not like he raped a child. He just knelt.
  9. He is too good for Canada!
  10. I didn’t write the article. I hope he gets another shot.
  11. I've been training @kaepernick7 everyday and to say he's dedicated is an understatement. Each day we hit the gym and put in work! We haven't stopped throwing, training and preparing since January of 2017. Even when we’re traveling we put in that work #nevertired 💪🏽 #imwithkap
  12. All these scrubs get recycled but Kaepernick is still jobless.
  13. This is such a mess. But her emails
  14. The press are guardians of liberty.