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  1. What makes you think she will walk? Special prosecutors are independent.
  2. I've been training @kaepernick7 everyday and to say he's dedicated is an understatement. Each day we hit the gym and put in work! We haven't stopped throwing, training and preparing since January of 2017. Even when we’re traveling we put in that work #nevertired 💪🏽 #imwithkap
  3. The men and women who own NFL teams have bought into the cockeyed notion that protest and dissent of the kind practiced by Kaepernick and Reid make these players unpatriotic, even in a country where honorable and peaceful dissent is as patriotic as the flag that they are told they are disrespecting. But this isn’t about politics or beliefs or dissent, peaceful or otherwise. It’s about money. And fear.
  4. The response to player protests over the last two years has bordered on hysterical. Every day we dig in to our respective side of Dr. Seuss’s Butter Battle instead of talking about what really confuses us, scares us or makes us mad.
  5. I dislike when I get my food after standing in a long line and then I cannot sit down because someone is holding a table. It’s just rude. That doesn’t appear to be the case here.
  6. The Orioles have been pretty good the last couple years.
  7. I am starting to think you are not very fond of Mr. Duquette.
  8. These kids should be in school. I support their efforts but education comes first.
  9. I am sorry, but his numbers say Kaepernick is a great quarterback. Even people who think he’s too much of a headache will agree that he is good enough to be on most teams.
  10. Is he better than Griffin?
  11. Weed dealer? Come on.
  12. There needs to be accountability. I am glad there’s a local rally next Sunday. A #Justice4Stephon rally for racial justice will be held in Baltimore on Sunday. Local groups will join others across the nation to demand justice for 22-year-old Stephon Clark, who was shot 20 times by police in Sacramento in March.The Council on American-Islamic Relations will take part in the local rally, which will start at noon at McKeldin Square, at the intersection of Pratt Street and Light Street at the Inner Harbor.
  13. I ask everyone to watch the podcast. I am sure it will lead you to the same conclusion about his innocence.
  14. It’s not just me calling this stuff out. It’s the experts in the sport. Robert Griffin III is filling a spot that should belong to Colin Kaepernick. Also, Robert Griffin III signing could be connected to Colin Kaepernick collusion grievance. With Griffin on the team, they will use that to pretend race was no factor. Everyone sees this ploy for what it is.
  15. Examining why the Ravens signed Robert Griffin III and passed on Colin Kaepernick. This Griffin guy was over-hyped and never quite made it click in the NFL. Somehow he is better than someone who has played in a Super Bowl. The Ravens and the NFL deserve to lose the collusion case.
  16. Would Ravens revisit Colin Kaepernick as a backup QB option? Maybe they can mutually agree that Colin Kaepernick drop his collusion case in exchange for a spot on the team.
  17. Bienvenidos amigos.
  18. I am excited. Alex Cobb was an awesome addition. He should be ready in two weeks.
  19. Link?
  20. Roch’s articles have me excited for the season. I also heard Roch on with Jim Hunter. They seem to think the team is pretty good. I am predicting 90 wins.
  21. Racism still exists. Look at who they elected President.
  22. These troops ought to sue the crap out of him.