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  1. Lock him up!
  2. Dan Rather was a very respected journalist until he screwed up on a story. One mistake should not overshadow an otherwise great body of work.
  3. How murder and suicide figures plummeted in Australia after gun control laws were introduced.
  4. Twenty eight days is a cooling off period. I would prefer longer, but it’s a start.
  5. He’s been blackballed and everyone knows it.
  6. Why don’t you support Kaepernick? He is better than Flacco. I am not alone in this thinking.
  7. I thought O’Malley has some impressive accomplishments as a Governor. Bernie Sanders was further left and a lot of us were excited about the idea of a woman President. So O’Malley had 2 strikes against him to start.
  8. I would be very surprised if any more Democrats are caught up in stuff like this. If you think about it, Republicans are the creepy ones.
  9. I like Elizabeth Warren.
  10. What Moore did was much worse.
  11. What is wrong with waiting 28 days? That doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.
  12. Interesting read. I wish we could follow their model.
  13. You know him well. I am done with this childish game though. If you wish to debate the issues, I welcome that. Otherwise move along. Thank you.
  14. With the way Flacco is playing, I bet the Ravens regret not signing Colin Kaepernick.
  15. And don’t forget Demopublican!
  16. The Republican Party is slowly dying. Younger people have no interest in joining them.
  17. Stuff like that happens all the time.
  18. I agree she should have had more street smarts but perhaps she was misled by a charming and handsome man.
  19. There’s no constitutional right to rounds. It could effectively end mass shootings.
  20. I disagree. There are good religious people. Some are fanatics and hypocrites but not all.
  21. No one. Obama ran the government with honor and dignity unlike this group of morons.
  22. I hope Democrats get control of Congress and then impeach Trump. This nightmare has got to stop.