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  1. As I stated before Paul had offers before leaving DM and you don't know the facts. I will not debate this with you. End of discussion.
  2. Paul was clearly a D1 prospect as early as the 8th grade. Bad example using Paul who was 6'1" or better as a eight grader. Paul had several D1 offers before he left DM. Not to mention you don't know the facts about Paul and why he chose to leave DM, which I will not discuss on this forum.
  3. So when I think of public vs private. I think of the elite private programs vs the elite public programs. Franklin at DeMatha was a representation of that example. Outside of the elite private programs in MD, public vs private is a 50/50 ball.Public school athletes make up the vast majority of NCAA and NFL football players. Attending elite private schools will get you seen early and maybe offered early before actually playing, however at some point you will have to produce on the field.At the end of the day if you can ball public or private you will get a shot at the next level.
  4. Correction, Morgan and Buck.
  5. I am speaking of a mindset.
  6. 2 or 20 practices, I don't think it would have made much difference for SFA. It's a different mind set when you are dealing with the DM kids. Those kids fight for reps, even the starters from day one until their last practice.
  7. I am at the scrimmage also. DM is in scrimmage mode working the passing game to get Ty ready. Guys it just a scrimmage not a game. The score is 0 to 0.
  8. Nah, that where you are wrong. What I told you is what it is end of discussion. Nah, that where you are wrong. What I told you is what it is end of discussion.
  9. Tino had the option to play WR or DB. He chose to play DB, because of his childhood DB trainer Azar.
  10. If you know anything about spring games, they are for the fans. The O and D is Vanilla at best during the spring games,fact.
  11. I am not sure of any kids that I can personally say "reclassed" at DM. Most of the kids and parents at DM didn't care who reclassed,they were more concerned about their kids grades and breaking the starting rotation.
  12. Yeah, just pups for now.
  13. When you have draft picks on the field at any level,you will become a fan.It is what it is.
  14. Ok,it pains me to say, Tavon Austins Dunbar team took it DeMatha and Dunbar DC in a closed scrimmage at Dunbar D.C.
  15. FYI, Poly demise was due to privates offering financial aid. Prior to financial aid, you had to pay full Tutions to attend privates. In order to compete in the old MSA A conference, Poly was your only options or City.