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  1. He was part of the pitch team. I personally can’t wait for GWB and Powell to cross over. I’ll drink a cold one in joy that day.
  2. Who? I try not to speak ill or the dead but that guy was never going to win.
  3. Interesting.
  4. I guess that’s what you’ll base your vote on.
  5. He sure is an exciting guy
  6. I keep suggesting Reddit but that does not seem to be getting much attention. Ill like the facebook group. I used to be more protective of my name and my talk profile because I did business with most of the local and State govt agencies. I didn’t want my personal political opinions and BS to get wrapped up with my companies business. But that is not a factor anymore.
  7. So he is doing what the majority of voters want?
  8. Yup. Either that of cut the fuel tax back to a reasonable level
  9. It come from the people that buy the gas and use the roads.
  10. The MDTA maintains those as well as 195 out to BWI. Excuse me, not 295.
  11. You are wrong
  12. He is correct. Although city residents that pay any substantial amount of gas taxes most likey travel outside city limits
  13. Because we are too large and complicated of a municipality to have direct democratic processes for every funding decision. We elect people to make those decisions.
  14. Indeed I do Mrs Burn.
  15. It used to say Ehrlich too