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  1. So you are blaming the victim?
  2. I think it sounds like the motive was to get her and the child out of the picture. But it was such a sloppy and poorly planned crime I can't understand how he thought he would get away with it. Evil and stupid. What a combo.
  3. Because he did not ride a horse there? Seems kind of weak. It is a battlefield. Leave that one alone
  4. http://www.wbaltv.com/article/gov-cuts-funds-for-baltimore-criminal-justice-coordinating-council/12254605 Never head of them before. Wonder what they used all that money for? https://htv-prod-media.s3.amazonaws.com/files/bccjcc9-15-17-1505498417.pdf In the most recent Fiscal Year 2018 grant application that was submitted to my Office for this funding, the CJCC describes its mission to include working with relevant agencies to enhance public safety and reduce crime in Baltimore City. The application states that the CJCC facilitates the initiation, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of effective practices and procedures with our Office and other members of the criminal justice community. The mission also states that the CJCC promotes and encourages inter-agency decision making, communication, and the sharing of timely and accurate criminal justice information. Given the current level of violent crime in Baltimore City, it is only common sense that the CJCC prioritize addressing violent crime. As the fiduciary for these funds, my Office has the responsibility to ensure resources are being distributed and administered in a fiscally responsible manner to accomplish the goals set forth by Governor Larry Hogan. By any measure, the mission of the CJCC is not being carried out, and its goals to reduce violent crime are not being met. Continuing to fund the CJCC is simply not a responsible use of taxpayer dollars.
  5. Perfect. Yes.
  6. He said "they are pretty much doing the same thing" Now when you here ISIS what is the number one activity they are known for? What is their go-to signature move? Killing people. Right? The Harlem Globetrotters play wacky basketball. ISIS kills people. So when he says these people are doing the same thing as ISIS he means killing people. I am sure ISIS has to eat, take a dump, pay the electric bill, but that is not what made them famous.
  7. These people are no better than ISIS. I guess you guys are on ISIS's side now?
  8. ISIS kills people. You said the protestors were like ISIS.
  9. Wow. And I thought we had grown passed racism to some extent.
  10. Amazing how negative Ravens fans are
  11. Time for more coffee.
  12. Could they be 4-0 heading in to the Ohio State game?