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  1. How well can he stay on script? I tend to think even he is smart enough not to brag and himself for this one event.
  2. I was recently given the assignment to upgrade the coffee situation in our sales area. Look out budget!
  3. Too hot and never cared for it. I like to add my own cream and sugar. And not from those little cream cups
  4. Terrible overpriced coffee anyway. I have been boycotting for years
  5. Based on what I have read I tend to agree.
  6. There are several layers here. There is the reaction of the manager, the actions by the police, and the CEO’s apology. It is possible for the Manger to be wrong and the police correct. I do believe that the manager over reacted and was possibly racially profiling. But if the police were called for trespassing and the subjects refused to leave it is possible that the arrests were justified. In the face of social media backlash it is reasonable for the CEO to apologize even if the manager and or police acted reasonably. That is a PR call and not a legal call.
  7. I can promise you that many coffee shops in areas with active opioid issues are very strict about whites who don’t buy anything hanging out and specifically using the bathroom
  8. I’m not anti-Trump as much as I am just pro American. IDK the color. But I assume he is just a bowl splatter painter due to his terrible diet.
  9. Trump should go there and hang out with this guy.
  10. InfoWars vs the Trump Russian Nazis? A battle for the right’s soul?