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  1. You've chosen to ignore content by Guido2. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Guido2. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Guido2. Options yes i have!!
  2. So because the people of Mass were dumb enough to support Drunken Ted the people of Alabama have to vote for this backwards idiot?
  3. Thankfully many of the idiots that volunteer for these missions are not real skilled
  4. The failures are so widespread that it defies the media’s ability to document it all.
  5. If you are aware of a violation contact the NCAA.
  6. Are you expecting a reasoned response?? 😂😂😂😂
  7. What time does Matlock come on?
  8. Was a judge? What happened?
  9. If it’s a forgery surly Mr. Moore will submit a hand writing sample for comparison against the original signature in the yearbook.
  10. Except the resultsExcept the results
  11. Pick better investments. You know: personal responsibility
  12. Could have been a more accurate post over the previous 9 years
  13. That does not require adjusting the minimum wage. Market forces will do that if we put reasonable controls of entitlements and illegal workers.
  14. When you don’t call the feds in quick enough once a potential conflict of interest I would say that might be an issue.
  15. We “public” have learned not to trust those that think they are above the public.
  16. True. I am just talking. I don’t have any inside information. But I have not seen any other motives publicly discussed.
  17. There is a $215k reward out there. If this is We a regular street criminal someone would turn of him for that much cash.
  18. Do you really think Joba will offer a reasoned response?
  19. Obama kicked ***. Don’t mess it up Trump
  20. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/12/08/graphic-video-shows-daniel-shaver-sobbing-and-begging-officer-for-his-life-before-2016-shooting/ Warning. The video is quite graphic
  21. Combination of aggression, stupidity, poor hiring, and intentional murder.
  22. Classic holster sniffer