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  1. Jim Brochin seems like a more seasoned and reasonable politician
  2. Doctors, Judges, HR, business owners... who knows?
  3. So when you use the N word you are only talking the bad ones?
  4. Sure. Do they get offended when black people say it?
  5. Fankly it does not matter to me what is unacceptable to black people. But what does that mean? There are lots of things I don’t like. But they exist anyway. And I don’t know that black people think with one mind. I kind of assume they have a lot of varied opinions on lots of subjects. Including that term and some other that many people find offensive
  6. Jesus. The comment section on Fox News is scary.
  7. Corner of Falls and Black Rock Rd in Butler
  8. Seems about average
  9. Exactly. If Trump could set himself up as a dictator he would do it.
  10. Yep. Thanks. You were pretty much what I was picturing
  11. https://m.facebook.com/Donald-Trump-Foundation-1753863641370050/ Donald Trump Foundation Offers Scholarship And Jobs For 2018(Africans Only) APPLY NOW==>>>http://wp.me/p8qbFx-Ed Suppose Obama had said that
  12. I can’t imagine the shrunken and threatened manhood that would need a bump stock.
  13. That is not backed by the evidence you linked to. There are lots of “real” fathers that do not live with their offspring. There are also lots of non biological fathers that live with step kids and are “real” fathers.
  14. Maybe! I would bet on him being an aborting daddy but that's a guess.
  15. Bad people on both sides. The message here is that the partisan hatred and rhetoric can motivate these unstable nuts on the fringes to act. It's bad enough when that rhetoric comes from some tool on infowars or Salon,com, but when that person is the President?
  16. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/06/13/sanders-harris-nicholas-bukoski-indicted-643894
  17. You are asking how to enforce thought crimes?
  18. What would you two recommend ? You speaking to a wall of illogical do gooder
  19. Where did the expression come from? Hallmark? i first heard in living in Jamaica in the early 1990’s
  20. So Babby Daddy is not a primarily African American expression?
  21. A. Clinton is not President B. Did you like her being Sec of State and an active Politician while collecting and distributing money from the Clinton Foundation?
  22. I agree