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  1. The Baltimore Hoops festival January 6th @ ST.Fances 11am - Randallstown vs. New era12:45pm Milford Mill vs. Mervo2:30pm - St. Vincent Pallotti High School vs. Bladensburg 4:15pm - Mt. Carmel vs. Admiral Farragut Academy (St. Petersburg Florida)6pm - McDonogh School vs. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute8pm - #1. Saint Frances Academy vs. #2. Patterson High Clippers Jan 7th @ St. Vincent Pallotti in Laurel Md.1pm St. Vincent Pallotti High School vs. Admiral Farragut Academy (St. Petersburg Florida)
  2. Some good games @ BCCC Today.... Great Weather....
  3. High School SHOWCASE @ BCCC Saturday February 11th Publics vs. Privates Randallstown Rams vs. Mcdonald school 12Noon New Era Jaquars vs. Capitol Christian Academy 1:45pm Patterson Clippers vs. Glenel Country School 3:30pm * Gym Will Be Cleared - After 3:30pm Game Woodlawn Warriors vs. Saint Frances Academy 6:15pm Polytechnic Institute vs. St. Vincent Pallotti 8pm