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  1. Would recommend. Even the inferior American Guinness is still better than your typical beer. I've tried a Guinness in a real Irish pub FWIW.
  2. Thanks for the chuckle.
  3. Was about to say, pretty sure the XL expansion Obama vetoed hasn't been installed yet. Wonder how this will affect that.
  4. Guess there's no separation of church and state over there!
  5. I'm sure it was both. Glad he is rethinking this. Wish this joke of a President would just disappear.
  6. This country is in a state of ethical and moral panic. You can bring someone down with just an accusation now. That's really scary. And yes, this is a direct result of Trump's election. Hope this silliness passes soon. I'm not speaking to Franken in particular, just in general.
  7. I mean, I don't live in Alabama, so I can't vote in the election. But yes, I'd vote for Jones if I could. Not a hard decision here.
  8. So? Nick Saban's not running. Is there any good reason not to vote for Jones, someone who prosecuted KKK murderers, over a hack judge who even before all this saga, was unfit to serve?
  9. Why not Jones?
  10. That Obama hug won him re-election. It's a blue state.
  11. Let's pretend you lived in Alabama. Who'd get your vote?
  12. Prison won't be kind to him.
  13. Hard to say anything else considering the bright blue electorate he has, but kudos to him anyway. I think he's one of the better human beings in politics today.
  14. I read that as "meth" thanks to your avatar.