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  1. I think it's the only strategy they have. They're trying to get Dems surge to the polls in November in an anti-Trump backlash, and win on sheer numbers alone (it is Maryland). But it assumes these voters won't vote for Hogan as well as Democrats for Congress. I think you'll see a lot of ticket splitting, enough to give Hogan a comfortable win.
  2. If we're talking about the 1st Amendment, then yes, but no one was talking about that.
  3. https://www.pressherald.com/2018/05/26/bobby-kennedys-son-suspects-second-gunman-killed-his-father/ Legitimate argument, or moonbat tinfoil hatter?
  4. I doubt that, you'd lose a lot of business, and it would be completely self-inflicted. People generally don't like assaults on free speech.
  5. That's not what he said....
  6. Too bad because that was one of the first times he said something truthful
  7. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/389503-trump-calls-for-end-to-immigrant-family-separation-blames-democrats I know Trump wasn't expected to be a uniter but even I didn't anticipate this level of shameless, childish partisan hackery by the President of the United States. America really deserves better. Or maybe we don't.
  8. It's the right strategy if you're the Dems. Can't really attack Hogan on much. Gotta hope an anti-Trump wave carries you over. But I believe it will fail.
  9. I'd love to see that. He might alienate some Trumpheads in the panhandle that he needs to have a shot but I think the benefits could outweigh that.
  10. Hogan will be fine. He's pretty much a Dem anyway.
  11. Yawn. Don't you sycophants have anything better yet?
  12. Ironically, this guy could survive if Dems do not make the top-two runoff in California's jungle primary system. He could also still lose to another Republican if that happens. Sounds like Congress would be better off without him.
  13. He’s a big Hogan fan from what I’ve seen of his posts. I know Hogan’s no Reagan but let’s be clear: you’re probably the very last poster who should be calling in to question others’ supposed lack of partisanship.