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  1. Have you tried the incognito browser? Ctl+Shift+N
  2. He's just gonna run back to Townhall to get his next talking point.
  3. Well that settles it.
  4. It's a shame there's so few intelligent conservatives on this board. Really disappointing.
  5. LOL! Traitor Manning has about as much chance of being Senator as I do.
  6. Doesn't matter a whole lot whether he said it or not. The real issue is that he asked why we couldn't have Norwegians instead of Haitians. It doesn't work like that, Mr. President.
  7. Romney has shown himself to be a much better human being than what he showed in 2012. Maybe if the Mitt Romney we've seen the last 4 years showed up in 2012, he would have fared better.
  8. Everything Trump touches turns to ****.
  9. Why people take the ramblings of a drunken fat loser like Bannon seriously is mind boggling. How's Senator Moore doing?
  10. I would consider one eye. Many people (usually elderly) have sight in just one eye and they get around just fine.
  11. Can't speak for Obama, I'm not a fan of him. Just saying a sitting President not getting this is embarrassing.
  12. Congrats, but you'll need more than base support to get anything done, hence why all that's been passed is a thoroughly despised tax bill.