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  1. No, I don't think anyone does care. The tap was put on in 2014. Generally there is pretty good probable cause to warrant a wiretap like this. This tap had NOTHING to do with Trump. It's likely to be key in any evidence involving a prosecution of high ranking officials. I don't see the problem, at least at the moment.
  2. LOL at the title. This team is pretty sad right now. Get the draft pick.
  3. I have a question. Do you think you are helping your cause by behaving like this? You certainly seem to think so. But it's hard to fathom.
  4. Anyone who thinks one side has a monopoly on hatred and bigotry is lying to themselves.
  5. LOL no, it's not semantics. Saying "U.S. government" is NOT the same thing as saying the "Obama". And more importantly, saying "Trump" is not the same thing as saying "Manafort". I'm sure Manafort was being wiretapped in Trump's presence but that doesn't change anything.
  6. I've heard of athletes transferring high schools occasionally but that's about it.
  7. Trump claimed Obama wiretapped him personally. In reality it looks like the Feds wiretapped Manafort with probable cause. So explain how Trump was right, again? Just because this and Trump's claim both use the word "wiretapping" does not make these two equivalent.
  8. Whiners are gonna whine, what are you gonna do? Hopefully the name is not changed.
  9. What do you expect for a New-England based sports network.
  10. Very bad decision, hopefully the courts can put a stop to this before it spreads.
  11. And guess who can't stop talking about white people.