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  1. It's sad but there are definitely a few posters, particularly near the beginning of this thread, that seem to take joy in tragedies like this.
  2. Good, glad the new districts are staying. Hopefully this nonsense about the GOP impeaching the judges for disagreeing with them gets shut down quickly.
  3. By "President" I thought you meant Trump. Maybe you should make clear who you're talking about in the title.
  4. I think voters are going to care about Trump a lot more than they are going to care about the rantings of loser Hillary Clinton in November. I know I will.
  5. Lack of court action on new Pa. voting map causing concern What the hell is the holdup here? Filing deadlines are fast approaching. I want the new map in place when I vote in November.
  6. Why is the media calling this an election? It clearly wasn't.
  7. hst really has a love affair with dear old Nancy. Thankfully his adoration is not shared by the majority of Americans.
  8. Pretty weak stuff even for beta male Joba
  9. Democrats throwing Bruce Rauner a lifeline.
  10. Doug Jones just voted to deregulate big banks, so yeah he's toast.
  11. Wouldn't a better question be what aren't they delusional about?
  12. Lamb will be running in a much more Democratic district in November than the one he just won in. I doubt he'll be going anywhere.
  13. So Trumpers, let me get this straight - Mike Flynn is an upstanding citizen while McCabe is a swamp thing who deserved what he got? And you wonder why you're losing all these elections you have no business losing?