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  1. The first doughnuts were fried in Greece.
  2. Not Sure 2024!
  3. Betcha she got the kit here: LOL
  4. Anyone who tries to politicize this awful event is an Un-American piece of dog [crap]. Period.
  5. Not sure about the dementia but the guy is definitely a kitty. Meow.
  6. I've started applying the Costanza Rule to any statements coming out of this White House.
  7. Indeed. I might even have two. :-)
  8. I'm a occasional cigar smoker at best. This seems to be an appropriate occasion. LOL
  9. I'm firing up a Cuban Honey!
  10. Whew!
  11. A meeting of the sphincters....
  12. The House yesterday afternoon: LOL...[dummies]
  13. Actually got 49mpg once. Have no idea how. :-) The '97 is nice because it doesn't have the crappy cheater software code in the ECU. I do most of the work on it myself and it runs great. I'd rather spend my money on a fun weekend car.
  14. '97 Jetta Turbodiesel, 289K on the clock. Average 45mpg around town. Hoping to get 500k out if it. I see no point in dropping even medium bucks for a new car.