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  2. Check out this Japanese youngster. Holy Cow!
  3. Screw filing tax returns then. w00t!
  4. Still there! I walk past it every weekday morning.
  5. I'm old so I remember the dominant McLaren Hondas in the late 80's. I was disappointed in the new iteration to say the least. I think Senor Alonso was too.
  6. Can't explain it any better than that.
  7. 大声地笑!!
  8. Franco-esque was the term my son used.
  9. My oldest is teaching English to high school kids in Lleida, about an hour west of Barcelona. He says all is quiet in Lleida. Hope this doesn't stop me from going to the Spanish Grand Prix next year. :-(
  10. The first doughnuts were fried in Greece.