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  1. Understood. I don't hate Donald Trump and I would never want to see him hurt or for any physical harm to come to him. But I don't care one bit for his policies or his political stance, such as it is. I completely doubt his sincerity, something I have never felt for any President, Republican or Democrat.
  2. Okay, I understand that you did in fact want Pres.Obama to succeed. Now, if go to my laptop and got to the search section and put in mcorioles and Pres.Obama I am going to at least see the sentiment that you hoped for Obama to succeed? Not saying I will search, but if I do, even if you hate Obama (not saying you do) but if you do, if I search I will see that you did in fact want him to be successful for the sake of the country? I'll at least get some hint of that? Is that correct?
  3. I don't understand what you're saying so I can't accurately respond. Seriously.
  4. I don't understand what you're saying. Could you be more clear? It all disjointed and seems like random thoughts. There's no cohesion?
  5. I wouldn't waste my time scanning what you said. I can admit when I'm wrong. Now how often do you see that around here??? However, I bet if I put in the names of several posters here and put in 'Pres.Obama' and did a search, I bet I would not see any sentiment that they felt the way you do, and they did not wished in the slightest for him to succeed. Perhaps, no one here said they want him to fail but they sure left no hint that they had any hope for him to succeed. Am I still lying? And you still won't address the 10's of millions, including the Republican CONGRESS and SENATE who wanted to see Pres.Obama fail. Or am I lying again? I can't get Mcorioles to tell me if he wanted Obama to fail even though I've asked him repeatedly. But, you tell me in advance, mcorioles didn't feel that way. I guess that's the answer since no conservative here ever wished Pres.Obama would fail. But rather, for the good of the country, they all hoped he would succeed. But not their senators and congressmen. I believe what you said above about how you feel. I use to feel exactly the same way. I just don't feel that way now. I'm waiting for a real president, regardless of the party, not an experimental president that is failing right before my eyes.
  6. Okay....not one Conservative here. I am wrong and I apologize What about the 10's of millions around the country. Did any of then say what I said?????? Did they wish for Pres.Obama to fail???? What about the Republican House and Senate, did they want Pres.Obama to fail??? I am not saying I hope Donald Fails because of anyone here. I felt that way about 2 months after he was sworn in and I saw what an A. Hole he is. Did you wish for Pres Obama to succeed? Or have you already answered that?
  7. @Struds Have you voiced the same indignation when people from your party said similar things about other presidents or is it only when people opposite of your political views make comments such as mine that your hackles are raised? I dont know you well enough to say, so I won't assume to know your mindset.
  8. Yep. And is it your contention that 10's of millions of Republicans, Tea Partiers and Conservatives, as well as many posters here who felt the same way about Obama are somehow excused for their sentiment about him??? I bet you 10's of millions feel the same way I feel about Donald. Are they worse than the parties and groups you support? Or am I misunderstanding you? Did you wish for Pres.Obama to succeed? Yes or no. Did you vote for him?
  9. Dodge, dodge, dodge the ball !!! I give up.
  10. That's your opinion. Be nice if you could show me real examples of where "this reads almost verbatim what the Tea Partiers, grrgl and the many versions of Gene posted during President Obama's terms". But I know saying it is much much easier than showing it. In that regard, you are identical to Tea Partiers, grrgl and the many versions of Gene and just as ridiculous with what you said above.
  11. I think you're a joke also. Let me repeat what you soooo conveniently, for the sake of your agenda, left out. Let's see if you will respond to the highlighted parts...of course you won't but I just want to point out what a _______ , you are. As usual with people like you, you ignore this comment..... I am saying and doing...."Exactly what the Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partiers and the U.S. House and Senate did for 8 years when President Barack Obama was in office. You never did answer when I asked you>>>>>What was your view on that, where is your comment from the past 8 years decrying "wishing for America to fail" then? Did you, mcoriole, wish Pres.Obama much success ...for the sake of the country. Or did you also along with tens of millions of Republicans etc want him to fail, no matter the cost ?(watch him fumble for an answer for that or ignore it completely...again) You're phony and dishonest and only mildly entertaining in that you think you can outsmart me, out think me, but you can't. I have evidence and facts while you have chutzpah (look it up) coupled with implausible and unimaginative opinions and sound bites from the Fox News echo chamber.Plus you're predictable. I know I have exceeded your reading limits by two sentences, but let me repeat what I said earlier to a more reasonable poster here..." "I don't want the country to fail. I love America and I do not hate Republicans, never have. But this is the first ever that I don't respect them I want Donald Trump to fail. In my mind he is not synonymous with what America stands for, he's not even close."
  12. Thay has not been my experience. I, on the other hand, do not give money to homeless blacks, unless they are old.
  13. Same thing in 2016.
  14. In usual circumstances I'd agree with you completely!!! But these are far from 'usual circumstances. The House and Senate of both parties are supposed to be the Guard Dogs, to protect us from those who would seek to harm us, both foreign and domestic. But this House and this Senate have become mere Lap Dogs for Donald Trump, so much so that they will even lie for him right to our faces. I don't want the country to fail. I love America and I do not hate Republicans, never have. But this is the first ever that I don't respect them I want Donald Trump to fail. In my mind he is not synonymous with what America stands for, he's not even close. That he stands for only 33% of Americans is glaringly clear from his weekly and daily efforts to offend, alienate and ignore the concerns of anyone except his base. I stand by what I said.
  15. Go re-read the replies, s l o w l y. I did get agreement. It's just that on Earth II, where you and Joba exist, you don't readily see it and have to be directed and even then there's a 55/45 chance that you'll still miss it.