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  1. My sentiments also!
  2. They grasp at any straw don't they?
  3. And to be spiteful. Notice you don't see many people in person or in the news wearing MAGA hats.
  4. Would you bet your house on that? Serious question.
  5. I imagine he has little green army men on a table and he makes them fight while providing the dialogue. I'm messin with you Lombardi6...don't take things so seriously. 😀
  6. Is it just the leftists? (crickets will be my answer) Oh, and please don't flatter yourself that you can elicit any strong emotion from me. I don't even know you for crying out loud, that I would invest anger in you because of any thing we say here...on a blog. I think you take yourself far more serious than I ever will. Mad at you!!!..Lol...😂
  7. This is not Fox News or the Sean Hannity show. Where you can simply say anything you want and it magically becomes a fact. And do you think it's only leftists who are against Donald Trump? Everyone else is behind that what you think? Then why does he has the lowest continuous approval rating in our lifetime? (Let me know if you need a link)
  8. Not an exaggeration or hyperbole. It is like a cult.
  9. Thinking is not allowed nor required in the party of Trump.
  10. Not a matter of agree vs disagree. Simply a matter of what we see. You mentioned W.Virgina. I don't go to W. Virginia so I don't know. But here in Baltimore City, black people outnumber white people when it comes to smoking in public. A trip downtown will bear out that fact.
  11. Here in Maryland I see black people smoking 5 to 1 vs. whites and Asians. No question.
  12. Who do you see smoking the most?