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  1. But who is more likely to beat your daughter like that, a black man or a white man? Just asking the question.
  2. 4.6% of married Black American women and 10.8% of married Black American men had a non-Black spouse. 8.5% of married Black men and 3.9% of married Black women had a White spouse. 0.2% of married Black women were married to Asian American men, representing the least prevalent marital combination. Doesn't appear that black women are being snatched up by men from other races so the case for violence against black women in interracial marriages seems agenda driven. More American statistics based on the US Census.... among whites who out-married in 2008, there were different patterns by gender in the race of their spouses. More than a quarter of white men (26.9%) married an Asian woman, and about 6.9% married a black woman. In contrast, 20.1% of white women married a black man, while just 9.4% married an Asian man. A slightly higher proportion of white women than white men married a Hispanic person (51% versus 46%), and a similar share of each gender married someone in the other group. This information is available on wikipedia.
  3. Of course there are but that doesn't say what she wants it to say. People often scour the intent to find the outlier statement that comes closest to the agenda they are trying to push, which in this case is the clearly false notion that interracial marriages, particularly those involving black women, are more violent against black women than non interracial marriages. They are not. I've seen a similar posts from her citing this misleading claim at least once before on this forum. I wonder what her agenda is and how it's going?
  4. All you have to do is measure where the economy was on January 20 1917 and where it is today. Factor in the the Obama Effect of the previous 8 years and it becomes clear to any fair minded person that what the economy is today is not just because of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is too focused on the controversies, Mueller, criminal investigations, Supreme Court decisions against him, his Jarod and Ivanka being minimized , the thinning House and Senate, having to fire all the best people he hired, watching people resign, repeated attempts to get decent criminal lawyers to represent him, calling people names, pee-pee tapes, marches that don't favor him, the lack of respect from the media, the lack of respect from the intelligence community, can't get above 40% approval after nearly 1 1/2 years in office, disregard from Putin, etc, etc. To say despite all the above on a weekly and daily basis he alone brought the economy up to where it is today is ridiculous. Let's see where the economy is on January 20, 2021 when the new President gets sworn in.
  5. Sure he pointed the stock market out. They all do. But Pres. Obama was most proud of the job growth. He repeated that over and over again. He did not repeat the Stock Market over and over like Donald Trump and his followers are so fond of doing. I remember that clearly.
  6. Trump leaves me speechless. He's his own daily situation comedy and the world is his audience. Every time I flick on the news he's doing or saying something stupid or calling someone names. I notice sometimes he even leaves Joba speechless. 😁 Couple more years give or take or and he's gone to Mar A Lagos for good!
  7. No, it does not cause lung cancer. But obesity is linked to at least 13 different types of cancer and few people who are obese ever make it to 82 let alone 92. Did Barbara Bush die of cancer? Actually, Barbara Bush, bless her heart, died of old age. If she had died at 42 or even 52 it could be said that she died of long-term smoking. My Uncle Harry is 83 and smokes like a chimney. When he dies it will probably be because he's in his 80's since has no cancer and no COPD. R.I.P. Barbara Bush, you had a good run that most of us will never have.
  8. Is this thread about smoking or condolences for Barbara Bush? BTW.. the common denominator for the #1, 2 and 3 causes of death for black women is obesity and morbid obesity. And every disease you listed as caused by smoking is also caused by obesity. Suicide?
  9. Understood! Now honest and on your word. How many people do you personally know who have died from, pancreatic cancer, COPD, lung cancer, throat cancer, or who are impotent because of cigarette smoke or because they were exposed to cigarette smoke? Honest and on your word! BTW...I don't smoke anything. And whether it's intentional or not everyone is dying of something. Do you know the common denominator for the #1, 2 and 3 causes of death for black women? Is that a kind of suicide? I follow your posts with interest, always a pleasure!
  11. What about the many, many, non smokers who die at 52, 62, 72 and 82? How about the guy who started the jogging craze dead of a heart attack. The Green Grocer dead from stomach cancer, the trainer to the stars who is currently in a heart attack commercial? Nobody gets outta here alive, whether they smoke or not. Me, you, none of us. And you know what kills most people? Something they least expect. You'll see.
  12. Sorry Sprightly . Wrong post and it wont let me delete.
  13. We will sue Donald for his lies and for being a fraud in NOVEMBER 2018 and NOVEMBER 2020. Unless Mueller causes an earlier release than November to 2020. Either way it is going to cost Donald Trump something. Oh and I'm glad his Fake University was exposed for the FAKE that it was.
  14. Don't call me Shirley! 😁 I must admit I am waayyy tongue in cheek. 🤗🤗🤗