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  1. ummm....the stock market has been on the rise since the Republicans left it under 7000 in 2009. Once it passed 14000 under the Democrats it became a record breaking stock market. But don't brag too much about your recent success as the market is long overdue for an adjustment.
  2. That may be true. We will never know. But one thing we do know is that many Sanders supporters instead of voting for Hillary voted for Trump, Stein, Johnson and others. If Sanders had won the primary Hillary voters would have supported Sanders with their votes.
  3. Yep, make him take a lie detector test. Pity that poor machine.
  4. I suppose the Secret Service could do that and even maybe some other group. The room is 48' x 36'. Pretty big for two people sitting in the middle dining. Maybe the Russians can get inside now.
  5. The dinner for two took place in the center of the Green Room.
  6. When a Pelosi replacement comes along you all will turn him/her into the devil incarnate.
  7. I'm not going to say what you sound's my good deed for the day. I'm a life long Independent and I am a member of no party.
  8. And you know what party I belong to how?
  9. Sounds like a line of BS to me.
  10. Do you make that comment based on facts or just that it it is a predominantly Democrat state?
  11. One has a reputation for lying and the other has a reputation for dealing in facts.
  12. When are the Dems going to get the nominees up to Congress so that the Dems can start blocking them? They are slow to nominate and very quick to block!
  13. He is breathing air. That is enough for some folks.
  14. Understandable. The last few days were a real eye opener to our allies.