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  1. I never blamed a President for rising or falling gas prices. Today, I'm seeing things a little different.
  2. But Trump is the epitome of truth, integrity and the American way. God help us !!
  3. Red wine must not be working anymore
  4. The second coming of Michele Bachmann.
  5. Pruitt?? Gas prices continue to rise. Yesterday's average price was $2.66 per gallon. When Trump took over the economy the average price was $1.99 per gallon. I am one of those that did not think that the President had much to do with the price of gasoline. Obama certainly was beat up over raising gasoline prices. Maybe I was wrong.
  6. I won't even watch the weather on Fox. And now I'm not going to watch it on Sinclair either.
  7. It is a right wing talking point. I know people of all political persuasions. I know none that are in favor of an open border policy.
  8. Why would he resign? Republicans love him. 80+ % think he is doing a great job. His morals don't matter. As long as he carries the base on his back all is good. To get rid of him you have to indict him and impeach him. Otherwise Democrats had better get off their *** and go to the polls. They also need to get off the divisiveness and join hands.
  9. Steve Miller is running immigration. Trump is his mouthpiece,
  10. Joba is a waste of time. Stick with facts when you make financial decisions. Check emotions at the door.
  11. Once again....its the Democrats fault. Hey, you got the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the Executive (that's you) under your control. Whose fault?
  12. He knows it. Don't 'splain it to him.
  13. There is nothing or no one below you. Just darkness......