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  1. Obama's comments about the ACA turned out to be wrong in some areas. You choose to call them "lies" and that's your opinion. Clinton's women problem has been bantered about for years. There is enough smoke to expect fire in some cases. Other than Lewinsky no hard evidence. Obama is not in the same class as the p***y grabber. Trump is a world class serial liar. Own it!
  2. As I catch up on the latest on this topic, one thing jumps out at me. Veritas is a mirror image of Trump.
  3. It's all about Obama with you. Trump is the President, it's time for him to stand on his own two feet.
  4. There are those on the Eastern Shore that want to stay stuck in a time warp.
  5. It's been at a record high since 2013.
  6. The market has been in new territory every since it crossed the 15000+ mark in 2013. The trajectory has been up at a 45 degree angle. If Trump wants to take credit for it he will have to own it when the correction comes and it will come.
  7. Let's look at some ages of political figures and the sexual liaisons of those involved. Clinton was born in 1946 and Lewinsky in 1973, 27 years difference in age. Gingrich was born in 1943 and Calista in 1966, 23 years difference in age. Trump was born in 1946 and Melaina in 1970, 24 years difference in age. None of the women were close to the ages of the men.
  8. Jerry's Seafood in Prince Frederick too and the Ruddy Duck at Solomons Island and St. George's Island.
  9. Born in Maryland and spent most of my life here. Exceptions for my military service and the last 15 years I have been a Florida snowbird. I spend 4 or 5 months a year in Florida. Lifelong Orioles fan, Ravens fan since they arrived and an old Colts fan.
  10. GEICO is not government insurance. It is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, i.e. Warren Buffett.
  11. Republicans can dish it out but can't take it. They are still investigating the Civil War. But don't you hated Democrats investigate any of our 100% pure bros.
  12. How many blonde headed 71 yr old males do you see around?
  13. Everything is partisan with him.
  14. ummm....the stock market has been on the rise since the Republicans left it under 7000 in 2009. Once it passed 14000 under the Democrats it became a record breaking stock market. But don't brag too much about your recent success as the market is long overdue for an adjustment.
  15. That may be true. We will never know. But one thing we do know is that many Sanders supporters instead of voting for Hillary voted for Trump, Stein, Johnson and others. If Sanders had won the primary Hillary voters would have supported Sanders with their votes.