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  1. You might have to watch the replay on AxcelNet TV, I just watched it. Avalon Looks like a pretty decent team just not on DM level. They were stopping that good running back dm has. Dematha didnt score in the 2nd half at all even with the starters in. DM scored all 28 in the first half.
  2. Thanks for the update. I thought DM had blown them out by 60, Avalon must be solid.
  3. who watched the DM game? I want to know how did they do!
  4. How did the DM stags do? I didn't get to make that game due to me being at another game
  5. right... I think that game will be very ugly
  6. Ok I know Ballou fell off for a couple years, looks like they picking it back up. How Avalon look? Are they big upfront, I know they take on DeMatha Catholic next week
  7. How both teams look? People say Ballou has a chance to be the best in the DC public school system. My old child hood friend was the head coach last year.
  8. Dematha is really talented. They are huge up front. Gorman made coaching adjustments to come up with the victory. I can say I really enjoyed myself tonight watching them play.
  9. You are a mess. Bye dudeeeee!
  10. Im going to get cranberry vodka to calm me down. Thanks.
  11. Bye
  12. Mightest well call this forum the "Gossip Girls". Bunch of ****ing grown *** men gossiping like some little *** girls. You guys come on the ****ing internet talking like a bunch of ****ing females. You guys say I heard this and that, from such and such or a little birdie told me this... you all remind me of a bunch of ****ing females. The sad part about it is that you all are talking ****ing kids. ****ing sickening.
  13. You a sick piece of ****. If you not talking right to me, then keep your ****ing mouth closed. You have the audacity to sit on your *** and get on the web and talk about kid... Just sickening. Your smart *** comments keep them to yourself. You dig?
  14. Keep your mouth shut.
  15. P.S. You dont know if he as a Academic Disability that couldv'e kept him back or Could've started school late, Mom/Dad could've kept him back...You just dont know what his situation. Dont judge nobody off your perspective.