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  1. Something is wrong with you
  2. Good, you got me. I miss spelled comprehension Lol lol highlight of your life. You go boy!
  3. Dr has comprehension issues.
  4. Catholic church does has a problem with catholic priest messing with little boys
  5. So you think all black people think alike? Did you feel the same about Prohibition?
  6. Thank you, for the information. The o/p jump right out of gate accusing me of editing his comment.
  7. I didn't change anything stop lying, you change it or the mods change it. Stop stalking me
  8. OP is strange in many ways and his hypocrisy soaring to a new level
  9. His selective outrage is obvious
  10. Most of his comments makes no sense my.
  11. Only in the mind of a Trump sycophant I don't play with trolls like you.
  12. Your comment is nothing but alt facts, lies, and BS. Show us where I altered a comment