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  1. I never believed the border patrol agent’s story from the very beginning.
  2. It’s interesting how they can’t differentiate reality from what’s on written paper. There can be rules on paper yet those rules can be circumvented.
  3. Yep....deflection at its finest. Quite hilarious yet strangely sad.
  4. I believe it. Leslie Uggams was fine as Heck when she was younger.
  5. You have to understand Kandace. Racists don't want us to call them on their racism. They call us racists for pointing out their racism. They want us to just move on while they continue their racism. Interesting ain't it?
  6. Does this guy not know he could be easily fact checked?
  7. Which one of them engaged the man and eventually pointed the gun at the woman?
  8. So what you are saying is that because the title is different then that means the story itself is fake?
  9. Republicans want us to stop talking about discrimination and racism so they can continue unchallenged. If black people didn’t speak up there would be no civil rights act. We would in essence continue to be victims like an abused wife who hides her abuse from family and the police as if her husband is going to stop. Talking about discrimination IS talking about the nation which was built on racism and the free labor of blacks.
  10. Location: Glen Carbon, ILL
  11. 34 years old and committing vandalism? I am guessing he still lives in his mother’s basement.
  12. Donny is the poster child for pathological liar. What’s even more disturbing is that he has 35% of America believing him EVEN after he is exposed as a liar.
  13. Bail would've been imposed and the gun nuts would talk about arming the teachers.