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  1. Your sarcasm is duly noted. Unfortunately it happens all too often.
  2. They know ObamaCare is good. They just don't want it to be OBAMAcare.
  3. why am I not surprised....
  4. A democratic controlled Congress are more trustworthy in checking both a Democratic President and a Republican President. Repubs obviously can't nor do they want to check a republican president.
  5. With all his whining about being scrutinized by the media and the American people ..I guess he never knew what he signed up for by being president.
  6. You give him too much credit.
  7. Was the City named after a racist traitor?
  8. And the Repubs called President Obama liar in chief.
  9. Trump took to twitter to say: 7:25 AM - Oct 18, 2017 Now if he has proof then I will condemn the Congresswoman because she has done more harm than good. We have enough proof that trump is a moron no need to lie or make up stories.
  10. No. She is married to a guy who is the cofounder of the racist site....reddit.
  11. Why do Republicans keep overlooking that?
  12. I didn't know we were living in South Africa. ..who knew.
  13. He has no empathy. It's like he doesn't know how to care about other people. It's like the lives of others are a nuisance unless he can use them for his own gain.
  14. You are answering the wrong quote so your post makes no sense.
  15. Yep. African American women who watch Scandal and who swoon over Serena marrying a white guy need wake up calls like this.