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  1. Yep cons love to use this argument to justify slavery in America. The myth:
  2. Of course he wants this investigation to stop......there is truth this investigation. I bet he didn't advise trump to stop pursuing the bogus "birth certificate" investigation.
  3. A large business wouldn't do that....trump is giving large business tax breaks.
  4. Could be the reason he murdered Odin.
  5. If you have to cheat in order to win then you are not the best.
  6. Tasteless racists. The fact that trump supporters call this real news is astounding.
  7. Trump admits he has no idea what he is doing.
  8. Mr. Brennan trump is a disgraced demagogue to sane people. Only his insane supporters still support him.
  9. Yep I am going to say it.......ESPECIALLY if it is an armed black male teacher.
  10. That says it all about the way gun nuts and other racists think.
  11. LMAO!!! I don't think he does. He has that Alex Jones mentality.
  12. Wow!!!! Everyone is cutting and running from this family. Jr. Has an old man's neck and chin.
  13. So she inconveniences him and is rewarded for it?