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  1. No. Not a nail in the impeachment coffin just more proof that your president is an idiot.
  2. New!!! He has never left low.
  4. He is actually accusing you of being another poster. It is the republican go to on these boards when they have no viable argument
  5. If the e-mails were uploaded to .gov they are the property of the people. read the fine print.
  6. Yep. He is smart.....very smart
  7. This person's only duty is to make abortion illegal and to find some way to have trump absolved of all his debts.
  8. The guilty always discredits the messenger not the message.
  9. trump enjoys incompetence. They are so easy to control.
  10. His supporters magnify President Obama's one mistake and called him the liar in chief yet they hang on and believe every lie trump tells them. Anyone who tries to tell me it's not because President Obama is black is always proven to be a racist. Psst racists .....just because you say you're not a racist doesn't mean you are not a racist. Just a little secret your actions speak louder than your words.
  11. Hopefully African Americans get out and vote just like they did in Alabama. Hopefully the sane whites get out and vote also. We must remove the insane and delusional republicans from office.
  12. Yep George Soros rented 800 buses and bussed in illegals from California.