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  1. Don't know the answer but didn't trump take them off the list?
  2. So no petitions to label Neo Nazis, the ones who murdered the white woman in Charlottesville, as terrorists? Certainly lets me know the type of people who signed that petition.
  3. There is the answer to your question Middleoftheroad How did he/she not understand that Banner?
  4. If I am inflicting pain on white supremacists be it. The statues are a tribute to traitors of this great Nation. Traitors who wanted to preserve a system by which they could use black Children as gator bait. There should be no honor for such men. I mean do you think we should honor people who condone murdering people simply because they were born? If you and your I'll want to learn about them you can pickup a history book. At least you have that option. Black people have to wait till a movie is made in order to learn about our history. I never learned about the "Hidden Figure" ladies or that the "three musketeers" was written by a black man in history books.
  5. Well said.
  6. Yet no complaints from the Repubs. Repubs complained practically every week about President Obama's vacations and secret service spending although it was less than previous white Presidents, yet they are silent on trump.
  7. I guess all he heard was the ship name "USS John McCain"
  8. Donald Trump responded to the news that 10 sailors are missing after an American destroyer collided with an oil tanker with the phrase: “that’s too bad”.
  9. Why do Republicans hate women?
  10. No where in my post did I indicate that Steve Bannon is wise. You voted for trump didn't you?
  11. Let that sink in.
  12. Steve Bannon's words.
  13. Finally some Repubs are catching up to what the rest of the world already knew. Two week vacation, his administration not filled, people quitting left and right. Yet he went to play golf. Isn't this one of the chief complaints and the Repubs had about President Obama?
  14. That they don't know that is mind boggling.