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  1. Lol I know Jason very well better than most. Anyway good forum look forward to joining more.
  2. Got you, but I honestly don’t think DM is interested in playing PG public. I think fans have been calling for the game and then the AD has been taking shots at privates. I was at a clinic and I heard a wise coach say dm ducking them. I just want to see good football.
  3. I went back on max preps DM has not played any md public’s max preps goes back to 2004..
  4. Are you saying that you think they should play more PG public schools. Because for a while DM always played DC publics . Yea they would play the CH and Baltimore schools. But to my knowledge they play plenty of public schools, Phoebus, Oscar smith, Miami Central.
  5. I know about reclass but I’m not sure you do. Which reclass kids are you talking about the ones that reclass in the 8th grade. The reclass kids that every highschool goes after. Or would you be referring to one of the DM player who was injuried his the end of his soph year with a serious injury and missed his entire junior year at school. I pretty sure DM has a frosh team and JV team unless they performed magic trick when we played them at friendship. 😉
  6. Doesn’t DM has two frosh running backs that wise wanted. Isn’t DM frosh team pretty good.
  7. Good Scrimmage two well coached teams with great players