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  1. Yeah as it is not really the gun that is bad. It is how you handle it. And do it in a right and lawful way. It is the person not really on that of in the gun.
  2. It has been years and years since in the trying to get this movie off the ground. As if Ted Kennedy were alive, he would had been trying to block this movie off very badly. But want to see it too.
  3. Really heard from some people they tried to stay away from him. Saying that he was a psycho. And he had way too much of an obsession with guns. That was a huge red flag that should had not been overlooked and those should had gone to the police. Maybe preventing this. Thoughts are with the victims and families.
  4. Well Ozzie did have a nice run with a pair of SB wins along with playoffs.
  5. Really wanted the Jaguars to go to their first Super Bowl. Well there is always next year. Really those crucial calls did them in indeed.
  6. Really the Baltimore PD like that of in the Chicago PD need to be retrain and need to have a major overhaul. In order to stop criminals hurting the innocent.
  7. Yeah as really think that the coach has missed the playoffs for a couple of seasons. And ever since Joe Flacco got his big contract. Really that could be something of a curse.
  8. Yeah as really hope that John Harbaugh can keep his job. And will win the last game as well as hope they can have a team like Miami loss to help their chances.
  9. Yeah as can't wait for next week. As wished it was flexed to SNF!
  10. Think that Big Ben is back to his usual self for the past couple of games. But really think that if he wins a SB IMHO, he needs to retire. Like Peyton Manning did. And says he would meaning Ben would be in the playing one more year.
  11. This is truthful and I am not lying. But never taken Algebra, Geomatry, Calcus, or whatever they are called. Needed to have enough just to get me by. It is my very least favorite subject. Seems like everybody else's.
  12. It is hard to know. As really hate to guess. But if Joe F can really really be healthy. He can lead them to a possibly a wild card.
  13. Well the more he is gone the merrier it seems!
  14. Ravens should had won that game. They were not all there!
  15. TNF

    Yeah as really Gurley looked lost last year. Glad he is back for the Rams when they need him.
  16. May he RIP! Such an original!
  17. Well glad he is back in week 1. But who knows that all can change. From here til Sunday.
  18. The world is made up of all kinds of colors, race, creed, gender. That is what makes the world around.
  19. Hope week 1. As really needs to rest. Just his health is very important as you get older.
  20. Joe Flacco says he would not mind Colin K playing but not on the Ravens. Saying that speaks volumes. Pro and con.
  21. Russ 498 that is a lot of arrests there!
  22. We all did but then Trump had the last laugh on us.
  23. Yeah as Democrats are doing anything and everything to prove Russia did help Trump. But where is the real proof?!
  24. Good luck to Ray. And hope he can put his past behind. Just hope he will never hit a woman like his wife again.
  25. Either it was mistaken identity Or a hate crime Or a robbery gone wrong