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  1. May he RIP! Such an original!
  2. Well glad he is back in week 1. But who knows that all can change. From here til Sunday.
  3. The world is made up of all kinds of colors, race, creed, gender. That is what makes the world around.
  4. Hope week 1. As really needs to rest. Just his health is very important as you get older.
  5. Joe Flacco says he would not mind Colin K playing but not on the Ravens. Saying that speaks volumes. Pro and con.
  6. Russ 498 that is a lot of arrests there!
  7. We all did but then Trump had the last laugh on us.
  8. Yeah as Democrats are doing anything and everything to prove Russia did help Trump. But where is the real proof?!
  9. Good luck to Ray. And hope he can put his past behind. Just hope he will never hit a woman like his wife again.
  10. Either it was mistaken identity Or a hate crime Or a robbery gone wrong
  11. Remember she does not smoke and banned smoking when she was in the White House with her husband.
  12. Can't wait to see this movie! Should be something else.
  13. Think the beginning of the end for him was when Trump was elected and sworn on in.