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  2. 97-year-old man found slain in his East Baltimore home
  3. Minneapolis police chief resigns over black Muslim cop’s shooting of unarmed white woman
  4. I wake up every day and thank God that Hillary Clinton is not our President. I don't care if Trump finishes his term or Vice President Pence does, either way it won't be Hillary Clinton.
  5. An undocumented immigrant was charged with murdering his roommate, who was also here illegally, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a news conference Friday. A Sheriff who gets it.
  6. Duh, that's exactly why she lost.
  7. During a similar unannounced and unsanctioned event last July, a series of incidents connected with the event led to a dozen arrests after unusually large crowds of college-age individuals roamed the Boardwalk amid the rest of the big crowd on a hot summer night in late July. The police will be vastly outnumbered again. OC is not a place you want to be this weekend.
  8. Colorado residents now facing 27%-40% increases again this year - Preliminary Colorado Numbers Show Big Health Insurance Rate Increases Lie of the Year: 'If you like your health care plan, you can keep it' Obama Promised Healthcare Premiums Would Fall $2,500 Per Family; They Have Climbed $4,865 "Affordable" Care Act. I'm sure glad we had to pass that law to find out what's in it.
  9. An unarmed white woman approaches police car. A black Muslim officer turns off his body cam and performs jihad on the infidel, executing her when he hears fireworks in the background. I'd like to know if he yelled "allahu akbar!" before firing the fatal volley. Now Mohammad has lawyered-up and he's no longer cooperating with investigators. I wonder if an unarmed white woman executed by a trigger-happy black Muslim cop will get justice.
  10. So if someone Photoshopped your head onto a gay porno picture of of a man giving another man oral sex, you're fine with it? No slur at all?
  11. Explain how accusing two straight men of having homosexual oral sex is not a slur.
  12. When some TV host implied the President Trump was Vlad Putin's "****-holster" is a very famous example of an attempt to slur a straight male with a homosexual act. I know you'll say "Oh that was just comedy" but you didn't provide a qualifier when you asked for an example. And comedy or not (or an attempt at comedy) it's a slur either way.
  13. I have no idea who the "usual crowd" of police haters are here. Your reading comprehension needs work, as I said nothing about any "crowd" on this ridiculous forum. But based on the 22,000+ posts you have made here, it's obviously a large part of you sad life. Try getting outside once in a while, there's a great big beautiful world out there beyond the reachces of your keyboard. I'm referring to the national groups of cop haters like BLM, Reverend Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, etc, and those who have an endless supply of media snippets anytime an unarmed person is shot by the police.
  14. Liz Warren is already being ditched by the elitist leftists who control the DNC and choose their national candidates. She's past-tense. They know she won't be able to shake the Pocahontas issue, essentially stealing money from a university by misrepresenting her racial biography to gain an advantage. They have already found a few token light-skinned-who-speak-so-well torchbearers (Kamala Harris and Corey Booker) for their 2020 ticket and are already grooming them for the race.
  15. In this case it was a black cop who shot an unarmed white woman. Just wait for the "usual crowd" of police haters to suddenly change course and embrace the black Somali-immigrant cop.