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  1. White Hispanic was made up by the government in the 70's....another fine contribution from the worst generation ever, the baby boomers.
  2. I don't know...ask around Bethesda...Henry is Bullis Prep fancy boy.
  3. Like that MIT wannabe cop who Rolling Stone Magazine teen idol Jahar murdered? Must have been a real dope...
  4. Doubt it, but I bet he has seen all of Henry Rollins' spoken word performances.
  5. A real thing decided by the same people who brought you the Three-Fifths Compromise...what will they think of next. good thing Hillary isn't around to codify Super Predators as a census definition.
  6. Good question... I see a lot of non-college educated Hollywood types retweeting his stuff...probably a writer for the Colbert therapy hour or one of those other angry nerd shows.
  7. Hispanic democrats have to evolve in real time when a crisis/tragedy presents an opportunity for exploitation...amazing how quick they got their water carrying cable media-types to run with white hispanic as a real thing when George Zimmerman entered public dialogue.
  8. Clearly you have no idea what probe means. But your poor, clunky attempt at humor reveals you are homophobic.
  9. Look how angry this rich old white lady got at these poor exploited brown people! 1% er hates the poor
  10. There is a very small chance they would know you so I would say yes.
  11. I a battered wife I was just looking for a reason to stay. 👍
  12. Is that why the Russians colluded with a white supremacist like Trump?
  13. not connecting the light rail to Penn Station had to be strategic...even Balt. City can't be that obtuse.
  14. No, Charles doesn't have anything more important to do.....exploiting people of color makes fat old white hasbeen sports writers from Massachusetts feel good about themselves. How ancient do you have to be to use 'craven' in a column? Jamele would kill him for that.