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  1. Sounds like Admin. is going to start going after the pols in sanctuary cities and states who wont enforce the law so you may get your wish granted soon enough. they should start with Rahm in Chicago and put him in Blago’s cell.
  2. They are almost as sleazy as Eric Holder. See that Tom is now representing the Wall St bankers he wouldn’t prosecute?
  3. Do you support Barry’s terrorist lottery?
  4. The tech nerd oligarchs in the Silicon Valley manipulate the left by supporting their goofy platform to keep the wage suppressing gravy train of cheap foreign labor pouring in.
  5. The one that got away...spitting on the Donald coming home from Vietnam would be better than socialized medicine for the fauxgressives.
  6. What a terrible investment is Haiti. That money would have been better spent on hookers, steak and champagne for rich white kids like the Clinton global initiative did.
  7. He is not Coach John Mighty Man material…he would never see the field in Baltimore.
  8. Manning cannot be trusted with sensitive information, he is an unethical, untrustworthy danger to the US.
  9. Have you seen his birth certificate?
  10. Upon further review this team isn’t good enough to make the NIT.
  11. Has anyone seen Trump’s birth certificate? He was born in Russia.
  12. With rising stars like Chelsea Manning and Clay Aiken the blue wave is as inevitable as Hillary's presidential election.
  13. They handing out #metoo pins for all Of Ben’s victims this weekend?