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  1. Who will be the ‘good guys’ ?
  2. Neither has any other team. It’s not 2005 🙄
  3. Painting them in a jar of urine would have stimulated more discussion...cannot believe you think that is good.
  4. I see you found your they say, birds of a feather......
  5. The same clowns pushing this conspiracy are the same dismissing the Clinton crime family’s Russian Uranium racket.
  6. It’s not you have to believe, more like you want to believe.
  7. Do they have google in North Carolina yet? Crooked Nancy the 1%er
  8. Except for Nancy Pelosi...insider trading is ok for her.
  9. Thank god for good parents...the ‘it takes a village’ dopes do a terrible job.
  10. He is downstairs in his den and he keeps you upstairs in a pen? That’s not normal.
  11. Have you been to see your boy Kermit Gosnell lately? Conjugal visits straightening you out?
  12. The glorious progressive era and the Democrats full blown genocide of Native Americans makes the water problems in cowtown look minor. The progressives are the original MAG Trumps with their silly racist manifesto.
  13. The Donald’s Army killed about 200 Russians in Syria a few days ago.
  14. Storied programs? UNC, Duke, Ky, Indiana, Michigan State...they are storied programs. Mich and MD are legends in their own minds. Tugeon can’t coach. This program is third rate. 1 sweet 16 in 7 years...they aren’t a “basketball School”.
  15. Just like Barry Obama was flexible for Vlad...