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  1. You can thank hillbilly Clinton and fat Albert gore for creating Trump....telecommunications act of 1996 destroyed the media. Amazing how many different ways Bill Clinton can humiliate his wife.
  2. That dopey congresswoman (?) with with the stupid hats already politicized it.
  3. This administration can’t even be bothered to send James Taylor to Europe to play You’ve Got A Friend when muslims slaughter their people.
  4. You equate success with a college degree?
  5. If one has nothing better to do...President is no different from the candidate. After hearing Hillary blame everyone but herself and her friend and Hamptons neighbor Harvey Weinstein being public ally unmasked she would probably lose the popular vote if the election were held now.
  6. Just like the Dems had no problem taking serial rapist Harvey Weinstein’s money for decades. Father of the year Barry Obama sent his daughter to work for that monster for a few bucks...he might be the worst dad ever.
  7. When you look at what she lost to it is the equivalent of the Washington Generals beating the Globetrotters. Hillary should give the fake glass that was supposed to fall in her native NYC to the Globetrotters to throw on their crowds.
  8. Now now...don’t alienate yourself from your prep school chums licking Trump’s boots. They might not let you back on campus for the bull roast.
  9. Like I said, he was benched for performance. Thanks for proving me right cornball.
  10. It was both...and her unlike-ability.
  11. I don't think they had any idea how lazy she was going to be. But that is who Harvey (Weinstein) and the other Dem bundlers wanted and paid for.
  12. You should fault them for rigging their primary...clearly competency didn't matter to them.
  13. I cannot believe people are exploiting this poor young woman to score cheap political points that will be forgotten in 5 hours. With that being said, the left loves exploiting women and people of color so this is like Christmas for the Keith Obermann, Harvey Weinstein johnpolitics type people.
  14. Because you have nothing better to do.
  15. Pretty sure he was benched for performance before his protest. He wasn't liked in the locker room and wasn't a leader.
  16. Doubt it...they brought that lunatic in to clean up the mess fat fridge created...fridge couldn't even cheat with the best of them...he was giving out x-box's while other programs were giving out houses...what a dope.
  17. Wouldn’t doubt it if shady Turgeon finally got caught. Maybe they found diamond stone’s shoe box full of money.
  18. He wasn’t released, the dope opted out of his multi million dollar contract. He would be on a team right now,probably starting, and getting paid millions if his brain didn’t collude with his hand to opt out of his contract. Kaepernick would make a great keepin it real goes wrong skit. He should sue his girlfriend for ruining his career to up her profile. Kaepernick is a gump.
  19. Typical NYT. Think about how many women were abused by this progressive monster since 2004. NYT Hates Women
  20. Never happen.
  21. Just be glad the father was able to ID one in the sanctuary city would have turned him in.
  22. usual.
  23. Yup, they sure did. More hypocracy from the party of no new ideas. This technology thing sure has ruined the democrats racket on rewriting history.